Devil Hunter Yohko Fanfic (Chris Schumacher)

Begin---> Mamono Hunter Ranma Revival #2
[We see an open clearing bathed in moonlight. Ranma stands in the
center of it. Thousands of voices speak just out of earshot and all
we can hear is murmuring. Ranma turns around several times, attempting
to figure out where he is.]

Voice:   Raaaaannnnmmmaaaaa.

Ranma:  Who's there?!
[Turns around again, but there's no one around.]

Voice:  Yooouuuu leeetttt mmmeeeee dddiiieeeee!!!!!

Ranma:  Who's there?! Show yourself!
[Suddenly, from out of the darkness comes a lone figure]

Figure:  You allowed my life to slip away, because of that, I shall
take yours.

Ranma:  Who are you?

[The figure comes closer and we can see that they are wrapped in a
cloak. A cowl covers their face.]

Figure:  How soon you forget.
[The figure pulls the cowl from off it's head. Underneath it is.....]

Ranma:  Ukyo!!!
[The skin is pale white and marked with legeons. Suddenly she rips the
cloak off to reveal a twisted inhuman body. Her arms end in razor
sharp claws, like she is a crustacean. Without a word she leaps
forward and aims one of her claws at Ranma's throat.]

Ranma:  Ukkkyoooo.... [He falls to his knees as she grabs his throat.
He makes a horrid wheezing noise, it is certain that his windpipe has
been sliced.]

Ukyo:  You said you loved me, you promised that we would be together
forever. So we shall. Rise, my beloved.

[Ranma stands. He is an inhuman monster, just like Ukyo. He lets out
one last inhuman howl. Suddenly we cut to Ranma's bedroom. He sits
up in terror, his sheets are soaked with sweat. He is breathing
rapidly. The room is dark, it is around 2 A.M. We can hear rain
beating against the window and the far off rumble of thunder.]

Ranma:  Ukyo!

[We cut to Furinkan Park. The tower in the center juts up high into
the sky. There is a flash of lightning and we can see Furinkan Tower
clearly. The entire roof has been blown off by some unfathomable power.
We pan down slowly to the lawn next to the tower. Oddly enough, no
rubble is visible anywhere. Tatewaki Kunou lies on the grass, his
breath becoming more shallow by the second.]

Kunou:  [Weak] cannot end like this.
[He closes his eyes. Suddenly a shadow overcomes his form. Something
is standing between his form and the streetlight. Kunou opens his
eyes once more and looks up. We cut to see a dark figure standing above

Kunou:  We are not defeated, after all......Avenge me....
[The form nods twice. And Tatewaki Kunou, 17, who some called the
Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, closes his eyes for the last time.
The figure stands there for a few more moments, until the end. And
then he turns around and strolls out of the park.]

[We have a slow pan of Nerima. The rain falls down heavily, as if
trying to cleanse the peaceful district of the great evil that it
has just witnessed. Lightning crackles down from the heavens and is
followed with a boom of thunder.]

Voiceover:  In the beginning, out of the chaos came two forces.
One sought to preserve. [We see the rain falling down onto the grass,
nurturing it.] The other sought to destroy. [We see a bolt of lightning
descend from the heavens and blast a tree to splinters.] It was
decided by the Great One that the two must live in balance. For a long
time the beings of the universe lived in harmony. But to all things
there is an end. The destroyers, the Mamonos, as they are called,
seek to appease the evil side of the balanced ones, the humans.
The others, who serve balance, seek to preserve, and appease the
sides of goodness and light in humans. To save humanity from its own
worst intentions, the Great One endowed one bloodline of all of
humanity with awesome powers to combat the evil ones. This is the
story of the 108th Generation of Mamono Hunters. This is the story of..

                MAMONO HUNTER RANMA
                        PART II: EVIL IN A DECEIVING PACKAGE
Written By: Chris Schumacher

[We cut to the porch of the Tendo apartment. Ranma Tendo sits on a
lawn chair and drinks tea out of a cup. The pot sits on top of a
glass table next to him. Although he wished for the coffee to calm
his nerves, he still appears nervous.]

Ranma:  Damn...why did Gramps have to leave for a vacation NOW? I
have so many questions.....
[We notice for that first time that a giant tome is lying on Ranma's
lap. It is open to about the halfway mark. The writing is an early
form of Kanjii.]

Ranma:   The power given to the Mamono Hunters was intended solely
for the use of defending against the Mamonos. But in several cases
it has been used to defeat beings that were of no relation to the
Mamonos. The only restriction on this power is that it be used for
a just cause. If it is used against a being who is good in nature,
the Mamono Hunter will forfeit both his power, and his life. 
Great, just great....

[Up along the sidewalk outside of the house comes Nabiki Tendo,
apparently jogging. When she catches sight of Ranma, she stops
jogging and walks over to him.]

Nabiki:  Hail, destroyer of demons and defender of light! [Devious

[Ranma closes the book and puts it on the table, along with his

Ranma:  Don't mention that, please.

Nabiki:  [Smirk] But you wooked so dang CUUUTE in that wittle wed
dwess of youws!

[Ranma shakes his head and gets off of the lawn chair.]

Ranma:  Drop it, Nabiki.

Nabiki:  Alright, I'll drop it. Now, to the real reason why I came
to see you.

Ranma:  [Deadpan] Yes?

Nabiki:  I have a business proposition...

Ranma:  Oh god, no!!!!!! Please, not another one of your propositions!

[He places the cup on top of the tome and picks it up in his
right hand. He picks up the teapot in his left hand and goes into
the house.]

Nabiki:  But if you'll only listen....

Ranma:  I don't want any more of your schemes, Nabiki. Remember when
Gramps and Mom were gone, and you suggested that we hold a Harley
Davidson conference at my house? [Nabiki looks away in embarrassment]
I still haven't gotten the tire tracks off the living room rug!

[* - Since they're so hard to notice, I'll point it out. The last
sentence was a Buckaroo Bonzai reference. A very obscure one, but
one still.]

Nabiki:  All right, that WAS a bad plan, but...

Ranma:  And remember the Books On Tape idea? I lost all of my summer
job money in that lawsuit!

Nabiki:  Okay, maybe that didn't exactly work out...

[Ranma takes the top off of the teapot and dumps the small amount of
tea left in the pot into the sink.]

Ranma:  Oh, and lets not forget about the fake lithium pills at the
sanitarium. Ohh, and we certainly can't forget when we tried to grow
peanuts in my backyard, and then there....


[Ranma is digging in the cabinet.]

Ranma:  Hmmm...we're out of lemons. I'll have to go to the grocery
store and buy more.

Nabiki:  What about my idea?

Ranma:  [Sigh] You can tell me on the way.

[Aerial Shot of Nerima, the market district. We see Ranma and Nabiki
walking down the street, conversing.]

Ranma:  No way, Nabiki!

Nabiki:  Come on Ranma, you've got the talent, I don't see why she
shouldn't try and make some money off of it!

Ranma:  I will not pervert my powers by using them for personal gain!

Nabiki:  Oh come on, you'd have no competition whatsoever, there aren't
very many Demon Cleaning operations out there!

[They pass by a temple with a sign outside saying "Demon Cleanings;
25,000 Yen.]

Man On Street:  Good morning Ranma. Good day to you too, Ms. Tendo.

Ranma:  Good morning, sir.

Nabiki:  Hey.

[Once he's out of earshot, they start talking again.]

Ranma:  I can't risk it. If a Mamono Hunter uses his powers against
a being who is not evil in nature, he can lose them!

Nabiki:  But....

Ranma:  NO, Nabiki! That's my final answer.

[They pass by a familiar Shinto temple with a familiar character out
front sweeping the walk.]

Ranma:  Good morning, Rei.

Rei:  Good Morning, Ranma. You in the mood for an oracle this morning?

Ranma:  [Shrugs] Sure, why not?

Nabiki:  I would think you'd have better thinks to spend your money
on than this hocus pocus.

Ranma:  For Nene's sake, Nabiki, this is sacred ground, have some
respect!  [He takes out a 500 Yen coin and throws it through the
offering grate and takes a piece of paper from the oracle-giver. He
unfolds it.]

Ranma VO:  "Your life has taken an unexpected turn, one which will
eventually lead to your destruction. You will soon meet with a person
from your past who no longer holds any love for you. You must confront
them as an enemy and not as a friend, or else you will fail miserably."

Nabiki:  What is it?

Ranma:  [Shocked] Uh....nothing.  [He goes over to the sacred tree
and ties the fortune to a branch.*]  Come on, let's go get those

(* - Tying a fortune to a branch of a sacred tree is suppose to
prevent it from happening.)

Nabiki:  [Worried] If I didn't know you any better, cuz, I'd said
you were scared.

Ranma: Scared? [Puts hand behind head] Ha ha ha, what makes you say

[Suddenly there is a rustle from the bushes behind them. Ranma leaps
and grabs unto the branch of the tree.]

Ranma:  Demons!

[A boy, about 11, emerges from the forest, pulling a wagon behind him]

Nabiki:  What's wrong Ranma, have a little bit too much Jolt this
morning? [Smirks]

[Ranma leaps down from the tree.]

Ranma:  Why are you sneaking up behind people like that, little boy?!

Boy:  Sorry mister, I didn't want to bother walking all the way to
the path to leave.

[Rei turns around from her sweeping]

Rei:  Oh, if it isn't little Shun. How's your mother doing?

Shun:  Much better now that you gave her those herbs!

[Nabiki looks at the wagon he's pulling behind him.]

Nabiki:  Whoa....Where did you get THIS?

[Rei,Ranma, and Shun all turn to the wagon. Sitting on it is an ancient
and rusted suit of Samurai armor.]

Shun:  I found it in the Orb Forest. Cool, huh?

Rei:  [Thinking] The Orb Forest? I've heard that there is a jinja*
for a river Kami** in there....

(* Jinja is a Shinto shrine in which a Kami resides.)
(** - In Shintoism Kami are spirits which are believed to control

Ranma:  Huh? Why would they put one out in the middle of a forest
for, the river doesn't run through it.

Nabiki:  Yeah, people probably wouldn't go all the way in there to
give donations...

Ranma:  NABIKI!

Nabiki:  Hey, religion is nothing more than a business, a very good
one at that, there's nothing better to sell than

[Rei holds a tag with Kanjii on it in front of her face, she closes
her eyes and concentrates]
Rei:  Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen.  Akuryou taisan!

[The tag sticks to Nabiki's head, she passes out and falls to the

Ranma:  Could you teach me how to do that?

Rei:  It took me six years of study to get that trick down.

[Ranma turns back to the cart]

Ranma:  So what are you planning to do what that armor, Shun?

Shun:  I'm going to sell it so that I can pay my mom's hospital bills!

[Rei and Ranma look at him with a mixture of sadness and pride in
their eyes.]

Ranma:  Come on, I'll help you pull it.

Rei:  I'll come along to make sure you get a fair price.

[The three walk down the street, Ranma pulling the cart. Several
moments later Nabiki wakes up. She shakes her head to drive away the
dizziness. She reaches up and yanks the tag off of her head.]

Nabiki:  Maybe I should be a little bit more religious.  [She stands
up and wobbles a little.]

[We cut to a formless and dark void. We see a black figure sitting
in a black throne. Before him floats a blue-white-red specter. We
hear several noises from it which sound like whispers.]

Dark Figure:  Vengeance is something which cannot go unexacted. Since
you helped in the past ceremony, I will allow you the vengeance that
you seek.

[The specter sighs]

Dark Figure:  But I cannot give you a new body. I will send my minions
to find a vessel for your essence.

[We cut to a shop for antique weapons and armors. Suits of armor and
weapons from all around the world adorn the walls and shelves of the
shop. Rei, Ranma, and Shun stand before the counter. The armor is
lying on the countertop. The shopkeeper is wearing a magnifying
eyepiece and looking at the armor.]

Shopkeeper:  Hmmm..This markings indicate that it is from the Tokugawa
period, furthermore, the rust layer is very thin. I will, however,
have to take off for that.

Shun:  Awww....

Shopkeeper:  I'll offer you 500,000 Yen. And that's my final offer.

Shun:  Che!

[Ranma hits him lightly on the arm.]

Ranma:  Don't swear.

Rei:  We'll take it.

[The Shopkeeper takes out his checkbook. He writes Shun a check.]

Shun:  Thank you! [He takes the check and runs out.]

Ranma:  Hey you forgot your.... [But he's already out of earshot.]
Oh well. [He takes the handle of the wagon.]

Rei:  Thank you, sir.

Shopkeeper:  No need. [Smiles] Shun's mother is a good friend, she
was to all the people around here.

[Ranma and Rei both smile as they walk out of the shop. The shopkeeper
looks down at the armor.]

Shopkeeper:  Hmmm...What use could I have for this? Can't put it on
display... [He picks it it up and puts it in a box in the backroom.]

[We cut to the outside. Various people are walking around in black
jumpsuits. People are staring at them, but they aren't their to
socialize, it's obvious they're looking for something. One of them
passes by the armor shop and stops. He turns and looks towards the
weaponshop. He walks into it. We cut to an interior shot of the

Shopkeeper:  Hi pal, what can I do you for?

Mamono:  I want the armor of our hero Magnus.

Shopkeeper:  I don't know what you are... [The Mamono leaps forward
and grabs the shopkeeper by the neck.]


Shopkeeper:  I don't know, I swear! [The Mamono tightens his grip
and we hear a sickening crunching noise. The Mamono throws the
shopkeeper to the ground. He inspects the armor on the walls, but
none of it's the one he's looking for. He tears open the curtain and
goes into the backroom. Finally he finds the box. He pulls out the

Mamono:  Yes!

[We cut to the Tendo Apartment building. It is late and Ranma is
coming home. As he walks up his driveway and notices a hunched form
waiting on his doorstep. He assumes the fighting stance.]


[The figure leaps to it feet.]

Figure:  I am Akane Tokuma, student of Boolean Tendo and originator
of the Tokuma fighting clan!

Ranma:  [Easing] Boolean Tendo? You've studied under my uncle?

Akane:  Are you Ranma Tendo?

Ranma:  Yes, I am.

Akane:  I have come to see you.

Ranma:  Why?

Akane:  I wish to become a Mamono Hunter.

[Ranma looks around quickly to make sure that no one is within earshot]

Ranma:  Come in with me.

[He takes out his keys and opens the door. As he enters he switches
on the light and turns around. He sees his cousin once removed, Akane
Tokuma. She looks about 16, she is a slim and sturdily built young
woman, but not without grace. She has black hair and blue eyes which
when hit with the light become deep blue pools. Ranma seems shocked
at how beautiful she is.]

Ranma:  Ah...... [Sheepish Grin]

[We cut to the Dark Dimension. The formless specter sits before the
dark leader. The Mamono we saw earlier drags the Samurai armor before
the throne]

Mamono:  I have found a vessel, my lord.

Dark Figure:  It feels extremely familar...but I can't quite place it.

Mamono:  Your memory hasn't come quite back, my lord. It was the
armor of the Dark King generations ago, Magnus. He managed to sink
Japan into war and darkness, and held the longest reign of any Dark
King, more than 18 years!

Dark Figure:  Excellent! We now have a vessel for our evil.


[We cut to the kitchen of the Tendo apartment. Akane is sitting at
the table, Ranma is taking a kettle off of the stove.]

Ranma:  Do you take anything in your tea?

Akane:  No. Just plain is fine.
[He goes over and takes a doily from a drawer and puts it down in
the center of the table and puts the teapot on top of it. He brings
over two cups. He sets one in front of Akane and one if front of where
he is going to sit. He takes the lid off of the pot, and pours the
tea from the kettle into it. He then takes the kettle and puts it into
the sink. He then walks back and sits down.]

Ranma:  So..uh...why do you want to be a Mamono Hunter?

Akane:  Because I want to use my power for good!

Ranma:  [Looks down at the tea-leaves floating around in his tea.] How
much do you know about the history of the Mamono Hunters, Akane?

Akane:  Ummmm...The Great One endowed one bloodline of humans with
the power to wield great power to defeat evil, the Saotome line.
The descendants of that line each have a time during their lives when
their powers awaken. If they are not a virgin at the time when they
wake, it is passed on to the next sibling.

Ranma:  Are you a...

Akane:  WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS?! [Slaps hand over her mouth]
Sorry. [Sheepish grin] Yes, I am. But there's nothing wrong with that!

Ranma:  [Matter-of-factly] I didn't say there was. But you're
forgetting, you aren't descended from Saotomes, you aren't even a
Tendo by blood.

Akane:  Then explain why I have...[digging around in her bag]..this!

Ranma:  [Gasp!]

[A vial of the same kind that Ranma used the first time he transformed
is in Akane's hand. It seems better built than his, and it contains
a blue liquid.]

Ranma:  That's the...the...transformation cordial!

Akane:  Hai! This was given to me by Boolean Tendo!

Ranma:  Why?!

Akane:  He said he felt I might need it. It was given to him by
your grandfather.

Ranma:  [Scratches head] I'll have a lot to ask him when he gets

[We cut to Furinkan Park. Standing before it is the suit of Samurai

Voice:  Destroy it!

Armor:  Yessss... [The armor juts it's hand forward and the tower
comes crumbling down, leaving nothing more than a pile of rubble.]

Voice:  Yes..excellent.

[We cut to a close shot of the armor, we can see that..SOMETHING
possesses it.]

Armor-Mamono:  Why did you make me do this?

Voice:  It was just a test to see if you were ready. Now I ask you,
are you CERTAIN that you can take care of Ranma Tendo?

Mamono:  Yessss...I'm sure I can.

Voice:  Good, now exact your vengeance, and insure that the Saotome
line of Mamono Hunters is destroyed forever!

[We cut to Ranma's bedroom. Akane is in her pajamas and lying on
the bed. Ranma is digging through the closet, getting out some sheets
and stuff]

Akane:  Are you sure about this, Ranma? I mean, *I* could sleep on
the couch, I'm not that weak you know!

Ranma:  No, I wouldn't feel right. [Gathers up his bedding. Gives
Akane the "V" sign] Don't worry, I'll be fine.

[He goes out into the hallway and pulls the door shut behind him.]

Akane:  [Looks at the door after he leaves] Strange...he's nothing
like Ranko described him... [Shrugs] Oh, well. [She puts the vial
of the Transformation Cordial on the bedside table next to her, and
then reaches over and switches off the light.]

[Several hours pass in peace. We cut to a shot of Ranma sleeping on
the couch. We see in the dim streetlight that Akane is sleeping as
well. We cut to an exterior shot of the apartment building. The gate
to the backyard swings open, but by no seen hand. Suddenly, a dim
mist floats in and covers the ground. Music like that during a similar
scene in the Castelvania IV intro plays. Suddenly, we hear a distant
clomping sound. We cut back to Ranma sleeping on the couch. Suddenly
his eyes snap open. He goes over to the back door and opens it,
looking out into the mist shrouded yard. The noise continues]

Ranma:  Who's there?

[Clomp, clomp]

Ranma:  Show yourself!

[Suddenly, out of the mist emerges the armor that we saw earlier. It
walks towards Ranma.]

Ranma:  What in God's name......

Armor:  Ranma Tendo, you allowed me to die.

Ranma:  [Squints eyes in confusion] Who are you?

Armor:  How soon you forget the voice of your beloved. You once made
a solemn oath that we would be together forever. By allowing me to
die, you broke that oath.

Ranma:  [Paralyzed with fear] Ukyo!

Ukyo-in-Armor:  With the help of the Mamonos, I have been allowed
to return. With the help of the Mamonos, I will see that you perish.

Ranma:  [Desperate] Ucchan! I never had a chance to save you, you
can't blame me for....ooof!
[A psionic wave have knocked Ranma to his knees.]

UIA:  Silence! You are pathetic, Ranma Tendo. I don't see how I
could have ever loved anything like you.

Ranma:  Why....why?


Ranma:  You aren't Ucchan, she never would have acted like this!

UIA:  I am too Ukyo! Come on, you pathetic worm, fight me!

[Ranma gets to his feet]

Ranma:  I will not fight you.

UIA:  Then you will die!

Ranma:  Then I die.

[The armor raises it's fists, and is about to bring them together to
form another psionic wave, but somehow she can't manage to do it.]

UIA:  I will return!

[With speed incapable of anything in armor, the Armor runs out of
the yard and down the street.]


[We cut to a shot of the armor running down the street]

Voice:  Ukyo, what are you DOING?!

Armor:  Must have...blood...don't have enough...power.

Voice:  But you must do that AFTER you destroy Tendo!

Armor:  No...must have

[The armor finally stops. She stares up at the house before her.]

Voice:  Ukyo! I COMMAND that you cease this at once and go back and
finish off Ranma!

Armor:  I cannot wait....
[She jumps onto the side of the house and begins to climb up the

[We cut to a bedroom inside of that house. Lying in a nightgown is
Tsubasa; the cross-dresser/Ukyo lover. Suddenly his windows smashes
and the armor jumps in.]

Tsubasa:  WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!!

Armor:  The one who you foolishly loved for all you life.

Tsubasa:  [Looks at the armor closer] You...Your's so

Armor:  [Walking towards him] Don't struggle Tsubasa, you'll just
make this harder than it is.

Tsubasa:  [Just a little tinge of fear in his voice] What do you
want from me?

Armor:  I want your life, your blood. Only then can I be completely

Tsubasa:'re dead! I saw it on the news, they found your
body floating in the pond in Furinkan park!

Armor:  [Coming closer] I was allowed to return to seek vengeance on
one who wronged me. And you will provide me with the power that I
need to do it.

Tsubasa:  It's Ranma, isn't it? [The armor stops walking. Tsubasa
weeps a little] It's always Ranma! You've always stepped on me to
get to him, all our lives!

Armor:  Tsu...

Tsubasa:  Shut up! I wasn't finished! [The armor is taken aback]
However, if I can aid you,  then I will be content. [He pulls down
one of the shoulders of his nightgown so he reveals his full neck]
Do it, Ukyo. If I couldn't have you in life...than perhaps I can
have you in death.

Armor:  Tsubasa....

Tsubasa:  NOW!

[The armor stares at him for a second. Then the gantleted hand
reaches up and lifts up the visor. We see a ghostly face behind it,
one that was once Ukyo's. She walks forward and opens her mouth to
reveal fangs that would make most lawyers cringe. She embraces Tsubasa
and sinks her teeth into his shoulder. Tsubasa doesn't cry out, rather,
he sighs, resigned to his fate. We hear Ukyo make sucking sounds.
Finally, after a while, she moves away, and pulls the visor down.
Tsubasa falls to the ground, turning white.]

Tsubasa:  Ukyo...I'll you..
[He closes his eyes for the last time and his life fades away.]

Armor:  I shall never forget you...Tsubasa.

[We cut to the Throne Room of the Dark Dimension. The figure on the
throne brings down his gauntled hand on the hard-oak of the throne]

Figure:  That bitch! I specifically told her to wait, the whole plan
is ruined now!

Mamono:  Not neccesarily, sire. She can still defeat him in her Mamono

Figure:  [Sigh] Well, maybe.

[We cut back to the yard. Ranma is lying on the ground with a bucket
full of water next to him. The gate opens of it's own will again,
and the fog starts to blanket the yard. The now-familiar clomping noise
heralds the return of the armor.]

Armor:  Prepare to meet your doom, Ranma Tendo.

Ranma:  No, it is you who shall meet your doom this night.

Armor:  Ha ha ha ha! Do you truly believe that you can take up arms
against me, your former beloved?

Ranma:  No, but then again, YOU AREN'T HER!

Armor:  That is the biggest mistake you'll ever make, Ranma Tendo.

Ranma:  So be it! I can hold no enmity against those who concern
themselves with evil, but to those vile beings who toy with the
hearts and souls of men, since the time of ancient gods, we have been
your destroyers. [Dumps bucket over himself] 108th Generation Mamono
Hunter Ranma Tendo is her...BEWARE!

[Mamono Hunter Ranma stands before the relentless armor. Both ready
to fight each other to the death.]

Armor:  You do not have the balls to take up arms against me.

Ranma-C:  Enough! Tenshin Amargurikan! [He smacks the armor a hundred
times, but only manages to put a few dents into it.] Ow! [Shakes his
hand in pain] That hurt! [Suddenly realizes something] I was right!
By the rules of my bloodline, when I used that attack on you, I
should have lost my powers and died, but I didn't! That means...

Armor:  [Shocked] I am a Mamono?

Ranma-C:  Moukou Takabashia! [The Ki-Bolt leaps forward and knocks the
gauntlets off of the armor, but nothing more.]

Armor:  [In rage] You will die Ranma Saotome! [She throws her empty
hands forward and a Psionic wave of unbelievable power strikes Ranma
and blows him back ten feet into the wall of the house. He is knocked
unconscious] Finally, we will finish this. [She begins to close in on

[We cut to Ranma's room. We hear a sound similar to coffee brewing.
Akane wakes up and reaches over to switch on the light.]

Akane:  What's making that sound?  [She looks over and sees the
Transformation Cordial bubbling. The container is jumping around on
the nightstand.] What the Hell is going on around here?

[Suddenly she hears a scream from the yard.]

Akane:  Damn!  [She grabs the cordial, puts on her robe and slippers,
and dashes out of the door.]

[We cut down to the yard. Ranma is awake again, but does not move
from his position as the armor is closing in on him.]

Armor:  I triumph Ranma, the Mamonos always triumph. I learned this
lesson the hard way.

[Akane runs out of the back door and sees the scene]

Akane:  [Thought] Who the hell is that lying by the house? And why
are they dressed up like a Mamono Hunter? [Looks closer] That ponytail
looks familar...[Spoken]  Ranma?

Ranma-C:  [Turning his head] Akane, run away, get help!

Armor:  OH, is THIS the person you've found to replace me? After I
kill you, I'll finish her off as well.

Akane:  I don't think so! [She pulls out the cordial and pops off
the lid.] Evil will never triumph as long as I live! [Dumps the
cordial on herself] Assistant to the 108th Generation Mamono Hunter,
Akane Tendo, Mamono Hunter in training, is here, beware!

[We get a look at Mamono Hunter Akane. She is wearing the same kind
of dress as Ranma-C, but she appears to be about 3 inches taller,
and is a lot better built.]

Armor:  Another one? Was there a sale and no one notified me? [Shrugs]
Well, I'll take care of this one first. [She turns to close in one

Akane-Kawaii:  Uh....Umm..What do I do now?

Ranma:  [Thinking for a moment] The soul weapon!

Akane-K:  Oh, yes! [Holds hand out] Soul Katana, appear!
[The katana that she always had with her in the series now appears
in her hand.]  Die!

[She runs forward, gradually arcing the katana so that she brings
it full force down on the armor when she reaches it. It knocks several
plates off, but not too much damage.]

Armor:  Impudent girl! You cannot defeat a force of my strength with
such brutish tactics! [She grabs Akane by the neck and throws her
against the wall of the house, just like she did with Ranma.]
Excellent, now I can finish you both off at once! [Puts out hands,
preparing to fire another psionic blast.]

Ranma-C:  Ukyo! Don't do this!

Armor:  I'm not Ukyo, you said that yourself.

Ranma-C:  No, you're what USED to be Ukyo. The transition have warped
you..please, try and remember...try and remember US.

Armor:  There was no US. I'm not human, I'm a Mamono. You would have
died when you attacked me had I been a human.

Ranma-C:  [Suddenly it dawns on him] That's it! You're being used!
Whoever brought you back knew that I couldn't fight a human, so they
brought your soul back in that armor!

Armor: [Thinks for a moment] When I drank the blood of
a man..then I became a can't'm human! I'm

Ranma-C:  The consummation rite of a human being becoming a Mamono
is by drinking the blood of a human, you did that.*

(* - This isn't just a whim, it was shown in Mamono Hunter Yohko #1.)

[The helmet lowers itself onto the chestplate of the armor, as if
Ukyo was lowering her head in shame.]

Ukyo:  I was just being used....I WAS JUST BEING USED! [Suddenly the
invisible bonds that held Ranma and Akane disappear]

Ranma-C:  There's only one way to end this, we must combine our

Akane-K:  Right!

[Akane holds forward her katana, Ranma prepares to fire a Ki-Bolt.]

Ukyo:  No, stop! I'm human! I know it, I'm human!

Ranma:  Good bye...Ucchan. Akane, now!

[Akane throws the Soul Katana up]

Ranma:  Moukou Takabisha! [The katana is captured in the ki-bolt and
is sent hurtling forward along with it. They both strike the
breast-plate of the armor and knock it to pieces. All of the plates of
the armor come clattering down into a heap on the ground.]

Akane-K:  Yatta!*
(* - I/We did it!)

Ranma-C:  [Sigh] I wish it didn't have to end like this.

[Suddenly dust from all over the armor flies up in a whirlwind and
forms into a human figure.]

Ukyo:  You will not get rid of me so easily, Ranchan! Whaaa?!! NO!
Stop! [Suddenly she throws her head back in a scream and then is
reduced to a pile of dust. A tag floats down and lands on top of it.]

Akane-K:  What is that?

[Ranma kneels beside the dust pile and picks up the tag]

Ranma-C:  Akuryou taisan.*

(* - Demons Begone)

Voice:  I thought you two might need some help.

[Akane and Ukyo turn to their left and see a figure in the robes of
a Shinto Priestess standing on the lawn before them]

Ranma-C:  Rei!

Rei:  [Smiles] Hai! And might I say, Ranma, you look very CUTE as
a girl. [Smirks]

Ranma-C:  How did you know it was me?

Rei:  We have our ways. [She bows] Now that my work here is done,
I must be on my way. If you ever get in over your heads again, don't
hesitate to call.

[She runs off.]

Akane-K:  And just who was THAT?

Ranma-C:  Uh...a school mate.  That's all. [Looks down at the pile of
armor on the ground.] Come on, we'd better hide this, I'm sure the
owner will come looking for it.

[The two start to move the armor away.]

[We cut to the Dark Dimension. The evil one stews silently in the

Dark Figure:  Two Mamono Hunters....damn..this situation is getting
trickier all the time...

                       ....To Be Continued!

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