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Stand By Me

Stand By Me (English version)
"Yawara! Covers!!" (1992)

I still can recall the night when we just say
and we both listened to the rain

Can you hear the melody of happy days
when we spent the endless time

I can't find you, where are you now?
I just wanna see you as I were before

* Stand by me
Hold me tight
Kiss me soft
like I felt you before
close to me
in my arms
I need you here
Stand by me
tell me how
I could stay
like I wished before
you promised
that you never would leave me alone

Do you still remember when we ran away
you promised me that we'd be one

Can you still tell me the same as you told me
the day when we were caught by friends can't you?

But we never talk together
Know how much I miss you? I wanna see you

Stand by me
stay with me
if you want
that I love you so
as I could
as I wished
you could come back
Stand by me
speak to me
take me out
anywhere we could
stay away
from anyone, from anything

Tonight again, the same melody,
can you hear it somewhere as I feel it now?

* Repeat

Singer: Christine Carlos
Arranger: Kawano Michio
English Lyrics: Mitsutomi Toshirou

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