Devil Hunter Yohko Fanfic
		           Devil Hunter Yohko:Damnation

		    	   Fan-Fic by Robert Wilson

     This story begins a year after Yohko's confrontation with her 
identical cousin Ayako Mono, Yohko is now 17 and still traning to be an 
even better devil hunter along with her friend and partner Azuza Kansaki 
also in training. It all begins on a dark night with a full moon shining,
Yohko and Azuza are at their house talking with Madoka Mono little does 
Yohko know that her greatest challenge lies ahead...

			     Part 1

     Yohko Mono and Azuza Kansaki sat at the kitchen table with Yohko's
grandmother Madoka. She had asked them to come downstairs for a talk. 
Both Yohko and Azuza wondered what this could be all about. Madoka stared
 at them, eyeing them, and finally spoke.
     "Yohko, Azuza, I have something very important to tell both of you."
     Both girls looked at each other.
     "Really grandmother? "What is it you want to tell us?'' Azuza said 
with an anxious look on her face. Yohko looked puzzled.
     "Yohko", Madoka said "You have improved greatly, and so have you 
Azuza. You two are very powerful devil hunters.  Now even though it has 
been 7 months since the last demon attack, you must always be prepared 
keep training."
     "But grandma, there probably won't be any more demon attacks! We 
killed the last one!"
     "Miss Yohko is right!" Azuza said. "If there were still any demons 
around they would have attacked by now." 
     "Still," Madoka said, "You must always be prepared. Right now, I 
want both of you to run around the neighborhood 15 times and don't stop 
to take any breathers!"
     Yohko was shocked. "Grandma!! Its pass my bedtime I have school 
     Madoka replied "You are the 108th devil hunter you gotta keep in 
shape! Hehehe, besides you also gotta be in good shape to catch a man!" 
     "Oh alright grandma..."
     "Cmon Miss Yohko, it shouldn't be all that bad. Ya never know we 
might run into some cute boys jogging!" 
     "I guess so..." Yohko said.
     "Get going!" Madoka said "You're wasting time!"

* * *

     "Isn't this great Miss Yohko, training to become an even better
devil hunter?" 
     "Easy for you to say Azuza," Yohko said already almost out of breath.
Five minutes of silence passed . Suddenly Yohko stopped out of breath.
     "W-wait Azuza" She said trying to catch her breath.
     Azuza stopped.  "Miss Yohko, what's wrong? We gotta keep on going!
Don't you won't to be in better shape??" 
     Before she could reply, she noticed Yohko was staring at the two 
glowing red eyes glareing back at them from the darkness of the alley.
     "What the... a demon? Miss Yohko get ready!"
     The creature with red eyes laughed, " I am far beyond demon... I can
already smell the sweet nectar of your blood... GIVE IT TO ME!!'' 
     From the darkness came a hisssing sound as the creature moved towards 
them, stepping out of the shadows dressed in a black hooded cloak.
     "Azuza, you ready?!" Yohko shouted.
     Yohko held up her ring. "I hold no enemy against those cohorts into 
evil, but to those vile beings who toy with the hearts and souls of men. 
Since the time of ancient gods we have been your destroyers!"
     She and Azuza lept into the air, changing into their devil hunter 
     "The 108th devil hunter, Yohko is here!!''
     "...along with Azuza Kansaki! Devil hunter in training!!"
     "Heh, now this shuld be interesting..." The creature lunged from the
alley. It lept towards Azuza and with lighting fast reflexes knocked Yohko
out of the way with its superhuman strength. Throwing her back several
feet, she slammed into a nearby brick wall.
     Azuza readied her spear and blindly stabbed at the creature. It tore
the spear from her and threw it several feet away. Grabbing Azuza by the
throat and slamming her into a nearby tree, the creature hissed revealing
it's fanged mouth. Azuza could feel the creature's hot breath on her as it
sank its fangs deep into her throat and began to feed from her blood.
     "AZUZA!!!!!!" Yohko screamed as she lept to her feet. "DAMN YOU!!!!!"
     She charged at him with her sword drawn. The creature, still feeding
on Azuza, simply held out its arm, it's clawed hand releasing a blast of 
energy which forced Yohko back and threw her back against the brick wall, 
knocking her unconsious.
     The creature continued to drink from Azuza until finaly dropping her 
drained body onto the ground. Then it licked it's fangs and simply 
dissolved  into mist like substance, which drifted away. 
     After a few minutes a man came out of the alley wearing a smilar 
black cloak. The man went to Yohko after noticing her lying on the 
pavement. Placing his hands on the sides of her face, he concentrated, 
releasing a small electric charge from his hands.
     Yohko moaned and slowly opened her eyes seeing  Azuza's lifeless body
lying on the ground not far from her. 
     Ignoring the stranger, she quickly ran over to the body and began to
cradle it.
     "No... Azuza don't be dead... Please, God, no!" Tears rolled down her
     She sat over Azuza's body a moment longer before screaming, "Where is
that monster?! Come out, damn you!!!" She turned around and saw the man in
the black cloak standing in the alley looking at her. 
     "You... You killed Azuza!!!!" She screamed charging at him with her
sword, and yelling in rage. The man outstreched his right arm. A green 
energy blast came from his hand knocking her back and slamming her hard 
against a tree. 
     "Damn you..." she cried in pain, "Damn you to hell..." 
     The man walked up to her and said coldy " I didn't kill your 
friend. I came here to find the creature that did this... Believe me.."
     The man threw back his hood revealing a handsome young face with 
dark piercing eyes and long black hair. "You must destroy the body of 
your friend... It may sound wrong but you must trust me on this.."
     Wiping the tears from her face Yohko said "No. Azuza was my friend 
she diserves a proper burial. I'm taking her body back to my house..." 
     "Then take me with you, I must watch her to make sure she doesn't 
rise again..."
     "Rise again?! What are you talking about?? She's already dead." 
     "You have 4 hours to get rid of the body or else you will end up 
just like her..." 
     She looked at him, analyzing him, and asked "Who are you?'' 
     "My name is Adrian" the man said "I am a hunter as well but I hunt 
something much different... and much more dangerous..." 
     "What? Things like that demon?  I swear I'm going to hunt it down 
and kill it!!!"
     "That was no demon," Adrian said.  "What you fought was an undead 
creature... a vampire.."
     "A vampire?!" Yohko said, shocked. "Vampires aren't real!!" 
     "Sorry to sound so grim but vampires are very real. Much like your 
demons. Now, there's not much time to explain. If you insist on keeping 
her courpse then I suggest we take your friend's body to your home now. 
Once we're there I'll tell you everything. It's not safe, that thing 
might come back." 

* * *

     "Grandmother hurry! Something horrible has happned!!'' 
     Madoka hurried down the stairs and saw Yohko and Adrian standing 
in the living room holding Azuza's body.
	"What happned?! Azuza!!! Is she...?" She closed her eyes and 
a tear rolled down her cheeck. "What the... what is going on?'' 
	"Allow me to explain..."Adrian said. " My name is Adrian Van 
Buren. For years I have hunted the creatures of the night... Vampires...
there are tons of them walking the earth and I am one of the few that 
knows they exisit.." 
	"Vampires? They exist?!" Madoka said shocked. 
	"Yes, sad to say they do exsist." Adrian answered. 
	"Your friend Azuza was attacked by a vampire. A powerful one.
You see, vampires walk among humans everyday maintaining their masquerade,
blending in with humans, and then feeding on them."
	"So the old legends are true..." Madoka said. "We are devil
 hunters. We fight demons and stop them from taking this world for 
themselves, but we have no idea how to fight vampires." 
	"Obiviously" Adrian said "That vampire that attacked both 
Azuza and Yohko beat them away as if they were nothing more than 
insects. Vampires possess inhuman strength, speed, and powers..." 
	"So Adrian why are you here in Tokyo"? Madoka asked. 
	Adrian looked at her coldy."I am hunting the vampire prince 
who controls the vampires of Tokyo. Listen Madoka Mono, you must 
cut off Azuza's head and burn her heart. Only then will she ever be 
truly at peace..." 
	"You can't be serious!" 
	"We are going to give her a proper burial," Madoka answered. 
	"Listen to me! You must do it now, if you won't do it then I 
will!" Adrian said as he reached for his sword. Madoka ran before him
weilding a sword she'd ripped from a decoration on the wall.
	"Stop!!" Yohko screamed "Please, not now!" 
	Adrian looked at her. "It must be done," he said.
	Yohko touched him on the shoulder and said "Wait. At least 
let us say goodbye.." 
	Adrian looked at her and withdrew his sword. Madoka and Yohko 
walked up to Azuza's body bowed their heads in silent prayer. Suddenly 
Azuza's eyes popped open and she sat up looked at Yohko and Madoka for 
a moment. Then she hissed at them, reveling a new set of gleaming fangs.
	"NOOOO!!!!!" Yohko screamed suddenly.  
	Adrain grabbed Azuza by the throat and threw her against 
the wall. She paused to hiss at him before leaping at Madoka using her 
now long fingernails to cut into Madoka's chest. 
	Madoka screamed. Azuza licked the blood from her nails
as she bolted for the door. Quickly reaching into his cloak, Adrian 
pulled out what appreard to be a shotgun and fired at her, hitting her 
in the shoulder. She howled in pain and ran out the door, disapearing 
into the night. Adrian quickly ran out after her still holding his 
shotgun and looked around. 
	"Damn, she got away..." he said, putting his gun back into 
his cloak. He stepped back into the house and saw Madoka lying on 
the floor with blood dripping from her chest. 
	"Grandmother, you alright?" Yohko asked worried. 
	"I'll be fine... Just a scratch.." Madoka said. 
	Adrian looked at Yohko and said "We must find Azuza and the 
vampire that attacked her..." 
	"I'm going. I want to avenge Azuza and put her soul at 
	"We must leave right now, Yohko, she's now one of them and will
soon be helping them in the resurection of their God. If we follow her
she should lead us straight to her sire's lair..." 
	"What?" Yohko asked. 
	"There's no time to explain." Adrian said "We must hurry." 
	"Trust him Yohko.  He knows more than he says..." Madoka said. 
With that, Adrian and Yohko ran out into the night, not 
knowing what fate awaits them...

			Chapter 2

       An Hour had passed since Adrian and Yohko left the house they were still trying
to find Azuza but so far they had found no clues to Azuza'a whereabouts. As they walked
down the street by Yohko's highschool Yohko found herself thinking about Adrian. "He's
so handsome,but he seems so cold and distant and looks kinda evil" She thought to herself.
Suddenly Adrian stopped with an even colder look in his eyes. "Adrian what is it?" 
Yohko asked. "I smell it....this way!" Adrian ran towards the high school parking lot,
his long black cape blowing in the wind. "What is it?! Whats the matter?" Yohko yelled 
as she tried to keep up with him. Adrian stopped looked at her and said "hide" 
"What? what is going on?" she asked. Adrian didn't answer instead he walked towards
a bright red car parked by a tree,Yohko hiding behind another tree watched as Adrian
suddenly stopped and looked up into the tree. From her hiding place she could see
red liquid dripping from the branches. "Blood" She thought she could also see two 
glowing yellow eyes in the tree. "Very rude to interupt someone who is enjoying
his meal.." a high pitched voice said. A body fell from the trees, a girl dressed
in a school uniform her white shirt covered in blood. "Beast" Adrian said as he was
ready to unsheath his sword. Suddenly the creature jumped from the tree its claws ready
to slice Adrian into pieces. With amazing speed Adrian grabbed the creature's arm. The
vampire howled in pain as Adrian held onto its arm. "Y-you, that strength you, you 
can't be human!" it screamed. "Where is the girl?" Adrian demanded. "Go to hell" the 
vampire replied. The vampire howled as Adrian's grip tightned, blood was dripping where
he held onto the arm. "You" The vampire growled "You are the daywalker that is hunting
us down. Half-breed scum!" Adrian released his arm but quickly grabbed the creature's 
throat and slammed him hard into the parked car. "Tell me!" Adrian growled. The vampire
laughed and said "Master Isaih knows you are here, your end draws near you half-breed
piece of shit!" Adrian smiled and said "Thats all the info i needed from you... Adrian
pulled his other arm back and quickly punched through the vampire's head blood was 
splattered all over the ground. Yohko had watched all of this and came out of her hiding 
place she could not beleive what she had just saw "No human has that kind of strength"
She thought to herself.
	Adrian not knowing Yohko was approaching him stared at the blood all over the ground.
He growled as he showed his fangs suddenly noticing Yohko he pulled his black cape over his face 
hiding his fangs but still breathing hard. "Adrian, Yohko said softly Are you really one of them?"
"No its not like that I'm not one of them! "I heard what the vampire said that you are a half-
breed what did he mean by that?" Yohko asked. "I have human blood in me but part of me is 
still vampiric...he flipped his long cape back no longer hiding his face his fangs now gone,
" I have lived with this curse for 800 years but i still continue my quest to rid the world
of all vampires..... maybe just maybe when they are all gone i will become fully human."
"Adrian....are you going to be ok"? Yohko asked with a worried look on her face. "I only
drink dead blood i made a vow never to drink a live human's blood. We must hurry if you
want to save your freind I know now who is behind all of this..." Adrian said as he looked
at Yohko coldy. "I trust you Adrian i thnk its kinda cool you know having that incredible
strength and speed wish i had it! Would come in handy fighting all those demons and stuff".
Tightning his black gloved hands Adrian looked at Yohko his expression cold and emotionless
and said "Azuza's sire's lair is most likely to be in a place where evil is attracted,I can
sense it now..." Adrian said.
"And where would that be? Yohko asked. "The clock tower north of here a perfect place
for the vampire lord and his servantes to inhabit." Adrian answered. "The Clock tower?! 
Yohko thought, she still remembered it clearly that is where her first battle as a devil
hunter took place against the demon's black queen Raiko. She was surprised that it had
become home to a vampire. "I'm ready, i'm going to find Azuza and make those damn vampires
pay!" Yohko shouted with anger. Let's hurry...before the ressurrection takes place." Adrian
said as he walked towards the clock tower in the distance his long black hair blowing in the
wind. Yohko follwed him still not knowing what he meant by the ressurection of a vampire
god but all she cared about at the moment was saving Azuza, The two hurried towards the 
clock tower that loomed out of the mist....

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