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    Tokiko's nickname, "Kii," is actually Japanese for "strange."

    Recording Studio: The Ocean Group (Ocean Studios)

    ADR Director: Willems, Karl (Director)
    Editor: LeBlanc, Eric (Assistant Editor)
    Engineer: Bavis, Tim (Dialogue Editor)
    Engineer: Crang, Robert (Recording Engineer)
    Engineer: Deny, Jan (Re-recording Mixer)
    Engineer: Iske, Michael (Assistant Engineer)
    Engineer: Lambert, Daniel (Assistant Engineer)
    Engineer: Smith, Trevor (Dialogue Editor)
    Post Production: Cinram/P.O.P. DVD Center (DVD Production Services)
    Post Production: de la Roche, Pierre (Video Post-Production)
    Post Production: Gage, Diana (Production Coordinator)
    Post Production: Offutt, Erika (DVD Menu Design)
    Post Production: Otsuka, Taku (DVD Coordinator)
    Post Production: Tsukamoto, Hiroe (DVD Coordinator)
    Producer: Horibuchi, Seiji (Executive Producer)
    Producer: Pioneer Entertainment (USA) L.P. (DVD Producer)
    Producer: Viz Communications, Inc. (DVD Producer)
    Producer: Yoshida, Toshifumi (Producer)
    Subtitles: Captions, Inc. (Subtitles)
    Translator: Karahashi, Takayuki (Translator)
    Voice Actor: Brown, Don (Janome "Priest Snake-Eye" Oji)
    Voice Actor: Corlett, Ian James (Shuichi Tataki)
    Voice Actor: Dobson, Michael (Staff C, Toshihiko's Father)
    Voice Actor: Dobson, Paul (Komoda, Tamari's Assistant)
    Voice Actor: Drummond, Brian (Hikaru Tsurugi, Guard)
    Voice Actor: Duncan, Christine (Miho Utsuse's Singing Voice)
    Voice Actor: Francis, Andrew (Toshihiko)
    Voice Actor: Gibbon, Mark (D)
    Voice Actor: Gold, L. Harvey (Murao Mima)
    Voice Actor: Gray-Stanford, Jason (Tsukiyama)
    Voice Actor: Hancheroff, Tanya (Sings Opening/Closing Theme)
    Voice Actor: Henderson, Saffron (Miho Utsuse, Beniko Komori, Toshihiko's Mother)
    Voice Actor: Johnson, Willow (Toyoko Mima)
    Voice Actor: Kaye, David (Tomoyo Wakagi)
    Voice Actor: Kelamis, Peter (Shuichi Tataki)
    Voice Actor: Klassen, Terry (Senichi Tamari)
    Voice Actor: Lane, Campbell (Aoi, Staff B, Overweight Judge)
    Voice Actor: Leitch, Megan (Sakura Kuriyagawa)
    Voice Actor: Novak, John (Jinsaku Ajo)
    Voice Actor: Oliver, Nicole (Tokiko "Key" Mima)
    Voice Actor: Perry, Ward (Staff A, Street Punk)
    Voice Actor: Sobolov, David (D)
    Voice Actor: Willows, Alec (Maestro)
    Writer: Animaze.. (English Screenplay)
    Writer: Claypool, Mary (Writer)
    Writer: Ledoux, Trish (Executive Script Editor, English Lyrics Opening/Closing theme)
    Writer: Mitchell, John (English Lyrics Miho Utsuse's songs, Key's songs, Beniko Komori's song)
    Writer: Yoshida, Toshifumi (Executive Script Editor)

    1994 Hiroaki Sato/Pony Canyon/Fuji TV/FCC/Studio Pierrot. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Viz Communications Inc.

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