Egao o Sagashite

Meet me again with smile
"Yawara! Covers!!" (1992)

I'm lost where to go
in the labyrinth
just like I were flown into the sky
My heart beats pounding
My heart feels sorrow
just like when I would walk alone

I could recall how I felt on the street
Did you remember what I said?
Walking up the hill
You just pushed my back
just like we reached to the heaven

* Say me
that you want anything
I could do for you
in my voice
with my heart
I want what you want

Say me
that you could make myself
happy ever after
just by holding me so tight

** If you can come close
I don't wanna leave you
Please stay on my side
Can you meet me again with smile?

I am led by light
of the sky mixed in
twilight sunset making streets shiny
I don't know how much
apple of my eye
reflects on the little star

But I confess that I would tell you
that you've been always looking after me
even if you're away
even if I'm far
you just watched me so tenderly

* Repeat

Say me
that you want to feel me
so warm as my heart beats
just by holding me so tight

** Repeat

Singer: Christine Carlos
Arranger: Itazura Masakazu
English Lyrics: Mitsutomi Toshirou

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