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What's New at JudoGirl.com
July 05, 2002
Ownership and maintenance of this site have been assumed by orangeroad.org.

Unfortunately, Jei has decided to move on to other things, but we both felt this site was too valuable to just disappear. I will try to maintain its look and feel.

Initial changes include the (on-going) conversion of all HTML to level-4 strict, pruning dead links and shrinking picture sizes for faster loading.

Please email me


if you find a problem or, better yet, have something relevant to add to this site.

Thanks! ^_^

[...intermediate updates removed...]

January 17, 2001

Welcome to the brand new JudoGirl.com! ^_^

This is the revamped and juiced up version of my old Yawara! Fashionable Anime Home Page.

After many years, I finally took some time for a new design, new style, new location and updated lots of information, images, music and more.

There's still plenty of work to do, but it's far more useful, informative and fun now than its previous version, so please enjoy! As Jigoro-sensei might say, "JudoGirl.com was not built in a day!" ^_^


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