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     is not what WILL happen, but what MIGHT happen.  Besides, I don't like the idea 
     of kids having sex.) Also, the acts depicted here ARE NOT condoned by the author. 
Lastly: Thanks to Dr. Petrucci for helping me with the Japanese words and phrases!

                           By: Raven


     Yohko awoke, feeling so peaceful and relaxed.  She rolled over and slipped her arm
around the naked man laying beside her.  "Brandon, are you awake?" she whispered.
     "Yeah.  I was just thinking . . ."
     "About what?"
     Brandon rolled over and looked deep into Yohko's eyes.  "About how lucky I am to have
a wife like you.  I mean, you're smart, funny, caring, attractive, . . ." he paused for a 
moment and just looked at her.
     Yohko gazed into his deep blue eyes and ran a hand through his unruly brown hair.  "I
love you so much."  Their eyes met again as their naked bodies drew closer to each other, 
finally uniting in a symphony of love.  Yohko gently kissed and licked his neck, stimulating 
each nerve, as he softly stroked her back.
     "Yo-chan,*" Brandon whispered affectionately as she continued.  He then began to kiss
her neck.  They continued for all eternity, their lips often meeting as love flowed from 
them onto each other.
     Yohko suddenly bolted up from her bed.  "Damn, it was only a dream.  Now I'm all
depressed and I can't sleep."
     "Yohko!" a soft voice called.
     "Who's there?"  Yohko then saw a glowing figure at the foot of her bed.  "Who the hell
are you?"
     "I am Chief, Master of Dimensions and Space.  Arise and prepare, for your expertise is
needed in Scrap Iron City."
     "So it was you . . . "
     "Yes, I gave you the dreams and showed you the newscast.  Come, it is time to go." 
     "Wait a minute.  Why me?"
     "You'll understand when you arrive."  Before Yohko could reply, she and the form are
enveloped in a soft white light and disappeared.
     Yohko found herself standing in the middle of a street in Scrap Iron City.  Before she
could get her bearings, however, a teenage boy plowed into her.  "Sorry, lady, but there's a
demon after me!"
     Yohko ran into the large alley the boy came from to see, indeed, a huge, black devil with
red eyes and four arms.  It stopped and looked at Yohko.  "Perhaps Mistress Shi** will not mind
a nubile young girl instead of the teenage boy," it growled.
     "Sorry, but you picked the wrong person on the wrong day, jerk!" Yohko yelled as the
demon lunged for her.  She dodged and began to change into her devil huntress form when three
cyborgs grabbed her from behind.
     The demon laughed.  "Sorry, but your powers won't work against humanoids.  Now to
Mistress Shi."
     Raven walked down the street about a block from Gally's house when he heard a voice
call to him.  "She is here, but she has already been captured.  You and Gally must hurry."
     "All-knowing Master, isn't there another way?  Should we defeat Shi, we still have to
deal with the results of our meeting . . ."
     "It was the only way," Chief replied.  "Now hurry!"  Raven dashed to Gally's house as he
cocked his pistols.
     Yohko was doing well against the three cyborgs, but the demon was right - her magic
could not affect them.  She broke away long enough to change into her demon-huntress form and
obtain her Soulsword, but she still had the demon's cronies to deal with.  A scream distracted
Yohko for one second, allowing a cyborg to knock her off her feet.  She looked up to see three
more cyborgs coming from a nearby building, swords in their hands and death on their faces.
     Two figures, a tall man in black and an attractive female cyborg, abruptly fell from the
sky and landed directly in front of Yohko.  The man yelled, "Yohko, get the demon!  We've got
the cyborgs!"  Yohko vaulted over the pair and the enemy cyborgs to engage the demon.
     Raven drew out his katana and took on the three swordsmen. One came at him from
behind and another came from hin front of him.  They swung their swords to slice him in thirds,
but he rolled out of the way, causing the two cyborgs to slice each other in half.  The third,
however, was not so stupid.  It was as fast and as skilled as Raven, and twice as strong.  
Raven is quickly knocked off his feet, his sword flying out of his grasp.  The cyborg then leapt 
at him, its sword prepared to slice him in half.  Raven pulled out his double-barreled 
flintlocks and emptied them into the cyborg's head as he slammed both feet into its 
stomach.  His would-be assailant landed in a pile of electricity and trash.
     Gally also had her hands full.  One of the cyborgs grabbed her by the arm.  She
immediately shifted her weight and threw him into a wall.  She then spun around and gave
Cyborg # 2 a couple of powerful snap kicks to its head, knocking the head off the rest of the
body.  A powerful energy blast ripped the last adversary to shreds.
     While all this was going on, Yohko attacked the demon.  It was very weak, however;
apparently it was a gatherer and messenger instead of a warrior.  Although it fought bravely, 
it was no match for Yohko's superior skills.  She sliced off its legs, leaving in gasping 
on the floor, begging for mercy.  
     Yohko was about to chop off its head when Raven's hard firmly stilled her blade.  "Where
is Shi?" he asked the demon.
     "I cannot tell you," it gasped.  "She will kill me."
     "If you don't tell me, I'll do a lot worse than kill you."  Raven pulled a small blade 
with an inscription out of his coat.  The two girls could not see what he held, but the 
demon obviously could.
     "AHHH!" it yelled.  "I will tell you, just don't hurt me!  Shi is under the ruins of the
Spanish mission outside of town.  She had been feeding there for about a week now.  That's all
I know!   I swear!  Please protect me!"
     Raven looked up for a minute, as if in prayer, then looked back down at the demon. 
"Chie will consider your request."  The demon disappeared in a flash of light.  Raven 
then turned to the two ladies.  
     At that moment, Yohko saw Raven's face.  "Brandon?"  she whispered in astonishment.
     He answered, "It appears I owe the two of you an explanation.  Please take my hand." 
Gally and Yohko reluctantly did so, and immediately the three of them transported from the

To Be Continued . . . 

* The honorific title "-chan" is a term of endearment between very close friends
** "Shi" means "death" in Japanese.

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