Future Plans

Future plans at JudoGirl.com
May 29, 2001

    There's many things still to do, which will be listed soon.
    If you see something below that you can help complete,
    please do let me know!

Major Things To Do:

  • Complete the Live Action section of the website. (Information on the live action movie & Tamura "Yawara-chan" Ryoko)

  • Scan in and edit more 'side' images

  • Manga: Complete adding chapter titles to the manga chapters

  • Manga: Split summaries into chapters for Volumes 6-19

  • Characters: Complete adding characters into the Office Lady Era page
Minor Things To Do:
  • Characters: Make the characters descriptions more indepth

  • Characters: Possibly create a 'Major-Minor' character page

  • Characters: Create Japanese Images for the names of the minor characters

  • Mangaka: Create separate pages for each of Urasawa-sensei's manga

  • Mangaka: Add links to other Urasawa-sensei related pages

  • Music: Clean up lyric pages
Future Can't Do Yet Things To Do:
  • Anime: Make TV/Manga correlation page more detailed

  • Anime: Add more episode information to the Episode Guide

  • Image Galleries: Scan the remaining SmallBan covers

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