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Last Updated: 9/19/03

    Watashi ga sobani iru
    I am by Your Side

    Sung by: Kijima Sario
    Lyrics/Composition: Kijima Sario
    Arrangement: Abe Jun
    Romanization/Translation: Takayama Miyuki & Serizawa Kamo

    tatoeba aite no tsumi wo kaburu koto ga
    kore kara takusan takusan aru ka to omou
    sore wo nee akirame mitomeru koto wa nai
    sore ga otona ni naru koto nara naranakute ii
    kimi no koto wa itsudemo mite'ru
    kimi no koto wa watashi ga dakishimeru
    From now on, I think I'll probably have to
    shoulder the sins of others countless times,
    but I'll never admit defeat.
    If that's what it means to grow up, then I'd rather not.
    I'll always be watching you.
    I'll be the one to hold you.
    hitoribocchi da nante omowanaide ite
    kanashii namida ni wa kuchibiru wo yosete
    Never think that you're alone,
    and bite back those sad tears.
    nemurenai toki wa denwa wo shite kite
    kimi no iyagaru koto wa kesshite shinai
    furimuite -- AISHITE'RU
    When you can't sleep, give me a call and come over.
    I'd never do anything to hurt you.
    Look my way -- I love you.
    samishisa ni osare taore-sou ni nattara
    kodomo no you ni oogoe de naite mogaite
    asahi wo mitara inoru you ni kyou mo yoroshiku to
    yowayowashikute mo egao no mama de ite hoshii
    kimi no koto wa itsudemo mamoru
    kimi no moto ni ii koto kitto aru
    If you're opressed by sadness and about to break down,
    struggle against it, crying out loud, like a child
    When you see the rising sun, say "Hello again" as if in prayer
    I'd like to see you smile, if only weakly
    I will always protect you
    Surely there will be good things in store for you
    arikitari da nante iwanaide ite
    kokoro wo tsuyoku mae ni dashite agetai dake
    Don't say it's something common
    I just want to offer you my heart
    ashita wa kyou yori kibishii to omou kara
    kimi wo sasaeru hashira ni naritai
    sono namida -- AISHITE'RU
    Since I think tomorrow will be more severe than today
    I want to be the pillar that supports you.
    Those tears -- I love you
    kowareyasui no wa kimi ga junsui dakara
    jibun wo kaeru koto wo osorenaide ite
    ikite'ru n dakara ikite'ru n dakara Ah...
    You are pure, and so easily broken
    I'm not afraid to change myself
    Because I'm alive, because I'm alive Ah...
    nemurenai toki wa denwa wo shite kite
    kimi no iyagaru koto wa kesshite shinai
    dakara ne furete ii?
    dakishimetai sono senaka
    furimuite -- AISHITE'RU
    When you can't sleep, give me a call, and come over
    I'd never do anything to hurt you
    But, is it OK to just touch you?
    I want to embrace that back...
    Look my way -- I love you.

    Thanks to:
    Anime Lyrics
    Takayama Miyuki

    1994 Hiroaki Sato/Pony Canyon/Fuji TV/FCC/Studio Pierrot. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Viz Communications Inc.

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