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Further Note: This story assumes Gally and Yohko are both 18 years old (Remember, this 
     is not what WILL happen, but what MIGHT happen.  Besides, I don't like the idea 
     of kids having sex.) Also, the acts depicted here ARE NOT condoned by the author. 
Lastly: Thanks to Dr. Petrucci for helping me with the Japanese words and phrases!

And now on to the story! (Finally!)

     Yohko bolted out of bed again, sweat gushing from her body.  She shivered with the cold
and fear.  At breakfast that morning, Yohko told her grandmother, "Obaasan*, I've had the most
unusual dream for the last three nights, and it's really scaring me."
     The elderly devil hunter sat across from her granddaughter and said gently, "Tell me
about it, child."
     "Me and this girl I've never seen before are standing on this huge pile of scrap metal
covered in blood.  Demons float all around it, screaming and laughing and gurgling the blood.
Suddenly the debris explodes as a raven arises and flies away, carrying the two of us away."
     Yohko's grandmother put her hands on those of the young woman.  "You've got a
difficult fight ahead of you, more difficult than any you've faced so far.  The raven will be
your salvation, but it will cost you and your friend dearly."
     Meanwhile, in far away Scrap Iron City, three men with machetes ran down the dark alley
between abandoned buildings.  Gally followed close behind, rapidly catching up to them. 
Suddenly a jolt of energy knocked Gally to her feet.
     "Well, well, look at the mighty hunter-warrior now!" a voice ridiculed her.  She turned
slowly, still in great pain, to see herself surrounded by twenty men, all armed with makeshift
blowtorches and lasers.  "Don't feel bad, Gally, baby.  We've been offered $200 a piece for your
pretty head.  Of course, we may have to inspect the body, just to make sure we didn't damage
anything," the leader of the mob jeered, a large electro-pulse cannon in his hands. The rest 
of the barbarians laughed and licked their lip greedily at the thought of enjoying the 
sexy young bounty hunter.
     A soft "POW!" and the leader's face erupting in blood caused the rest of the blood-lusty
killers to back off in surprise.  Out of dark sky a man in a black trench coat fell and landed
beside Gally.  He knelt beside her and softly touched her face.  "Are you okay?"
     "Look out!" she screamed.  A thug with scars all over his face recovered ran up to the
pair, pulling a pistol out of his jacket.  The stranger shoved a double-barreled flintlock 
pistol into the man's groin before he could recover his weapon.
     Scar stood there for a moment, trembling.  The rest of the gang stood in horror, not sure
of what he should do.  Mystery man spoke in a soft, terrifying voice, "If you want to be able to
use the bathroom in the morning, I suggest you back away."  Scar suddenly stiffed with boldness,
noticing two of his compatriots sneaking up behind the stranger; however, the man in black just
yanked out another flintlock pistol and blew them both to hell. 
"I guess you don't like pissing," the dark man said coldly as Scar's groin erupted into 
     Gally had recovered by now and took advantage of the distraction to decapitate several of
her assailants with a powerful energy blast.  Her newfound comrade yanked off his coat,
revealing a sheathed katana. Within no time, Gally and her benefactor had "pacified" the rest of
the mob.  
     Gally turned to face him.  "Thank you for your help, Mister . . ."
     The man looked at Gally, compassion and concern in his eyes.  "Call me Raven."

                           By: Raven

     Yohko walked past the electronics store with her best friend, Chi Ogawa, as they headed
home after a long day of shopping.  Normally Yohko would not have even gone in, but Chi
grabbed her arm.  "Let's sneak in here for a moment."
     "Why?" Yohko asked her friend. 
     "Because my Walkman Stereo is busted.  I'm going to buy another one."
     Yohko walked in grudgingly.  As Chi argued with the clerk, Yohko looked at some of the
televisions.  Just as she was getting interested in the soap opera, a special bulletin 
preempted the story.  "They can't do this!  Now I'll never know if Hikaru will die of cancer!"
     Chi walked up to her friend, a puzzled look on her face.  "Yohko, what are you talking
     Yohko just motioned for her friend to be quiet, suddenly entranced by the news report. 
"This news flash comes to us direct from Scrap Iron City.  Carol Hingle is there live with a
report.  Carol?"
     An attractive lady flashed on the screen.  She seemed to be standing in front of a huge
junk heap gushing with blood.  Yohko shuddered, "It looks exactly like my dream."
     Carol the reporter finally spoke.  "Mike, I'm here at Scrap Iron City, where a total of ten
people has disappeared over the last three days.  These abductions seem to occur without a trace
of the victim or any signs of a struggle.  Only one man has been recovered, but cannot remember
anything about where he was or what happened to him.  The only comment we can get from the
doctors is that the victim was severely beaten and brutally raped.  We'll have more bulletins as
events develop here.  This is Carol Hingle, live from Scrap Iron City."
     Yohko walked out of the store in a daze.  Chi ran up behind her.  "Yohko," she called,
"what's wrong?"
     "What's wrong?!  Didn't you see that report from Scrap Iron City?"
     "Scrap Iron City?  There's no such place.  Besides, the only thing I saw was some guy
dying of cancer."
     "This is so weird," Yohko commented as she walked off, deep in a trance.  
     Chi ran after her.  "Yohko, wait up!  What's wrong?"
     Gally walked into her bedroom wearing a simple red silk slip and smiling.  On her futon
lay Raven, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts.  "Man, you are soo sexy."  He told her.  
     She laid next to him and began to pet his chest.  "It's nice to know after a year of 
marriage I can still turn you on like this," Gally commented as her hand slipped between 
his legs for just one second.
     He responded by kissing her neck with passionate hunger.  Gally tilted her head so their
lips could meet, each kiss becoming more and more energetic.  
     Their hands began to sensually roam each other's bodies as their passion grew.  Raven's
eyes widened in surprise when he discovered Gally wasn't wearing any panties.  She just smiled
and slipped his boxers off him.  He moaned with pleasure as she straddled him, her wetness
greedily swallowing his manhood.  Gally rode Raven energetically as he removed her slip and
fondled her breasts. . . .  
     Then Gally woke up, her hand wet with her juices.  "Damn!  But it was so real . . ."
     Meanwhile, in another part of Scrap Iron City, a row of fifteen men and women stood
naked, shackled to a stone dungeon wall.  A very sexy woman, wearing nothing but a black
see-through robe, walked it.  One hand held a leather whip as the other hand brushed her lengthy
black hair out of her face.  They immediately tried to stand at attention, their fear evident 
on their faces.  "Greetings, Mistress," they said in unison.
     She just glanced at them with superior disdain as she roughly groped at each prisoner's
crotch and listened to their moans.  After playing with every captive, she yelled out "Guard!"
A tall, muscular cyborg walked in.  "I have made my decision.  I want this one," she pointed 
to a young, blond construction worker, "and this one," indicating a black-haired female 
     The chosen woman pleaded, "Please, Mistress, I have been selected at least once a day for
the last two weeks.  Please honor another with your favor and let me rest."
     The lady in black approached the doctor and slapped her with enough force to almost
break her neck.  "You ungrateful bitch!  Guard, bring a noose."  The guard immediately took a
noose and slid it over the prisoner's lovely neck.  
     "It is secure, Mistress," he informed his master.  
     "Very good.  Take the young man to my chambers.  I'll be there shortly."
     "Yes, Mistress."
     The Mistress knelt down and licked the young doctor's pussy, causing her to moan and
groan.  With each groan, however, the noose tightened, slowly strangling her.  Just as she was
about to cum, the Mistress stopped and snapped her fingers.  A double-sided dildo appeared in
her hand.  The captive looked on in horror as the Mistress strapped it on and  fucked her 
until her body shook with the force of her orgasm.  It proved to be too much, for it 
snapped the neck of the captive.
     "Let that be a lesson to the lot of you," the Mistress bellowed.  "If you obey, you will be
rewarded; but if not . . . ." She snapped her fingers again and her hand burst in flames.  
She then set the corpse on fire and left the rest of the captives smell the burning flesh 
as she went to enjoy her latest toy.

To Be Continued . . .

* "Obaasan" is Japanese for Grandmother

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