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Basic Information

124 television episodes

Start Date: October 16, 1989
End Date: September 21, 1992

Air Info: 7:30 P.M. on Nihon Television

Animation Company: Madhouse

Production Companies:
Yomiuri TV & Kitty Animation.



    Television Episodes
  • Yawara! Perfect Collection 1: Episodes 1-37
    (JVLA 1-37, 60,000yen) (Laser Disc Box Set)

  • Yawara! Perfect Collection 2: Episodes 38-99
    (JVLA 111-126, 90,000yen) (Laser Disc Box Set)

  • Yawara! Perfect Collection 3: Episodes 100-124
    (Laser Disc Box Set)

  • (Individual laser discs and video tapes are sold individually as well) (4 episodes per disc/tape)

    Television Special
  • Yawara TV Special: "Zutto kimi no koto ga..."
    (VPLY-70616, 5800yen)
    (90 minute TV special, covering the rest of the manga, aired in July 19, 1996)
    Theatrical Movies
  • "YAWARA! Sore Yuke Koshinuke Kizzu!!"
    (Animated) (Released: 8/1/92)

  • "YAWARA!"
    (Live Action) (Released: 1989)

Episodes 1-41 have been subtitled
by Neko Creations. (As of May 29, 2001)

The Yawara! TV Special has also been subtitled by numerous groups.

You can find distributors of these subs
at the AniPike's Fansub Page.

  • Timed episodes 1-28 (by Neko Creations) can be found in our Timed Scripts directory

  • Non-Timed episodes 1 & 124 can be found in our Regular Scripts directory.
Voice Actors

    Major Characters

    Minor Characters

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