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Last Updated: 9/19/03


    Wrighten by: Rei Hamada
    Composed by: Tamiya Terashima
    Vocals: Miho Utsuse (Chiyako Shibahara)

    Furi sosogu hizashi no naka
    Hoho o nurasu namida sae
    Ima wa Mou kare hatete
    Under the beaming sunlight
    Even the tears that wet my cheeks
    Have, by now, dried and gone away
    Te no hira ni kobore ochiru
    Kurushimi sae mo
    Daki shimeta watashi no subete
    Into the cupped palms of my hands, falls
    The light of my life, glowing
    I hold tightly to all that I am
    Toki wa oshiete kureru
    Kurushimi sae mo
    Anata e wa kono ai ga
    This love that I have for you
    Can't quite reach
    Sugi saru toki o tada
    Mimamoru dake
    As time flows by, all i can do
    Is stand watch over you
    Watashi no kanashimi o sukueru nara
    If you could measure for me the meaning of sadness;
    Subete o sutete mo...
    Even if it meant I had to throw it all away...
    Anata o aishitai
    I'd still choose to love you
    Kono ude ga chigireru hodo
    Anata o motomeru mo, kiete yuku
    Kanawanu yume ni
    Even if this arm of mine was torn from me
    For want of you, it would fade away
    As though an unfulfillable dream
    Hitori kaze ni tadayou
    Kobune no you ni
    Nami o tsumugu aria o kiki nagara
    Wandering on a long wind
    As if on a little boat
    While listening to the aria of intersecting waves
    Karamete yubisaki wa kazaranu mama
    Hoshi o kazoe nemuru musume no you ni
    The entwined fingers are unadorned
    Like a little girl, falling asleep while counting the stars
    Subete o sutete mo...
    Anata o aishitai
    Even if it meant I had to throw it all away...
    I'd still choose to love you

    Thanks to:
    Anime Lyrics
    James Weisner

    1994 Hiroaki Sato/Pony Canyon/Fuji TV/FCC/Studio Pierrot. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Viz Communications Inc.

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