ISBN #: 4-09-182809-4
Date Published: December 1, 1993
Volume Title: Zutto......

Summary by Curtis Hoffman


Volume 29

Chapter 1

Synopsis pending.

Chapter 2: Ganbare!!

The announcers are describing Canada's Jodie Rockwell as a bunch of reporters are trying to get past Japan's mens team to interview Yawara. One of the team men says that Yawara is busy now, and the reporters ask if Yarawa has a comment for them. Inside the auditorium, Matsuda is jamming a sandwich in his face, saying you have to have food for energy, and telling his camera man to eat. But, Kamoda had a very hard night of drinking, and doesn't want to eat anything (he just wants to die.)

Outside, Fujiko is talking about the games, and Fuku-chan being asleep, as well as being happy with being a mother. She's grateful at having the bronze medal, being in judo, etc. Especially at having trained in judo with Yawara, and thanks her for it. When Yawara tries to talk, Fujiko forbids her from crying. However, Fujiko's ferver gets the better of her as she starts to yell for Yawara to win her match, and has to be reminded that the baby is sleeping (so, she whispers, "fighto".)

The announcers introduce the next match between England's Mura and Cuba's Martinez. Kazamatsuri is trying to find Yawara to talk to her. Thinking he's located her, he reaches out and grabs something he wasn't expecting. He asks Matsuda's former camera-woman why she's here, and Kuniko says she has to talk to him. Kaza says he's busy, but she replies that it's about Yawara. He answers that that's why he's busy, and she tells him it's no good. They argue a bit, and she expects some sympathy from the man for all her suffering, but Kaza has left. In spite, she hopes that Yawara loses the gold medal round tomorrow.

Matsuda is complaining that his cameraman is heavy as he struggles to get the fat man outside. It's obvious that Kamoda isn't going to be taking many pictures right now. Then, there's a huge roar from inside the auditorium, and Matsuda assumes that Teleshikova's match has probably started. Inside, the announcer describes EUN's Teleshikova as Yawara's former opponent. Matsuda is impressed by the roar of the crowd, and thinks about the previous match, wishing Teleshikova good luck for the Bronze medal (of course, Jody is going to win the silver.) With Kamoda out of the action, Matsuda now has to use the camera. He's working himself up into a frenzy, since this is such an important event, then realizes how much has happened the the last 6 years (which makes him rather sad.)

The Japan judo team comes out to tell Yawara that it's her turn. She says ok, and Fujiko says "Go!!" As they're heading inside, Yawara and Matsuda see each other and each shouts out the other's name. On the mat, Teleshikova throws Martinez (who must have beaten Italy's woman in the previous match) for an ippon. The announcer goes wild and says that Teleshikova gets the Bronze medal. The roaring of the crowd is so great that Yawara can't hear what Matsuda's shouting to her. Grabbing a discarded flag, he writes something in the dirt. Then, Fujiko calls out "Inokuma-kun," Yawara answers and says "Matsuda-san!!" Below, Matsuda is panting, beside the "ganbare" he wrote in the dirt. Meanwhile, the PA announces the great upcoming match for the women's unlimited weight class, between Canada's Jody Rockwell and Japan's Inokuma Yawara.

Note: "Ganbare" has several meanings, depending on how it's used. Sometimes "do your best," "keep your chin up," or simply "win." In this case, Matsuda is probably using the first and third usages. It is also a matter of showing plain encouragement and the fact that someone is rooting for you.

Chapter 3: Jody, Katsu yo!!

Jody's heart is pounding. "5 years..." "I've waited 5 years for this time!!" Kazamatsuri curses, having stumbled into Canada's camp. He rushes off, looking for Japan's team, and Yawara. Yawara's mother is complaining that she should be making tea, but her friends tell her to settle down and sit down (someone else can make the tea.) She simply says "Yawara..." Back at the Games, Japan's team is clearing a path for their star. Yawara is simply listing off people's names "Mom, Dad, Kyonkyon, Nanda-san, Maririn, (Shoshiroai?)-san... Tsurukame Travel Agency, please watch me!!" "Matsuda-san!!" She promises to do her best.

Kyonkyon is worried about Yawara, but the other woman reassures her. Maririn wants to know what's taking the tea so long, since the match is about to start. The first complains that Maririn wasn't helping, and she says that she had been watching the TV interview. They banter a bit about the interview before Maririn trips with the tray.

Some of the boys back home yell for Yawara to win the gold. At the TV studio, the agent is drained from having watched Yawara, but the actor is rooting for Jody. He expects Yawara to be thrown for an ippon loss, and will then release his own record for sale. In the ramen shop, the waiter yells for Yawara to win. In the offices of the travel agency, Yawara's co-worker is leading everyone else in a cheer for her. However, the agency president is chewing out his men for having gotten a TV that he feels is too small for watching is star employee competing for the world championship. Meanwhile, the French girl and Yawara's father are just waiting to see what happens next.

Teleshikova's partner says "It's starting.!!" Jody's heart is pounding, and she wants a victory over her friend. Sayaka wants her rival to make a good showing. And, Yawara wants a good match. Kazamatsuri catches a glimpse of Yawara, and rushes through a crowd of people yelling out for Yawara to fight well. Kazamatsuri is desperate to get close to the girl, but is pushed aside by the Japan team making the path for her (he just groans, "Yawara -- san...") Jody's boyfriend says it's time, as does one of the Japan team. Fujiko tells her to fight, and she says yes. Then, they walk out towards the mat.

Matsuda is cursing, not able to figure out how the camera works. Someone asks what's wrong and he says Kamoda has a hangover. Then looks up to see Kuniko. She asks for the camera, saying that this is her job, anyway. She plans on taking the best photos ever. Then, the roar of the crowd knocks them over. The announcer comments on the noise, and then introduces Yawara (winner of the 48 kg weight class.) and Jodie (this is the "super card" match.) The commentators talk about speed and fatigue, and Jigoro says that this will be a problem. On the mat, the ref tells the two women to step forward and bow. In the audience, everyone yells enouragement to their favorite competitor. The ref calls out "start!!" and the announcer goes wild.

Jody gets the first throw, for a fraction of a point, and the announcer says Jodie is strong, having gotten the first throw within the first 5 seconds. The chapter ends with the two women panting.

Chapter 4: Jody no Chikara

Jody gets her first good throw in the first five seconds of the match. The announcer goes crazy, commenting on Jody's strength. Jigoro was stunned, but covers by saing he had gas (or something equivalent.) He remembers Jody's claim of beating Yawara in 10 seconds, and looks forward to a fun match (challenging Yarawa again.) The round starts again. The announcer describes the match -- one person starting a throw, the other breaking free. Yawara drops Jody for a fraction of a point and the point lead, and people cheer. But this fades fast with Jody's next attack. Yawara's friends yell out "Yawara," and "Stop." Jody's throw isn't very controlled, but the judge gives her a fraction of a point, and the announcer isn't sure why. Jody continues the attack on the mat as people yell for Yawara to escape. Yawara curls up in a ball and the judge stops the match.

Some of the old boys' judo club members are afraid of the "strong, 5-ramen bowl woman." The actor is happily looking forward to Yawara losing the match. Both fighters are breathing heavy. Matsuda is impressed with Jody's strength, too (and how much she'd improved since she was at Yawara's house 5 years earlier.) The match starts again. Fujiko yells for her friend to move. Jody starts an outside throw, but Yawara escapes and continues the motion. Jody tries to muscle the smaller girl, who reverse the throw again (no point, the match keeps going.)

Jody starts another throw, and the two former Russians yell out a warning to Yawara. But, Yawara gets her hand free and goes into an inside throw. Jody uses strength to protect herself, and the judge tells them that they're out of the ring. The announcers are describing the match, and Jigoro keeps hyping about how both fighters know that the only winner is the one who gets an ippon throw. (Which gets the friends at home upset, because they know that Yawara can't do this.) There's 2 minutes, 30 seconds left in the match. People are cheering for their favorite side (Matsuda and Sayaka are pushing for Yawara.)

At first, Yawara's inside sweep looks good, but Jody keeps her balance and lefts up and back. Fujiko's family yells for the girl to escape, and Jody gets in her best throw yet as everyone gasps and shrieks.

Chapter 5

Jody completes her throw, but Yawara breaks her fall and the judge just awards the Canadian with a wazari. The judge halts the match, as Jody yells out. Sayaka is pissed with Yawara, and Matsuda comments on Jody's strength. The announcer is doing a recap, and Jigoro reiterates that an ippon is all that matters, berating his granddaughter. One old man thinks that Yawara can't win, and the other guy replies that earlier, the first one thought that Yawara couldn't lose. Matsuda roots for his girl, and the match starts again. The announcer describes the foot action, and her team mates say that she's used good timing. But Jody escapes. Yawara gets dropped by a foot sweep, and the ex-girl's team panics because of Jody's point lead. People cheer as Yawara keeps trying. The sushi chef curses the announcer's emphasis on Jody's moves, and is pushing for the smaller girl. The actor's agent dislikes the way the match is going, but the actor is happy. The announcers comment that Jody has the edge. So, the fight continues.

When Yawara's throw is blocked, and the girl drops, people just make commiserating noises. With 1:41 minutes left on the clock, Jody has a solid point lead. Kazamatsuri is worried, but Sayaka won't accept Yawara's losing. The sushi chef just repeats Yawara's name. The actor has seen enough, and wants to return to his filming, while the agent thinks that Yawara still has a chance. The announcers indicate that Jody is already the best, Fujiko hopes that Yawara won't fail, and then Yawara makes her move. Jigoro and Matsuda both yell for Yawara to make the throw now.

Chapter 6

The sushi chef is crushed, knowing that Yawara can't win. The actor has to get on the set, and he's impatient to do this while his manager wants to watch a little bit more. Yawara gets in her counter, for a wazari (partial point.) Everyone goes crazy, the chef recovers, and the actor freezes in place. The judge halts the match and the announcer recaps the play. The chef repeats Yawara's name, and a stagehand pokes his head into the dressing room to tell the actor that he's on next (but the actor is shocked in place.) The announcer is doing more recapping, and talking about the timing of the throw. Jigoro is disgusted with Yawara's performance (it was JUST a wazari,) and tells the girl to quit fooling around.

The match continues, with 1:30 left on the clock. People yell encouragement. Then Yawara gets dropped and they wrestle a bit. Matsuda just gets intense, watching the match. The Japan team yells for Yawara to move, and she drops Jody. Both sides got a fraction of a point this way, but the announcer is obviously rooting for Yawara. Matsuda is more impressed with this match, as is the rest of the crowd.

Back at the sushi shop, the chef is listening to the play-by-play, and then he swears before stomping out of the room. The stagehand has returned to the dressing room, and is more insistent that the actor come out and perform. The manager pleads with the crew member to just give them a little more time. However, the actor demands to be given his sword. While listening to the TV, the chef starts making sushi the best sushi he ever has. The announcer continues the play-by-play. The actor's manager wants to stay and watch the last of the match, but the actor is tired of it and leaves the room.

There is one minute left on the clock, for this match for the gold medal.

Chapter 7

Synopsis pending.

Chapter 8

Yawara completes the throw, with one second left on the clock, and a tied score (meaning that if she doesn't get a partial point, it's up to the judges to decide who won.) The floor judge declares "Ippon" -- Yawara gets it.

The crowd and announcer go wild, (mainly just cheering, or calling her name.) The announcer recaps the final throw. Yawara's mother thanks everyone in the room. Matsuda is overwhelmed, and asks if his camera woman got the photos of the throw ("Of course.") Then the Yugoslav driver comes up, and he and Matsuda cheer. Yawara and Jody are panting, and Jody says that that was fun. Yawara agrees, and they hug as the crowd applauds.

In the TV studio, the director accepts the shot, and the crew gets ready for the next scene. The agent runs up and applauds his mans acting (of course, his acting is ALWAYS good,) and the guy asks how Yawara had done -- she won the gold. He replies "I see," and laughs (he had been rooting for Jody.)

The sushi chef is overwhelmed, and Yawara hands over her belt, then looks for Matsuda. But, EVERYONE calls out Yawara's name and rushes forward. Yawara and Fujiko hug, yelling out "Gold Medal!" Kazamatsuri is impressed, but Sakaya wants to leave. She wants to take a plane to return to Japan to continue her training.

Matsuda and Yawara call out to each other, but the crowd of reporters sweeps her away. Yawara's father tells Marceau that they are leaving to get back to training -- but he's happy to have seen Yawara fight (even he has tears in his eyes.) The reporters hound Yawara with questions concerning the match, and the men's Judo guys try to protect her. In the booth, the announcers continue commenting on the greatness of the match they'd just seen. Jigoro brags about returning with 2 gold medals. Then he gives the V-sign (and I think) states that there will be crab to eat tonight (ie -- a party.)

Yawara gets the gold medal, and the announcer states that the small girl is the best in the world. Then, Jody and Teleshikova grab her wrists and raise her arms up. After two weeks, Yawara has won, and gotten her face in the paper.

Chapter 9

Synopsis pending.

Chapter 10

Kumoda and Matsuda are leaving Kumoda's house, and are about to go to the airport. The reporter needs to get out quickly, and wants the cameraman to shift into "turbo" mode. On the radio, the news announcer talks about the ceremony being held at 10:00 AM today, for Yawara.

Kuniko is cursing Matsuda's name, outside the group of reporters covering the event at Shusoukantei (former Prime Minister Miyazawa's house.) Suddenly, Yawara is visible, and the reporters rush forward to comment on it (Kuniko is trying to locate Yawara in the crush.) People ask for comments, but Yawara is just looking for Matsuda, and can't find him. She thinks about that fact that his apartment was empty when she went to it last episode. Jigoro yells at her for mooning about. Then, Kuniko yells out that Matsuda is on his way to America. Yawara thinks about this as she's ushered inside.

Meanwhile, Matsuda is chatting away about this great chance to go to America and get into the big leagues, but his friend thinks that this is a lousy thing to do to Yawara. Matsuda just jokes about passing a slow truck.

People are introducing themselves before the presentation, Yawara keeps repeating Matsuda's name, and then Sayaka shows up to congratulate her. Sayaka then notices that the girl is looking gloomy, and offers tips on putting up a false front. She also introduces "prime minister Niyazawa" (a joke name,) and Kazamatsuri panics, trying to gracefully introduce himself to the powerful man. Niyazawa and Sayaka chat jokingly, and Kazamatsuri moons over Yawara, and his desire for her. Fujiko and husband show up, offer congratulations, and comment on the powerful people in attendence (Fujiko's mother had wrangled the tickets for them.) Yawara breaks down, and stammers something about Matsuda, but Fujiko can't understand it.

Matsuda suffers from a flood of memories, and tells Kumoda to step on it (the guy says to stop joking.) But, the reporter wants them to do a U-turn, and head towards Shusoukantei. (Kumoda is very happy now.)

At the reception, Niyazawa is introduced, and he welcomes people. Matsuda wants Kumoda to hurry, but the traffic gets heavy. Kuniko fumes about "that idiot going to America." Niyazawa talks about watching Yawara in the Games on TV. However, Matsuda has gotten caught in a traffic jam (like always,) and decides to run the rest of the way (like always.) Kumoda protests, but is told to keep the car waiting for him when the cameraman arrives at the building. Matsuda doesn't understand why he's running like this, though.

Yawara is now introduced, and Jigoro shoves her forward. Matsuda arrives at the gates, but has to prove that he's a reporter, and that he's not carrying any weapons. Inside, the old politician is still droning away, and Matsuda tells people to let him through. He sees Yawara. Kuniko (who's still furious with him,) sees him at the same time Fujiko does. Kuniko was worried about him, calls him an idiot, and pushes Matsuda without thinking.

Matsu hops in front of the certificate presentation, interrupting Niyazaya. Yawara just stands there, staring.

Chapter 11: Zutto......

Matsuda is standing in front of Niyazawa and Yawara as the cameras flash. Fujiko is happy, Jigoro is confused, and Kuniko yells out that the TV, papers, and everyone is watching so say something. Yawara stammers out Matsuda's name, Matsuda stammers out "congrats". Sayaka and Kazamatsuri are upset with the interruption. Matsuda keeps stuttering, and Kuniko yells out "say it!!" He says that he has to leave, and Kuniko calls him an idiot. Then the bodyguards come in to protect Niyazawa. All hell breaks out as Fujiko's group interfere, and the reporters attack, angry that Matsuda is trying to scoop them. Yawara tries to get to Matsuda, the reporters try to get a comment from her, Jigoro is more confused, and Yawara ducks aside. The reporters overshoot, smash into Niyazawa and guards, and knock over the back screen. Kazamatsuri tries to make his play for Yawara, but freezes when Sayaka asks where he thinks he's going. Matsuda and Yawara keep repeating each other's name, and finally grab each other's hands.

Yawara asks if Matsuda is leaving for America, and he replies that he has 2 hours. The reporters run up, and they escape as the guards tell the Fujiko clan to let them go. Kuniko happily yells for them to go. Outside, a security officer is telling Kumoda that he can't stay parked there, and the cameraman begs for a little more time. Kumoda is happy to see Matsuda run up, but shocked at seeing Yawara. She tells him to get driving. Matsuda says that he's screwed up everything, but the girl replies that it's ok, because her grandfather is still there. At the ceremony, people are asking where Yawara is, and Niyazawa tells the guard on top of him that he is heavy. Jigoro asks for the certificate in Yawara's place, and tells the complaining reporters that the press conference will be great because he will be there for it.

The group rushes to get Matsuda's luggage out, and the two friends tell each other to stay well. Yawara wants to hurry with Matsuda's passport, and gets him checked in. He thanks her, and she tells him to hurry to gate 32. As he's about to leave, he calls her name. He then tells her that he's going to America and they'll meet again in 4 years. They say their goodbyes. The PA announces the next flight.

Yawara breaks down, saying Matsuda's name. The reporter then runs up the down escalator. Panting, he grunts out that he loves Yawara. She runs into his arms and says that she loves him too.

At her home, Yawara is trying to get the color of the bento box just right, and Jigoro yells at her for cutting her training to make bentos. She says that bentos are a cheap meal, and he replies that they won't have to eat bentos if she'd stop buying new clothes for the disco. But the clothes aren't for dancing, they're for travel. Jigoro assumes that his granddaughter is going to Paris to meet her father, but she states that her mother has already left to do that. She would like to go to Paris though, he asks where she is going, and she answers "America." Jigoro repeats this, and says that if she waits for the Atlanta games in 4 years, she can go without paying her out of her own pocket. Yawara says that she doesn't want to wait 4 years. She's leaving now. Jigoro rants about how getting the Atlanta gold medal is one of his dreams, then repeatedly yells out her name as she walks away.

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