WARNING!  This story contains vulgar language, has vivid descriptions of sexual acts, and
     depicts graphic violence.  If you are under legal age or are offended by this type of
     literature, leave before it's too late!
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Further Note: This story assumes Gally and Yohko are both 18 years old (Remember, this 
     is not what WILL happen, but what MIGHT happen.  Besides, I don't like the idea 
     of kids having sex.) Also, the acts depicted here ARE NOT condoned by the author. 
Lastly: Thanks to Dr. Petrucci for helping me with the Japanese words and phrases!

                           By: Raven


     Dawn found Gally, Yohko, and Brandon "Raven" McKnight outside the Spanish mission
in Scrap Iron Town.  Gally began to move some of the boulders, trying to find a way in.  Yohko,
meanwhile, transformed into her devil-huntress garb and Raven watched for guards, flintlock
pistols in hand.
     Gally suddenly called out, "Hey, I found something!"  She pointed to a well near the old
remains.  "There's at least four or five people.  I can hear them groaning."
     Yohko picked up a pebble and pitched it into the well.  "It's only a few feet down to the
     "What're we waiting for?"  Gally jumped in before Brandon or Yohko could respond. 
They rapidly went after her, in case she ran into some guards.  
     To their surprise, they were in Shi's dungeon.  By now, thirty-five naked people lined the
wall.  One of the prisoners spoke.  "Please help us.  She's mad!  She'll be down her any 
second to fuck each of us till we die."
     Another screamed, "Either save me or kill me!  I can't take it any more!"
     Yohko and Brandon used their swords to pry open the shackles while Gally broke them
with her cybernetic strength.  Within ten minutes time, all the prisoners were free.  The chains
were then used so the sexual slaves could crawl out.  Brandon gave them a small bag of jewels. 
"Use this to get you some clothes and food.  As soon as you get into town, get all of the
hunter-warriors you can over here."  The threesome then exited the dungeon after the last 
hostage left.
     The corridor from the dungeon was winding and ominous, but no doors or forks left you
any option of turning or getting lost.  Brandon stopped his compatriots and looked them in the
eyes.  "If you are going to leave, now is the time to do so."  Gally and Yohko stood firmly, 
ready for combat.  "Should I not survive, I want you to know over the last two days I have 
come to love you both very much.  I only wish I could be with you after this is over."  
Tears filled his eyes.  "I never thought love could be so quick or so merciless."
     Yohko and Gally began to cry as well.  Each of them gave Brandon a hug as Gally said,
"I love you, too."
     "As do I," Yohko concluded.  
     "How touching,"  a voice replied.  They turned to see a guard with a huge saber in his
hand.  Gally and Yohko responded instantly, as though they worked together all their lives. 
Yohko dived and swept his feet out from under him as Gally landed a flying kick to the side of
his head.  
     Before he could stand up or recover his sword, Brandon placed his foot on the guard's
chest and a flintlock in his face.  "Okay, dipstick.  You know who we are and why we're here. 
Let's make this easy on all of us.  Just tell us where she is."
     "Go to Hell!"  The guard spit in Brandon's face.  
     Brandon didn't flinch or make a move to wipe it off.  Instead, his hand moved
instinctively to the guard's leg.  The shot echoed through the hallway as the guard's kneecap
erupted in blood.  
     "Let's try this one more time: Where is she?"  Brandon calmly asked.
     "I can't tell you, man, she'll kill me."
     "You'll have to do better than that, you bastard.  I've already heard that once this week." 
Brandon calmly moves his pistol in front of the guard's crotch.
     "OKAY, OKAY, MAN!  JUST DON'T SHOOT!  Keep following this corridor until you
come to a fork.  Just turn left," the guard howled through his pain and fear.
     "Thanks," Brandon replied as he knocked the guard unconscious with the butt of the
     "That was gross!" Yohko exclaimed.
     "I can't help it; it's the warrior part of me taking over," Brandon lamented with deep
regret.  "I'll just be glad when this is all over."
     Shi stopped to catch her breath after an all-night orgy with the three men and her two
demon assistants.  "All I need is a little more energy and I'll be able to jump dimensions," she
gloated.  She was about to start sucking off one of her captives when the door burst open.  The
two demonesses turned to attack.  Brandon blew them away before they could move.  Yohko and
Gally leapt toward the three captives and knocked them out; that way, they couldn't feed any
more energy to Shi.
     "You little fools.  I know about how you dreamed of each other, how you longed to have
your own private orgy with each other," Shi seductively whispered.  "Well, here's your chance." 
She snapped her fingers and instantly the threesome lay naked on her bed.  "Go ahead, touch her. 
I know you want her."
     The bed was just small enough so that the threesome had to huddle together to keep from
falling off.  Surrounding the bed was lethal spikes and flames of fire.  "You have a choice:
fuck or die.  Either way, I win.  Go ahead, Brandon.  Don't those breasts look sexy?  I 
know the ladies both love your dick.  They've been thinking about it for days now."
     They struggled against her demonic influence, but Shi's powers of manipulation were
very strong.  Suddenly Gally shoved herself away from the other two and stood up.  "I refuse!
I love Brandon with all my heart, and Gally is like a sister to me.  I will not fuck them 
merely for lust!"  
     Yohko snapped out of her daze, realizing what Gally said was true.  She began to chant
and wave her arms.  Swirls of red and gold filled the room as a look of panic appeared on Shi's
     "Guards!  Get in here now!"  The naked demoness screamed as a brilliant flash of gold
filled the room.  Yohko, Brandon, and Gally were fully clothed and carrying their weapons
again.  The spell had been completely broken.  Yohko collapsed on the bed in exhaustion,
gasping for breath.  Three guards burst in at that moment.  Shi yelled, "Kill the demon hunter 
and captures the other two!  NOW!"     
     Brandon fired his last shot as he leaped off the bed.  The stomach of the guard next to Shi
erupted in a ball of acid and blood, spraying over everyone near him.  Gally used the 
distraction to attack two more of the guards, using her cybernetic strength and knowledge 
of the martial arts to dispose of them quickly.  
     Four more guards entered, ready to die for their mistress.  Unfortunately for them, Gally's
fighting prowess and Brandon's katana made sure each life was eradicated.  Shi ran out and
toward her throne room to escape.  Yohko rose, her strength restored, and yelled, "Cover me! 
I'm going after Shi!"
     Brandon and Gally ran after her, clearing her way of every obstacle as Yohko flipped
over Shi and landed in front of her.  "Dark powers whose black deeds escape even the light of 
the moon . . . behold now the radiance of the power of love!  I shall destroy all who dare 
threaten this world!  I am the scourge of Evil!  The 108th generation of Devil Hunter . . .
Yohko!  Soulsword appear!"  With these words, Yohko transformed again, with sword in hand 
and ready for battle.
     She held out her hand and a burst of flame appeared.  As the flame died away, a black
sword appeared.  The two fought fiercely, each very strong and capable.  
     The guards were all dispatched by now.  Gally and Brandon turned their attention to the
confrontation in the center of the room.  Yohko was clearly tiring, while Shi was shill going
strong.  Gally called to Brandon, "Let's get her!"  She flung a cybernetic energy burst across
the room as Brandon threw every one of his cryptic blades into her back.  
     Shi spun around in pain and anger.  "You bastard!" she yelled at Brandon.  "If not for you
and the Chie, I could have ruled the worlds!"  She flung her sword at him, the blade all but
severing his left shoulder from his body.  Gally ran to his side as Yohko took advantage of 
Shi's distraction and decapitated her foe.  Black smoke and flames arouse as Shi's body 
decomposed, each component going straight to Hell.
     Yohko dashed over to join Gally at Brandon's side.  Then a bright light flooded the room
and the Chie spoke.  "The three of you have done well.  Brandon, it's time to go."
     "But what of my friends?" Brandon gasped through his pain
     "They now know what sex in love feels like; that's what gave them the power to
overcome lust.  Besides, I will care for them as I always have."
     "Could you wait one moment, my Lord?"  Brandon used his right arm to reach for his
pistols and katana.  "Thank both of you, for I now know what it feels like to love and be 
loved."  He handed the pistols to Gally and the katana to Yohko. "Tsumaranai mono desu 
ga . . .*"  Chie then took Brandon to be with her. 
      Gally and Yohko looked at each other in sorrow.  "I finally met the guy of my dreams,
and he dies on me.  Not only that, but I'll never see you again," Yohko wept as she hugged 
     Gally returned the hug.  "Maybe we should leave that to the higher powers; they were in
charge of this all along."
     Yohko dried her eyes.  "You're right.  Thanks, Gally, for everything."  They waved
good-bye as Yohko vanished from sight.
     Three days later, Gally was walking home when she heard the sound of people fighting. 
She darted around the corner to see a man in black trying to fight off four bandits.  Leaping 
into the fray, Gally gave a perfect roundhouse kick to one of the thieves and snapped another's 
knee out of joint.  The victim used the distraction to knock the other bandits' heads together,
rendering them unconscious.  Gally looked at the man in black as the other two thieves tried 
to get away. 
"Are you all right, Mister . . .?"
     The man in black looked up, his eyes flashing.  "Call me Raven."
     Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Yohko lay asleep in bed.  The sound of someone at the door
snapped her from her sleep.  She grabbed her robe and ran to the living room to see who it was. 
She found her grandmother in the living room, talking to a young man with unruly brown hair. 
"Hello, my name is Brandon; I'm in your granddaughter's history class, and I was wondering if
she had the notes from yesterday."

The End  . . . ?

* "Tsumaranai mono desu ga" literally means "This is boring, but please."  The Japanese   often
     use this phrase as they give gifts to each other.  In essence, the giver is telling the
     recipient that the gift is but a trifle of his or her respect and love for the recipient.

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