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Further Note: This story assumes Gally and Yohko are both 18 years old (Remember, this 
     is not what WILL happen, but what MIGHT happen.  Besides, I don't like the idea 
     of kids having sex.) Also, the acts depicted here ARE NOT condoned by the author. 
Lastly: Thanks to Dr. Petrucci for helping me with the Japanese words and phrases!

                           By: Raven


     Raven teleported himself, Gally, and Yohko to a high cliff far away from Scrap Iron City. 
Once there, the two young ladies were full of all sorts of questions.  Raven motioned for them 
to be quiet.  Then he began his tale:
     "My real name is Brandon McKnight, and I am an agent of the Chie, Master of 
Dimensions and Space.  I am one of Chie's 'knight-errands'; in other words, I relay messages,
help solve problems within the Chie's domain, and combat the forces of darkness and evil."  He
showed them a handful of gold blades, each with a cryptic inscription.  "These blades 
identify me to other agents, as well as to the enemies of the Chie.
     "In order to carry out my missions, I have been given two personalities.  The first one is
that of a fierce warrior, another of faithful friend and compassionate supporter.  This was, 
I can fight and comfort as needed.  It has its drawbacks, however, for the personalities 
constantly war inside me for dominance."  A look of sadness and loneliness crossed his face.  
Both Gally and Yohko couldn't help but have compassion on him.  "The Chie has informed me this 
will be my last mission."
     "But enough about me,"  Brandon continued.  "The two of you have been chosen to help
me in destroying Shi, a princess of demons who feeds off other being's lust and pain, converting
it into energy for her own purposes.  She began her campaign here in Scrap Iron City because of
all the decay and destruction.  Once she has absorbed enough energy here, Shi plans to move
onto other dimensions, spreading more terror and anarchy."  He stopped for a moment, as if
praying, then concluded.  "We are to stay here tonight.  At dawn we will strike at the fortress 
of Shi."
     Late that night, Gally and Yohko talked for hours, curious about each other and all that
had happened to them over the last two days.  After a moment of silence, Gally exclaimed, "I 
feel so sorry for Brandon.  He has no home, no family, no nothing."
     "It's a shame, too.  What does having no life do to a man?  And that stuff about this being
his last mission.  Do you think he'll be killed?"  Yohko asked.
     "It makes a person lonely," Brandon said from behind them.  Both ladies spun around. 
"That's the one reason I chose this as my last mission - so that I would get to spend my last 
few days as not only your comrade, but as a friend." Brandon sat on the ground beside them.  
"It sure is quiet tonight."
     "Yeah," Gally answered.  Yohko shifted uncomfortably, not knowing what to say.
     Brandon broke the silence.  "But enough about me.  Tell me about you guys."
     "What's to tell?" Yohko asked.  "I'm a student in Tokyo, I hunt devils, and wish to God I
had a husband."
     "What do you look for in a man?  Appearance?  Talent?  Sexuality?"
     Yohko blushed as Gally and Brandon both laughed at her embarrassment.  Gally gazed at
Brandon for a moment and said, "You have a very nice laugh."
     "Thank you," he replied sincerely.  "So what do you guys do for fun?"
     "Why are you so interested in us?" Gally asked.
     "Like I said, I don't get much of a chance to just sit and talk to people.  Besides, I 
	can't think of anyone else I'd rather spend the evening with than the two of you."  
His eyes spoke of his sincerity, but there was a hint of other emotions lying beneath the 
surface . . .
     The three adventurers stayed up for hours, trading stories and jokes as though they knew
each other all their lives.
     Meanwhile, at the Spanish Mission, Shi went through her selection of toys, trying to find
a couple of playmates to pass the night away.  After her customary fondling of each person, she
selected three men to join her.
     Once the foursome arrived in her room, she cast off her revealing robe.  Shi then
demanded one of them to lie down on the bed.  "No, stupid, lay on your back!" she screamed at
him as she lashed at him with her whip.
     "Yes, Mistress.  I apologize."
     "Just shut up.  And that goes for the rest of you."  She then lay on top of the first man 
so that his thick meat slid deep into her ass.  Then, as he fucked her, she commanded one of 
the men to stand beside the bed and another one to fuck her cunt.  After the two found a rhythm 
to thrustto, Shi brutally grasped the third man's dick and sucked it into her mouth.  All three 
were viciously milked for two hours before she dismissed them.  "I must have more," she 
muttered, "for my time is almost at hand."  She ringed a bell by the bed and two lady 
devils entered wearing bikini shorts.  Shi looked at them lustfully as she yanked them onto 
her bed.  The bikinis were soon removed, and the threesome laid in a triangle, viciously 
eating each other.

To Be Continued . . .

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