Devil Hunter Yohko Fanfic (James Stone)

Mamono Hunter Ranma - Side Story
by James Stone
(c) 1995 Stone Age Productions  All Rights Reserved
The Preamble...

(We cut to after school. Shampoo is in front of the
Principals office. She is about to knock)

Principal:(From Behind door) Come in.

Oh-HO!  Sounds like a challange to me....  Well, I've never been one to pass 
something like THIS, without futher ado...


	Shampoo stood at the door to the principal's office, visibly nervous.  
A bead of sweat ran down the side of her face...she let it fall unimpeded.  
She had never been called here before...and had only heard rumors of the poor 
souls who had before her.  

	Oh stop worry, Shampoo!, she told herself angrily.  You just late, he 
no can do anything BAD!  Shampoo swallowed.  She wasn't fooled...she knew the 
reputation of the Principal.  But there was no point in delaying the 
inevitable.  She raised her hand to knock...

	"Come in," said the voice from behind the door, in English.

	Shampoo started, looking at the hand that was still a good two 
centimeters from the door.  Swallowing one last time to contain her 
nervousness, she turned the handle on the door and stepped inside.  Turning 
to close the door, she didn't see the principal until...

	Shampoo gasped, and pressed herself against the door, fumbling for 
the catch.  ESCAPE!  ESCAPE! her mind shouted at her.  Get out of here NOW!

	"Oh!  Miss Shampoo!  No, no!" the Principal began, in English, as 
ususal.  "Please!  Don't be frightened, I only wanted to...speak...with you."
His thick lips curled upwards in a smile, revealing the gleaming rows of 
perfectly even, straight teeth, the gleaming white of coconut meat.

	Shampoo froze, unable to remove her eyes from the site before her.  
The Principal sat on his desk, one leg crossed over the other, his ukelale 
conspicuously absent.  His flowered Hawaiian shirt was tight over his chest, 
allowing the gentle ripples of his pectoral muscles to bulge the shirt out.  
The sleeves were pushed up slightly, not quite managing to cover the strong, 
bulging biceps.  His khaki shorts were equally tight on his thighs, straining 
to hold together as he adjusted his legs, flexing his quads just slightly.  
The powerful, tanned lines of his legs continued to his tight, firm calves, 
and down to a pair of comfortable-looking deck shoes, sans socks.

	The Principal noticed her gaze, and leaned forwards slightly, his 
wide, white smile widening even more.  "Miss Shampoo, do you like it?"

	Shampoo stood, totally frozen, at the sight.  Her face was already 
slightly flushed, and her chest heaved just a bit faster beneath her blouse.  
Another bead of sweat ran down her face, trickling down her cheek and neck, 
before resting and being absorbed by the collar of the blouse.  Unconciously, 
she bit her lower lip.

	"Well?"  Suddenly Shampoo realized she was being asked a question.  
Without knowing what else to do, or even what the question WAS, she nodded, 
just slightly enough to be noticed.

	"Ah, good!" the Principal exclaimed.  "I love to make my students 
happy!  I'm so glad you like my little...present!"  Inwardly, the Principal 
smiled to himself.  He DID so enjoy was such a joy to give the 
lovely Miss's their first, taste, so to speak, of Hawaii.  And even though 
some of them weren't totally inexperienced, it took a REAL Hawaian man to 
perform correctly.  He could feel the palm tree on his head stiffen slightly 

	"Ah, Miss Shampoo, it's quite warm in here, don't you think?  Would 
you mind terribly is I removed this shirt?"  The Principal tugged slightly at 
his collar.  "This work can be, you see."

	Again, Shampoo nodded imperceptably.  There was nothing she could do 
now...nothing but wait for it to be over with.  So she did nothing but watch 
as the Principal unbuttoned his shirt, his pecs and abs flexing as he twisted 
his body to pull the sleeves down over his thick biceps, and hairy, muscled 
forearms.  Turning away for a moment, he dropped the shirt behind the desk, 
where it stood no danger of becoming soiled.  "There now, that's much 

	He stopped.  "Ah, I'm sorry!  Miss Shampoo, please, forgive my 
rudeness!"  He walked over to the girl, placing an arm lightly across her 
shoulders.  "Here I've been talking and talking, and you've been forced to 
stand!  Please, please, take this seat."  Guiding her with firm but gentle 
pressure, he moved her to a high-backed, straight chair, made from some light 
wood and grasses woven over the frame.  Carefully, he seated the girl on the 
chair, before moving to stand in front of her.  "There, are you more 
comfortable now?"

	Shampoo nodded, her breath taken away by being this close.  It seemed 
she couldn't get enough air....her breasts heaved, bare beneath the flimsy 
fabric of her shirt.  She was even more flushed now, and she felt dizzy, 
waves of heat washing over her body...

	The Principal smiled, the intermittent sparks between them flashing 
off his teeth, making them glint even brighter.  "Good, good!"  He turned to 
the roasting pit, where the pig roasted.  Not a big one, good roasting boars 
being so expensive, but not a bad size either. Carefully, he cut into the 
pig, testing the quality of the meat.  "Ah!  Excellent!  Perfection!"  With a 
skill showing years of practise, and training by those who are masters in the 
art, he began to carve thick, juicy slices of pork off of the pig, placing 
the two choicest on a platter, along with slices of pineapple, some coconut, 
and assorted other trimmings to the feast.  He handed the plate to Shampoo, 
giving her his most dazzling smile yet.  "Now, Miss Shampoo, please, relax 
and enjoy yourself.  It is your first luau, is it not?"

	Seeing the nod, the Principal felt his palm tree stiffen completely.  
Ah! he thought to himself.  Truly the first time, is always so sweet...this 
girl will give me a better luau than most no doubt.  But then, how could such 
a girl not be fine, exciting company?  The Principal sighed to himself, 
taking care to conceal it from Shampoo.  If only her hair were shorter, he 
thought, picturing a purple okapi...but that can wait, can't it?
  Well, there she be.  I certainly hoped you enjoyed it, and found 
it....stimulating.  I know I certainly did.  ^_-

For those of you really expecting something hardcore, sorry.  I just 
couldn't...not with the Principal.  And besides, this was MUCH more fun to 
write...and I think it'll be much more fun to read too.

Anyways...that's about it.  No long notes on this...just a spur-of-the-moment 
thing.  All comments, questions, requests for past stories, etc. can be sent  
to  All flames will be read, laughed at, and 
disposed of, never to be given a second thought.  Until Fall of the Eagle 2, 
mata ne!

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