Basic Information

29 Compiled Volumes (Regular)
19 Compiled Volumes (SmallBan)

Published in Big Comics Spirts
magazine from 1987-1993

One Shot Manga: Jigoro!
Released October 1994


Summaries for Volumes 1-19 & 29 are available.
Volumes 20-28 & Jigoro have picture, release date and ISBN information.
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Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6
Volume 7Volume 8Volume 9

Volume 10Volume 11Volume 12
Volume 13Volume 14Volume 15
Volume 16Volume 17Volume 18

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Volume 22Volume 23Volume 24
Volume 25Volume 26Volume 27
Volume 28Volume 29



Translations of the Yawara! manga are in very short supply.

The late-great Mangajin magazine translated manga volume 21, chapters 6 & 7 in issues 26 & 27 respectively, of their magazine.

Mangajin also occasionally translated frames of the Yawara! manga to teach various points about the Japanese language.

  • Manga Timeline
    (Hitoshi Doi's year-by-year listing of
    the occurances in the Yawara! manga universe)

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