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	This story is a lemon and contains scenes of an adult nature, dealing with
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	Last time:  Reiko continued her subtle flirtations with Yohko as her plan
unfolded, taking her out dancing as Liliss detained Chi under the guise of an
erotic dream.  Later, Liliss and Kamiri clashed over the clues to the
whereabouts of the hidden shrine.  Kamiri got the writings, but Liliss had
already discovered where the shrine entrance would appear.  The writings were
in an ancient language that only demons can speak, and Reiko assumed that
Kamiri couldn't translate them ... although Kamiri knows who, or what, can
translate them, and she can be very persuasive with demons ...

Featuring characters from Devil Hunter Yohko and La Blue Girl:

Dark Queen's Reign
Chapter three: Surrender

by Dark Schneider

     Kamiri's eyes narrowed, and she shifted her grip slightly.  The
demon gasped.
     "Please, Lady," he moaned.  Kamiri dug her fingernails deeper
into the point they were probing.
     "Noooo," she breathed in the loathsome thing's ear.  "No
release for you, my friend.  Not until you've translated the entire thing. 
And if I suspect you're attempting to mislead me, I'll tear your
member from you.  Remember that."  It squirmed, turning back to its
task with a frustrated groan.  Kamiri smiled evilly at the creature's
     She'd kept it here, aroused but denied release, since that
morning.  And she would continue to keep it there, continue to deny it
the release it so desired, until it had translated the entire text of the
pages she'd retrieved.
     Legend had spoken of the fact that the writings were from a
tome of lore written by demons themselves.  Kamiri couldn't read the
demons' text, but she'd been prepared for this eventuality.  She'd
captured a demon with her sexcraft, and he would serve her until she
had what she wanted.
     Because Kamiri was a woman who ALWAYS got what she
wanted.  Always.
     "Faster," she whispered into the unfortunate creature's green,
pointed ear.  It groaned pitifully.
     And started writing faster.


     Yohko washed her hands in the sink, humming a tune under
her breath.  It was nice to have Azusa back.  The girl was a little
gung-ho sometimes, but she was invariably cheerful, a good tonic for
Yohko's strange moods of late.  Of course, Yohko didn't know why
anyone who didn't HAVE to be a Devil Hunter would choose to be,
but that was Azusa for you.
     "Yohko Mano, 108th generation Devil Hunter."  Her head
snapped up at the voice, startled.  A face gazed back at her from the
mirror above the bathroom sink.
     It wasn't hers.
     She was beautiful, but the tiny horns on her head marked her
for what she was.  A demon.  The gorgeous creature smiled at
Yohko's expression, and pursed her lips thoughtfully.
     "Do not be alarmed, Devil Hunter.  I have appeared to you
only to deliver a challenge."
     "Who are you?  How did you find me?"  The woman smiled
again, her expression mocking.
     "None of that matters.  What matters is that we have your
friend, Reiko Akashi."  Yohko froze, and the woman's eyes
     "Ah, I see I have your attention.  Good.  If you want her back,
unharmed, you must defeat me.  If you refuse, we will sacrifice her to
dark forces, and once again make her into the Dark Queen.  Do you
accept?"  Yohko knew it was a trap, but she had no choice.  She
would just have to hope she could overcome the demon in battle.
     "Where and when?" she asked, resigned.
     "Leave your house now.  You will be guided.  And come
alone, tell no one where you are going.  If you fail to comply, Reiko
will bear the brunt of our displeasure."     
     "I understand," she sighed.  "I'm coming."
     "We're waiting."  The image swirled and vanished.
     Yohko's heart sank as she headed downstairs.  After all her
worry about Reiko's memories returning, it appeared that the true
enemy was not from within, but without.
     "Yohko, where are you going?" Azusa asked, sticking her
head out of the kitchen.  "Supper is nearly ready."  Yohko debated
telling Azusa, then decided against it.  She would never agree to stay
behind, and the demoness had said that Reiko would suffer if she
didn't come alone.
     "I'm just going out for a few minutes," she told Azusa.  "I'll be
back soon.  If I take too long, just start without me."  Azusa frowned.
     "But ..."
     "Don't worry, I shouldn't be too long.  Okay?"  Azusa sighed.
     "Okay."  Yohko gave her a reassuring smile that she didn't
really feel, and left.
     Once outside, her smile fell away.  She went out to the street and
started walking.  Night had fallen, and the streets had emptied in the
neighbourhood.  Soon she heard the rushing of wings above her, and
looked up to see the creature from the mirror perch on a nearby
     "I'm here!" she shouted.  The creature smiled back.
     "Good.  Now follow."  So saying, it sprang into the air and
soared away.  Yohko rushed along, splitting her attention between her
path and the creature in the air.  Fortunately, it didn't make things too
hard on her, and eventually she found herself standing in front of a
large, wrought-iron gate.  Behind it was a sprawling yard, and set far
back from the street, a huge mansion.  It wasn't too unusual for this
part of town.  The creature lit on the top of the gate and smirked down
at Yohko.
     "I'll be waiting in the house.  Find me, you'll find your friend. 
But be quick, before I grow ... restless."  Then she sprang off the gate
and flew toward the house, disappearing through the trees.  The gate
creaked open by itself, and Yohko stepped through.
     She hoped that, whatever happened, Reiko was unhurt.  She'd
been through enough already.
     Taking a deep breath, she raised her ring and transformed, her
clothes exploding outward in a swirl of light, her dress forming around
her, the symbol on her chest coalescing last.  She summoned her soul
sword to her with a thought, feeling its comfortable weight in her hand
as she advanced slowly through the darkened yard, ready for anything.
     She wasn't really surprised when the gate swung shut behind
     Strangely, she wasn't attacked as she approached the house. 
She mounted the steps easily, and found the front door unlocked.  It
appeared the confrontation was to take place inside the house.  Very
well.  She eased the door open and slipped inside.
     It was dark inside the house, with just enough widely spaced
lights to allow her to walk without running into anything.  But she was
immediately assailed by a sweet, cloying scent.
     Roses.  She saw something on the floor as she moved inside,
crouching carefully to check it out.  The floor was strewn with rose
petals, a path of them leading off into the house.
     Red roses.  Reiko had always loved them.  Scowling, she followed
the path, expecting to be set upon at any moment, surprised when
nothing happened.  The petals led to a winding staircase, then up.  She
mounted the stairs slowly, reaching the top without incident. 
Expensive items stood around the well-appointed mansion, suits of
armour and expensive paintings and cases of obscure things, and
Yohko had to move slowly for fear of an ambush from the shadows. 
The path led deeper into the house, finally turning to disappear under a
large, heavy wooden door.  Yohko eased up to the door, her heart
racing.  This was it.  She tried the heavy metal latch, and it turned
without resistance.  She pushed the door open lightly.  It opened
without sound, revealing a large, shadowy room lit by flickering
candles mounted in wall sconces.  Yohko entered, and jumped as the
door slammed shut behind her.
     So I'm here, she thought to herself to quell her nervousness. 
Let's get this over with.
     "Ah, Yohko.  Thank you so much for coming."  Yohko started
at the soft voice, then stared in shock as a figure walked slowly
toward her out of the dim, flickering shadowed recesses of the large
     "R-Reiko?"  It WAS Reiko, she saw.  The other girl walked
slowly towards her, a sultry smile on her beautiful face.  Yohko could
only stare.
     Reiko was wearing a dress.  A beautiful dress, with a scooped
neck, a tight bodice, and full skirts that rustled as she moved.  It
looked like a wedding gown.
     But it was all in black.
     "Do you like my dress?" she asked coquettishly.  "It's for my
wedding."  Yohko felt her heart sinking.  Was she too late?
     "Reiko, who are you marrying?" she asked, eyes still shifting
around the room.  Reiko's smile widened slowly.
     "Why, you, of course."  Yohko froze.
     "It's our wedding night, Yohko.  And I love your dress, sweet." 
Yohko stared at the other girl, a sense of helplessness rising in her.
     "Oh, Reiko," she sighed.  "Am I too late?  Have they
corrupted you again?  Listen to me, Reiko.  This isn't you!  They did
this to you, but I can help you if you'll let me."  Reiko stared at her,
then threw her head back and laughed, a deep, throaty sound.
     "Is that how you think it was?" she asked, amused.  "Ah, poor
sweet, naive Yohko.  You still don't understand.  I was a willing
participant in my own corruption, my dear.  I always wanted more,
and they offered me all the power I could ever want.  I accepted the
principal's tutelage, and if you hadn't interrupted the ceremony, I
would have gained full control of this world."  She narrowed her
compelling, violet eyes and smiled secretively at the shocked Devil
     "I will still have my power, Yohko.  I will have everything I
desire.  Including you."  Yohko brought the soul sword up to a guard
position, her expression sombre.
     "I'm sorry, Reiko.  I have to do this.  Please forgive me." 
Reiko sighed.
     "You still don't believe me, do you?  You think I'm a helpless
pawn.  Very well, I'll prove it to you."  She gripped the front of her
dress, tearing it up and away in one swift motion.  Yohko's vision was
obscured for a second, and when she saw Reiko again, she felt a bolt
of recognition slam through her like a physical force, leaving a cool
tingle in its wake.
     Glossy black boots with thin, wicked stiletto heels hugged Reiko's
legs up to the knee.  Skin tight black pants of some sleek material
clung obscenely to her shapely legs and hips, showing off her firm
buttocks.  A blood-red sash was wound tightly around her narrow
waist, tied at one side, the ends falling loosely to her knee.  She wore
a silky white shirt with flowing sleeves, unlaced at the throat to show
the tops of her creamy, unencumbered breasts.  Her night black mane
flowed unbound down her back to fall below her hips, that seductive
forelock falling arrogantly across the bridge of her nose between her
mesmerizing, violet eyes.  She had black half-gloves on her hands,
stretching from her wrists, angling up to sheath only the ring fingers of
each hand, leaving the others bare.  In her right hand, she held a coiled
whip.  A wicked smile twisted her lush lips as she struck a lazy,
dangerous pose.
     "Remember this?" she asked huskily.  Yohko stared, almost
entranced.  Of course she remembered.  Her fantasy ...
     Wait.  If Reiko had caused that, then she really had been this
way all week.  She had ALWAYS been the Dark Queen.  She'd ...
     She'd been lying all along.
     "You," Yohko breathed, and now there was cold rage in her
voice.  Reiko's smile widened.
     "Ah, now you understand.  I've been your true opponent all
this time.  My mistake last time was trying to kill you, but I've seen the
error of my ways.  I must instead possess you.  I must make you mine. 
Do you see that?"  She waved one elegant hand, and the lights
brightened enough that Yohko could make out a huge, four-posted
bed covered with black silk bedding.
     "Our wedding bed, Yohko.  That's where we will consummate
our dark wedding vows.  That's where I'll make you mine."  Her voice
was a low, throaty purr, and Yohko suppressed a tiny shudder in spite
of herself.
     "You're insane," she spat.  "I'm not going to let you touch
me!"  Reiko took a slow step forward, her hair moving slowly with
each pantherish stride.
     "No," she crooned.  "you're not going to "let" me do anything
at all.  That's what's so delicious."  She fixed her eyes on the Devil
Hunter, letting the whip uncoil as she took another step.
     "Come now, Yohko.  The Blood moon rises, here and in the
Dark Realms.  And your blood burns for me.  Let us begin the
ceremony.  Come, be my dark bride."
     And she took another step.


     Azusa looked out the window, her expression troubled. 
Something didn't feel right.  Yohko still hadn't returned, and there was
a feeling in the air, a tension, like something was going to happen ...
     She pushed away the supper that she had barely touched, and
paced around the house.  Yohko was in danger, she just knew it! 
And she had to do something, but what?  She didn't know what the
danger was.  She didn't even know where Yohko had gone.  She
went to the window, and parted the curtains to peer out at the night
sky.  Then she let out a horrified gasp and pulled back reflexively.
     The moon had risen.  And it was blood red.


     The atmosphere in the room fairly crackled with the tension
between the two women as they faced each other.  The skin of
Yohko's bare arms and legs tingled with the proximity of her
opponent, and she sidestepped slowly, looking for an opening, hefting
the soul sword as if it weighed nothing.  Reiko smiled.  Yohko had
learned so much since they'd last met, but she would still fall.  This
would not be the sort of battle the Devil Hunter was accustomed to.  It
would be infinitely sweeter, a slow silken struggle of body against
body, will against will, until one had submitted utterly and the other
claimed her prize.
     Reiko wanted the moment to last forever, and at the same time
she wanted to throw the girl to the floor and ravish her.  She sighed
with contentment.  The moment she'd waited for so long was finally at
hand.  Her prize was near, now all she had to do was tame the
stubborn wench.
     Reiko's whip flicked out, and Yohko dodged to the side. 
Reiko smiled evilly and flicked out the whip again, following Yohko
with a slow, confident strut, watching as Yohko slashed at the whip
with her sword.  The girl's skirt, slit high on both sides, showed a lot
of leg as she moved, and Reiko smiled wider at the sight.  All that
creamy flesh ...
     "I, Reiko, the Dark Queen, take this girl," she whispered, "to
be my helpless, beguiled bride."  Yohko's eyes widened and she
shook her head slightly as Reiko's voice trickled into her ears like
sweet, syrupy corruption.
     "Shut up," she snarled, slashing wildly at Reiko's next strike.
     "To possess and to corrupt, to seduce and to ravish, to
ensnare and bewitch," she whispered, delighted at Yohko's anger.
     "I said shut up!  Come on and fight me, Reiko!"
     "I swear to bind her, body, soul, and will, to me.  I swear to fill
her with the sweet corruption of the Darkness, and to accept and
cherish her submission to me, her rightful mistress ..."
     "Yaaah!"  Yohko lunged, but Reiko dodged her easily,
spinning away from the silvery arc of Yohko's weapon.  Reiko could
see her words striking home, setting up their siren call in Yohko's
virgin flesh, tormented and maddened by her nights of unreleased
need.  How lovely it was to see the girl caught in her sweet snare.
     "Her rightful mistress," she continued confidently.  "I swear to
use her as I see fit, to tear down the light, so that she might better
serve me in shadow ..."  Yohko turned, and Reiko's whip snaked out,
striking her sword hand and sending the blade flying into the shadows.
     "Until death do we part," she finished, her tongue running
slowly over her bottom lip, then bit it gently.  She stalked Yohko,
forcing her away from the area where the sword had fallen, teasing her
with little flicks of her whip.  The impotent fury in the girl's eyes
excited her.
     Now.  She'd teased and taunted long enough.  It was time to
make the haughty little Devil Hunter hers.
     She lowered her guard, and Yohko took the bait eagerly,
springing forward to bring her power to bear.  Reiko let the whip lash
out low, binding itself tightly around Yohko's ankles.  Taken off
balance, the girl crashed to the floor.  Reiko was beside her instantly,
reaching down to gather the girl up in her arms.  Yohko struggled
wildly as Reiko knelt over her, pulling the dazed girl up into her arms
     "Fight as much as you like, Yohko," she whispered.  "It will
only make my victory all the sweeter."
     "You crazy bitch!  I'll send you back to hell where you
belong!" she snarled, trying to bring her hands around.  Reiko sensed
the gathering of Yohko's spiritual power, and summoned a quick spell
she'd prepared for this moment.  Her hair began to stir, as if caught in
a stiff breeze.  Then the thick locks lengthened, snaking out as if alive. 
Medusa-like, they snaked out and over Yohko's bare arms, ensnaring
her wrists easily.  Yohko gasped at the sensation as the silken bonds
tightened delightfully around her wrists and forearms, then began
bearing them back behind her lithe body.  She struggled frantically, but
she couldn't break free from the flowing bonds, and within seconds
her wrists were trapped, bound tightly by Reiko's mane at the small of
her back.  Yohko shuddered as stray locks made free with her,
caressing the bare skin of her captured arms.  She gritted her teeth,
looking up into Reiko's face, hovering so close above her.
     "Let me go!" she demanded.  Reiko's low laugh caressed her
as lightly as her hair, her hot breath scalding Yohko's face.
     "What?  After I've gone to such lengths to catch you?  And
you haven't spoken your vows yet, my lovely bride."  Yohko gritted
her teeth and thrashed, seeking some way to gain an advantage.  But
Reiko's bespelled mane prevented her from unleashing her power, and
Reiko's lean, strong body held hers in a position where she couldn't
get any leverage.
     "Why, Yohko," Reiko purred.  "I believe I told you to wear
your hair down for me."  She reached out with one finger, and Yohko
gasped as first one ornament, then the other burst open with a flare of
energy, falling to the floor.  Her hair, unbound, fell in a sleek wave
down her back.  Reiko nodded approvingly.
     "Much better," she whispered.  "Ah, Yohko, you struggle so
prettily!  This is why I didn't take you last night, at the club.  You were
so submissive as I tended to you ..."  Her mocking whisper trailed off,
and Yohko screeched with fury, bucking and twisting in Reiko's arms. 
Reiko gathered her closer, and Yohko felt the Dark Queen's lush
body pressing tightly against hers, her full breasts unrestrained, bound
only by the thin material of her shirt.  Reiko parted her lush, red lips
gently, watching Yohko's frantic struggles with fire building in her
deep, violet eyes.
     "This is how it should be," she whispered.  "This is the only
way to conquer your foes, Yohko.  Not the way we did it before. 
Come, now.  Let us go to the bridal bed, so you can surrender your
virginity to me.  So you can surrender ... everything."  Yohko struggled
even more frantically as Reiko easily lifted her in her arms, walking
slowly to the bed.  To Yohko it looked like a thing alive, dark and
hungry, a spider that would entrap her in its web and paralyse her
while Reiko had her way ...
     "Reiko, stop!  T-this is crazy!  You can't ..."
     "I can.  I will.  Resist as long as you can, Yohko.  Once you
give in to me, you'll be a Devil Hunter no longer.  You'll be mine." 
Reiko stood above the bed, placing her mouth next to Yohko's ear so
she could whisper directly into it.
     "Does that thought ... excite you?"  That unleashed another
flurry of struggled, and Reiko smiled.  Still a lot of resistance left. 
Good.  She didn't want her wedding night to end too quickly, after all. 
She bore the girl down to the black silk of the bed, bracing herself
easily over Yohko's prone body.
     Yohko gasped at the feel of the cool silk on her exposed skin. 
The suffocating scent that rose to envelop her was familiar.  It was
sweet and corrupt and savage, blood and roses and exquisite
sensuality and decadence.  It was Reiko's scent, and it made her
     But only for a moment.  Yohko wasn't going to allow this to
happen.  No matter what, she would win.  She was a Devil Hunter,
and no demon had beaten her yet.
     "Ah, you look so lovely there."  Reiko hovered over Yohko,
pulling back slightly as the other girl tried to head-butt her.  
     "Oh, how naughty you are," she breathed.  "You'll have to be
punished, of course.  But first things first."  Yohko felt the soft lush
locks twining around her wrists even more tightly, then pulling them
apart and up.  Long strips of black silk unwound from the posts at the
head of the bed, snaking down to accept her offered wrists.  Reiko's
hair retreated along her arms, teasing the bare skin, and Yohko gritted
her teeth, determined not to give the bitch the pleasure of hearing her
     No matter how much she wanted to.
     Finally, Reiko's hair had returned to its former state, and the
dark beauty gave her captive a sultry smile.
     "That was enjoyable, was it not?  A very sensual technique,
but for what I have in mind I need to be free to move.  Don't worry,
though.  The spells I've placed on that silk will make it as strong and
resistant to your abilities as my hair was.  Now, what to do first?" 
Yohko's arms were held out and up above her head in a Y shape, and
she quickly found that Reiko had spoken the truth.  She couldn't
break free.  Her legs were unbound now, however, Reiko's whip
having long since fallen away.  Reiko used her body, though, to control
Yohko's legs as she gazed at the captive girl with a hungry look that
sent shudders through Yohko's body.
     I have to get loose!  I have to, Yohko thought desperately. 
Before ... before ...
     Before the unthinkable happened.
     Reiko's eyes caught Yohko's, and she had trouble tearing
herself away from that hypnotic gaze.  Reiko chuckled, then brought
her hand up to Yohko's face, tracing the girl's mouth with one long,
crimson nail.
     "Now I have my prize," she purred.  "And I want to see it. 
All of it."  She straddled Yohko's narrow waist, gripping it tightly
between her shapely thighs, and threw her head back, tossing her
mane over her shoulder.  The stiletto heels of her boots dug into
Yohko's legs as she writhed, desperate to break free.  With a glint in
her eye, Reiko reached down, drawing her sharp nail along Yohko's
dress between her full ripe breasts, slicing through the material.  As
Yohko squealed with outrage, Reiko slowly widened the cut, until she
could see a broad swath of pale skin.  She drew her nail lightly down
the exposed skin between Yohko's breasts, watching with sly
amusement as the girl bit her lip to keep from crying out.
     Soon, now, my sweet, she thought.  Soon, I'll drag the first
moans of pleasure from you.  Then you'll finally realize that there's no
turning back.  Still smiling, she carefully inserted her fingers into the
gap, firmly grasping the material, her knuckles brushing together as her
palms faced outward.
     Then slowly, oh so slowly, she pulled out and up, pulling the
material out, being careful not to touch the breasts as she did so.  She
drew the dress out to the sides, so that Yohko's firm ripe breasts were
completely exposed.  Finally, she pulled the stretchy material down
and let it go so that Yohko's breasts were framed by the material,
pushed slightly together and arrogantly outwards.
     She gasped with appreciation.  They were lovely.  The tear
she'd made in the dress cupped them, pushing them out and holding
them tightly.  The nipples were engorged and fully erect already, and
Yohko gasped with dismay, closing her eyes and shaking her head. 
Reiko leaned forward.
     "Oh, Yohko, they're so pretty!  I love them!  And those
nipples, are they for me?  You have been enjoying yourself, haven't
you?  Naughty girl!"
     "LIAR!" Yohko screamed.  "LET ME GO YOU BITCH!  LET
ME GO RIGHT NOW!"  Yohko panted with exertion, struggling
frantically against her silken bonds, and Reiko rode the girl easily,
watching the interesting things her struggles did to her exposed
breasts.  Finally, Yohko's spasm subsided, and Reiko sighed happily.
     "Oh, that was marvellous!  Now, Yohko, you don't really
want me to let you go, do you?"  Yohko felt her impotent rage
curdling within her.  No enemy had ever beaten her this way.  She
would have preferred a physical beating to this.  Such a beating she
could have endured, but this ...
     She was losing.  She could feel it.  And Reiko knew it too.
     "Yohko," she purred.  "I know your body burns to be
touched.  I sent you all those lovely dreams, you know.  Although I
didn't let you come after the first one, did I?  You must be very ...
tense by now.  Well, don't hold back on my account, sweet.  I'll
accept your utter submission any time you wish to give it."
     "Go to hell," Yohko whispered dully.  Reiko smiled.
     "Oh, I've been there, sweet.  Now I'll take you with me.  And it's
not unpleasant, sweet.  In fact, I think you'll like it."  Reiko leaned
forward, letting her lush mane spill forward over her shoulder, dragging
it lightly over Yohko's exposed breasts.  She sighed with pleasure as
Yohko choked back a whimper.  Then she whipped her head around,
lashing the captive breasts with her hair.  Yohko jerked under her, but
still didn't moan.  She whipped her head back, tossing her hair so that
it slid down her back.  Then she gave Yohko another sweet smile.
     "Have you ever let any of those boys you were so enamoured
of see them, Yohko, or am I the first?"  She knew she wasn't, but
Yohko blushed, the crimson stain spreading over the bridge of her pert
nose.  Reiko laughed delightedly.
     "You haven't, have you?  What an honour!  So, no one's ever
... touched them?  Like ... this?"  She lightly dragged her long crimson
nails along the underside of Yohko's breasts, listening as the girl's
breathing took on a laboured air.  She let her fingers trace slowly
around the gentle swell of the mounds, then brought them back to the
bottom edges.  Hesitating for a long, breathless moment, she finally
spread her fingers out and slowly ran her hands up until she was
cupping the lovely breasts fully.  She stopped just before the webbing
between her index and middle fingers touched the bottoms of the erect
nipples.  Yohko's body trembled helplessly, awaiting the touch on
those sweet vulnerable points that Reiko had thus far denied her. 
Reiko savoured the moment as she watched Yohko's throat work as
she struggled for breath, the air suddenly too heavy to breathe.
     Then, claiming her prize, Reiko closed her fingers around
those lovely pink treasures and squeezed, oh so firmly.  
     Yohko's body arced upwards, exploding from the bed, nearly
unseating Reiko with its savagery.  And the sweet, helpless cry that
Reiko had longed to hear was torn from Yohko's lips.
     "Yes," she whispered, working the captive mounds expertly. 
Even before she'd become the Dark Queen, she'd enjoyed this. 
Seducing a virgin was one of life's great pleasures.  Yohko writhed
helplessly, her body twisting to the sweet rhythm Reiko was stroking
on those lush breasts.  She tossed her head back and forth, biting her
lips to keep from crying out again, and Reiko laughed.
     "You are mine, sweet.  Your traitorous body already obeys its
true  mistress.  Soon I will storm the fortress of your will, and once
that has fallen to me, you will speak your vows and become mine."

     "Nuh-never," Yohko gasped.  Reiko twined her fingers
around those nipples, tweaking them sweetly, and lowered her face to
let her hot breath fan over the swollen nubs.
     "Oh, yes.  It's happening already, isn't it?  Your body cries
out for pleasure, for release.  It longs to be taken, to be conquered, to
be stroked and pleasured and ravished without mercy ..."
     "I'll fight you!" Yohko hissed, glaring at her venomously. 
Reiko nodded.
     "You ARE fighting me, sweet.  It wouldn't be any fun if you
weren't.  But I've barely begun to show you my tricks.  Now, I want
to ... taste them."  As Yohko's lovely doe-brown eyes widened with
shocked understanding, Reiko swept her arms under the captive girl's
body, encircling her waist and pulling her chest into the air.  Her back
formed a slim arch as Reiko pulled the girl close.  She watched with
satisfaction as Yohko's head fell back, lashing from side to side, her
hair streaming down to pool on the inky black sheets.  Reiko lowered
her face to Yohko's chest, letting her breath brush teasingly over the
quivering nipples as she drew out the inevitable contact.  She raked
her long nails gently across Yohko's taut back as she held her in place,
bending forward to let her bangs slither across the sensitized skin of
her prey's breasts.  She was rewarded with a strangled gasp, and
smiled.  She kept Yohko's body tight to her so her arms were
stretched out by her silken bonds.  She had no leverage to use and
had to be content anticipating Reiko's next move.
     It was not long in coming.  Peering into Yohko's eyes from
under her tousled forelock, Reiko slowly parted her lush lips and
moved her head forward.  Yohko stiffened, crying out in despair as a
fierce wet heat enveloped her nipple.  Reiko took Yohko into her
mouth, then teased her mercilessly, swirling her tongue in slow, lazy
circles, tracing inward to stab suddenly at the centre of Yohko's
pleasure, then lightly brushing the captive nub with her teeth before
sucking, pulling outward, then taking much of the breast into her heat
once again.  Yohko writhed and squealed, unable to stop herself. 
She'd never experienced anything like this before.  She knew she must
fight, but her body was suffering from a whole week of denial, and
Reiko's expert ministrations were breaking down her already shaky
     She was losing.
     Reiko let the nipple pop gently from her lips, then began
raining tiny, white hot kisses down the side of Yohko's breast, nestling
briefly in the cleft between them before slowly, so slowly, working her
way up the other side.
     And drawing the other nipple into the savage hot wet sweetness of
her mouth.
     Yohko moaned, letting her head fall back loosely.  Reiko's
arms were strong, supporting all of her weight, and her legs were still
mostly pinned.  She needed to do something, anything, to distract the
Dark Queen before ... before she went too far.
     "R-Reiko ..."  Reiko pulled back from her feast, locking her
hungry eyes on to Yohko's.
     "Yes, my sweet?"
     "Don't do this.  I ... I can help you ..."  Reiko's arms
tightened, her nails digging into Yohko's back, then tearing at the
already tattered material of her dress.
     "Oh, Yohko.  Is that the best you can do?  Don't you realize,
you're already beaten?  You're mine now.  All that remains to be seen
is ... how long you can hold out before you submit."  Yohko began
thrashing again, but even she knew her struggles were less energetic
than before.
     "I won't give up.  I ... CAN'T!"  Reiko gave her a slow, sexy
     "I know.  That's why I'm going to help you submit."  She
dropped Yohko lightly back down to the bed, then slid her hands
enticingly over the naked breasts, lacing her long fingers into the tear
just under them.  Then, with one savage motion, she pulled, tearing the
dress all the way down to Yohko's hips.  Some quick work with her
sharp nails and Yohko's panties were exposed.  Yohko paled.
     "What ... what are you going to do?"  Reiko touched her
finger lightly to Yohko's lips.
     "Oh, I think you know," she teased.  Yohko went wild,
bucking and twisting, a thin wail tearing from her throat.  But Reiko's
magicked bonds held her tightly, containing her powers, and at last she
subsided again, more quickly this time, her energy spent.  Reiko just
stared down at her, victory in her cool arrogant gaze, and Yohko
could only gasp for breath.
     Then Reiko bent down and began kissing Yohko's tender
throat, and Yohko whimpered.  Reiko made a throaty animal sound,
and began kissing her way down Yohko's body, always maintaining
maximum contact with the girl's heated flesh.  Yohko's whimpers
began to grow wilder, more frantic as her tormentor reached the taut,
trembling belly, her white hot kisses leaving a trail of fire in their wake.
     Finally, her mouth reached the top of Yohko's pure white
panties.  She paused and breathed deeply of the delicious musky
scent, then ran the tip of her tongue around the waist band of this final
barrier, causing a tiny tremor of resistance to shudder through
Yohko's body.  Carefully, she positioned herself between the girl's
legs, forcing them apart easily and looping her arms under the thighs,
letting her hands gently stroke the poor girl's quivering belly.  She
moved her head forward, kissing her way up the inner thighs and
letting her silken mane brush tantalizingly against the sensitized skin
there.  She let her open mouth hover over the damp panties for a last
long moment, letting Yohko realize what was coming.  
     Then, at last, she pressed her mouth against Yohko's heat and
thrust her tongue firmly against the soaked material of the panties.
     Yohko screamed.  Her body arched back, the tendons in her
neck standing out as she cried out in helpless passion at the foreign
heat that sought out her most secret, vulnerable spot and invaded it. 
Reiko pulled back a little and tore the useless panties away easily,
letting her eyes roam freely over Yohko's womanhood.
     "Oh, Yohko.  It's so lovely, and it's all mine," she breathed.  Yohko
     "Reiko, no ... please ..."  Reiko sighed, tightening her grip
     "You're begging, which is good.  But you're still capable of
rational speech, which means I've a ways to go yet.  Now, cry out for
me, sweet.  Let me know you like it."  Reiko kissed Yohko's nether
lips fully, slipping her tongue deep inside.  Yohko gasped and cried out
     "Ahhhh!  Ohh, nooo!  Rei ... ko, no, don't don't please oh my
ahhhHHHHHHHHHH!!!"  Yohko's body rocked back and forth to
the seductive rhythm of Reiko's tongue as it darted in and out, in and
out, having its way with the girl.  Reiko sensed the supple looseness of
Yohko's body, and knew she was coming close to the moment she
desired, the moment when Yohko would give herself over for the first
time.  So she slowed the rhythm, bringing her lips up to clamp softly on
the girl's sweet nub.  Yohko screamed again, twisting and panting as
sweat slicked her flushed skin.
     Reiko wanted her prey at the edge, but she'd been denying
her release all week and she would continue to do so until the time
was right.  With agonizing slowness, she began kissing her way back
up Yohko's trembling body, over belly and swell of breasts and finally
up to the tender hollows of her throat, listening to the girl's ragged
breathing and helpless moans.  No more threats, no more struggles. 
The end was nearly at hand.  Reiko sat back, straddling the girl again,
and waited until Yohko's eyes found her once more.  Then, with a
seductive smile, she pulled her shirt open, baring her own magnificent
     "These are for you, my lovely bride," she whispered.  Do you
like them?"  Yohko closed her eyes and turned her head away,
causing Reiko to laugh.
     "Now, don't be like that, sweet.  Here, taste them."  She
leaned down, lacing her fingers in Yohko's unbound hair, and pulled
the girl's face slowly around.  Then she placed one firm breast at
Yohko's mouth, which the girl promptly closed.  Reiko was delighted.
     "Still able to resist!  Ah, Yohko, you are everything I dreamed
you'd be and more!"  Slowly, she traced Yohko's mouth with her
own nipple, feeling the stiff nub lightly score Yohko's lips until, finally,
she was able to press in.  She moved around slowly for a few
moments in the lush heat, then pulled out again.
     "I can see I'm going to have to teach you some techniques for
pleasuring women," she sighed at last.  Yohko didn't respond.  Reiko
leaned forward again, pulling Yohko's face close to her by the hair,
and smiled.
     "Now, Yohko, repeat after me.  "I, Yohko Mano, offer my
submission ..."  Yohko's eyes flared briefly.
     "Fuck you," she whispered.  Her body was on fire, her
womanhood still burning from the violation of Reiko's wicked mouth,
but even if her body's desires betrayed her, she would never give in.
     Reiko sighed.  She had anticipated this.  She had a way to
ensure that her wedding came off without a hitch, though.  She had
prepared quite thoroughly.  She would have preferred if she could
have compelled the girl to speak the vows through her sexual arts
alone, but she should have known that the little Devil Hunter would
require ... extreme measures.
     She lay atop Yohko, her unrestrained breasts creating a
delightful friction with Yohko's own, and smiled down at the girl. 
Ravished, aroused, ensnared and trembling at the brink of sweet
release, Yohko still resisted her.
     How marvellous.
     "Yohko," she whispered to the girl who lay under her.  She
pulled Yohko's head back, raining fiery kisses on her throat, hearing
the girl whimper with pleasure at her mistress's attentions.  Reiko
kissed her way up to Yohko's beautiful face, but did not claim her
tender mouth.  Not yet.
     "Yohko," she crooned.  "Here's a bit of devil trivia you may
not have known."  Yohko's eyes opened and seemed to have
difficulty focussing, then finally locked on hers.
     "Wh-what?" she asked, barely able to speak.  Reiko licked
her lush red lips slowly.
     "Yohko.  Demon blood has certain powers, Yohko.  In fact, a very
powerful book, the Tome of Craxus, is written in demon blood.  The
power differs depending on the demon, of course."  She arched her
body gently against the captive girl, smiling as Yohko whimpered
sweetly at the sensations that generated in her.
     "Yohkoooo.  My blood, Yohko, will work on you in a very
special way.  My blood is like a drug."  She smiled as the realization
dawned in Yohko's lust fogged eyes.
     "Yessss," she crooned.  "You will submit, Yohko.  You will
speak your vows, and we will consummate our dark wedding.  Now." 
As Yohko watched helplessly, Reiko's fangs extended within the lush
softness of her mouth.  Gently, she bit down on her own lower lip,
breaking the skin and causing dark red blood to well up there.
     Then, with a wicked smile, she twined her fingers in Yohko's
silken mane and drew the helpless girl's face up, pressing her
bloodstained mouth down in a sweet, tainted kiss of corruption.
     Yohko tried to cry out, but her cries were muffled by Reiko's
mouth when it seized her own.  Reiko's lips closed over hers, working
at her mouth expertly, taunting and teasing Yohko's tender lips until,
finally, they parted, unable to resist the conqueror's kiss any longer. 
Yohko moaned desperately as Reiko caught her with the drugging
kiss, her hot tongue forcing the sweet/foul/intoxicating blood into
Yohko's mouth as she plundered it, Reiko's satisfied moans answering
back.  Yohko felt her head being drawn back into an even more
submissive posture, and she could no longer resist at all.  Reiko drew
the kiss out, letting her mouth linger as she teased and nipped and
advanced and withdrew, never completely pulling away.  Finally, their
first kiss ended, and Reiko let her mouth trail along Yohko's cheek to
her ear, where she whispered intimately directly into Yohko's beguiled
     "I've wanted to kiss you like that since the first time I saw
you," she breathed.  "My kisses are the drug that you will come to
need, sweet Yohko.  I knew it would take a kiss to make you mine. 
Now, Yohko.  It's time to surrender, sweet girl.  You've fought well,
but the fight is over for tonight.  Repeat after me.  "I, Yohko Mano ..." 
Yohko whimpered something deep in her throat, and Reiko brought
one hand up to her breast, entwining the vulnerable nipple with her
long fingers.  Then she gently nibbled Yohko's ear.
     "I have all night, sweet," she breathed.  "I, Yohko Mano, offer
my submission ..."  The sweet, dark corruption coursed through her,
undoing her will, leaving it ravished and strengthless as it gently stroked
her darkest desires to full awareness.  Dimly, Yohko became aware
that she was speaking.
     "I ... Yohko Mano ..."
     "Offer my submission ..."
     "Offer my submission ..."  Reiko smiled softly and stroked the
girl's inflamed body, letting her edge closer to release.  Yohko
whimpered again, almost beyond rational thought now.
     "As the helpless, beguiled bride of the Dark Queen ..."
     "As the h-helpless, beguiled ... bride of the Dark Queen ..."
     "To be possessed and corrupted, seduced and ravished,
ensnared and bewitched ..."  Slowly, haltingly, the girl repeated the
vows Reiko breathed hotly into her ear.
     "To be bound body, soul, and will to my mistress ... to serve
her as she sees fit, in the shadows ... until death do us part."  Reiko
breathed a sigh of excitement.  She pulled back, hovering over
Yohko's limp, sweat-slicked body, and gazed down at her with a look
that was almost tender.  She waved her hand in the air, and something
appeared in it.
     Yohko barely possessed enough control to realize what was
happening.  She panted helplessly, gazing up at the thing in Reiko's
slim hand.  It was a narrow, supple black collar, with an inverted cross
on the front, under the tether ring.
     "Oh, no ..." she whispered, unable to resist any further.  Her
resistance had melted in the forge of Reiko's heat, and now she could
only wait submissively for the ordained ending.  Reiko smiled, her
lush red lips parting slightly to show her tiny, ivory fangs, as she bent
     "With this ring," she whispered, "I thee wed."  She fastened
the cool collar around the graceful column of Yohko's throat, and as
she fastened it in place, a new tide of helpless pleasure rose up in the
girl, feeding on her absolute dark submission.  She didn't resist it; she
knew it would be impossible.  She simply trembled, her moans
mounting as the moment drew near.
     Then Reiko pulled her close again, and whispered into her
moist, open mouth, "With this kiss I accept your submission."  She
pressed her soft, full lips against Yohko's mouth again, the silken
pressure forcing Yohko's trembling lips apart as the dark tide of
pleasure finally crested.
     And broke.
     Yohko's scream was muffled by Reiko's hungry mouth, her
body twitching in her mistress's tight embrace as wave after wave of
unforgiving dark pleasure rolled through her, erasing her defences,
smashing all remnants of her will, causing every inch of her body to
ignite with unholy fire.
     This was Reiko's power over her.  She was finally
experiencing it, and she knew she'd been foolish to think she could
ever resist.  The dark waves took her and did as they would, and she
had no power to stop them.  She was a mere girl before the
knowledge of a woman like Reiko, a girl whose meagre power and
fragile sword were no match for this dark compulsion that Reiko had
kissed onto and into her, making her a prisoner of lusts and desires
that she'd never suspected she possessed.
     After an eternity, the crashing tide of pleasure finally receded,
leaving her broken and spent, a trembling wreck, sprawled gasping on
silken sheets, her flesh still burning, her core molten and beyond
anything she'd ever experienced in her young life.
     The first thing she realized as she slowly came back to herself
was that Reiko was still kissing her.  The second thing was that the
sensation was incredibly erotic, slow and hot and sensual, unlike any
she'd had before this night.
     The third thing was that she was instinctively kissing back.
     Reiko finally broke the kiss and pulled away, staring down into
her face with an expression of mixed possessiveness and hunger.  Her
commanding violet eyes burned into Yohko, her tangled dark mane
contrasting with her pale skin, her nostrils flaring delicately.
     "I accept your submission," she whispered huskily.  Yohko's
lips parted, and she didn't know what she was going to say until she
said it.
     "Again," she pleaded.
     And outside, the blood-red moon rode high in the sky.


     Kamiri hissed a curse under her breath.  The translated text
was laid out in front of her, the translator himself long since banished. 
Kamiri had thought to discover how to find the Tome of Craxus.
     Well, she had.  Theses pages contained the details that would
let her find the hidden shrine that contained the book.  There was only
one problem.
     The Tome of Craxus had been sealed long ago, captured
during a pitched battle with a demon lord.  This Kamiri had known.
     What she had not realized was that the hero who'd defeated
the demon and sealed the book had been a Devil Hunter.  And
according to this, the only person who could get inside the final wards
to retrieve the cursed thing was ANOTHER Devil Hunter.
     She thought back to the past week, when she'd been
shadowing Yohko and that strange one, Reiko.  She recalled Reiko's
subtle flirtations, carelessly ignored by the innocent Devil Hunter.  It all
made sense now.  Reiko was her adversary, and she must have
known that only a Devil Hunter would be able to get the book out of
the shrine.  So she'd been going about snaring one.
     Damn!  If Kamiri had known earlier, she could have seduced
the sweet little fool right out from under Reiko's nose!  But now ...
     Now.  Well, maybe it wasn't too late.  If Reiko hadn't made
her move yet, Kamiri might still have time to catch the girl.  If she did,
she was confident her sexcraft was more than adequate to the task of
placing the girl under her spell.
     IF Reiko hadn't claimed her already.
     Snatching her clothes from the bed, she set about dressing and
then set out for Yohko's house.  Once outside, she was captivated by
the sight of the swollen, red moon casting eerie crimson shadows over
the subdued city.  Scientists would probably claim it was the result of
an odd meteorological phenomenon, but Kamiri knew better.
     It was an omen, a bad one.  Something had already happened,
and she knew in her heart that she was too late.
     The Devil Hunter had fallen.


     Liliss slipped into her mistress's chambers, moving like a
shadow over the thick plush carpet to the bed.  In the dim light she
could see Reiko, sitting propped up against the headboard, still
dressed.  Her white shirt was open to the waist, showing off her
magnificent body.  One hand cradled a silver goblet from which she
sipped contemplatively.  The other stroked the bound form that was
slumped over her legs.
     Liliss stared with undisguised envy.  Yohko's head was
nestled in Reiko's lap, her unbound hair flowing in waves to the sheets. 
She was mostly naked, only scraps of her red dress still clinging to her
body.  Her wrists were bound securely at the small of her back with a
strip of magicked silk, and her legs were tangled carelessly in the
sheets.  Liliss let her gaze slide hungrily along the smooth curve of the
girl's naked back and buttocks, admiring her beauty, as well as the
raised red welts left there by Reiko's long nails.  As she came
closer, she could see that Yohko's eyes were closed and she was
breathing evenly.  Reiko smiled at Liliss as she approached.
     "Things went well, I take it?" Liliss whispered.  Reiko nodded.
     "No need to whisper, sweet.  Yohko won't be waking up for
a while, not after the night she's had.  Ah, Liliss, my wedding night was
everything I'd imagined it would be."  She ran her fingers casually
through Yohko's hair, smiling fondly at the helpless girl.
     "She's magnificent, Mistress.  Truly."  Reiko nodded.
     "Mmm.  Liliss, I summoned you for a reason.  First, didn't you
say that there was someone else at the house when you went to fetch
her?"  Liliss nodded.
     "Yes, a younger girl.  I didn't have much time to investigate,
but she appeared to live there."  Reiko pursed her lips thoughtfully.
     "If Yohko were awake, I could ask her about the girl, but I
fear my enthusiasm sapped the poor dear's strength."  Liliss looked
down at the sated young beauty and had to agree.  Yohko wouldn't
be answering any questions before morning.
     "Should I go and retrieve her, Mistress?"  Reiko considered it.
     "No," she said finally.  "She is an unknown element, and I
dislike those.  My plan has come off perfectly so far, and I don't
intend to make any mistakes this time.  Return to your young
red-head, Chigako.  She ought to succumb even more quickly to your
charms the second time.  Find out what she knows about the girl, then
return here and report to me in the morning."  Liliss nodded, and
Reiko took another slow sip of bloodwine.
     "Oh, and Liliss," she added thoughtfully.
     "Yes, Mistress?"
     "When you bring breakfast, don't forget the presents I picked
out for my lovely young bride."  Liliss gave her mistress a sultry smile.
     "Will you really need those restraints, Mistress?"  She does
not look capable of putting up much resistance to me."  Reiko sighed
wistfully, caressing the exhausted girl's cheek with one red nail.
     "Only for a while, Liliss.  We made a wonderful beginning here
tonight, but despite what I've told Yohko, it will take additional
sessions before I can be assured that she is completely under my
control."  Reiko stretched languorously, like a cat, and purred deep in
her throat.
     "MANY additional sessions," she added, with a smile that
made Liliss shudder with delight and wish she were bound in Yohko's


     There was no sign of Yohko Mano.  Kamiri had arrived at the
house and scouted it out, finding only a young girl, unfamiliar from her
previous surveillances, walking around in the living room.  Given the
late hour and the degree of her agitation, it was safe to say that her
initial fears were well founded.
     Yohko was not here.  And wherever she was, she was almost
certainly under the spell of the girl Reiko.  What Kamiri needed now
was information about her enemy to determine just what she was up
against.  After all, if she was to have any hope of getting the book, she
would need a Devil Hunter of her own, and right now the only Devil
Hunter she knew about was missing.
     She peered in the window at the girl again.  Perhaps she knew
something that would prove helpful.  She was an attractive little thing,
shoulder length black hair tied up in a head-band/ribbon, wearing a
blouse and long skirt.  Kamiri decided then.
     She would wait until morning, then find a way to ingratiate
herself with the girl, gain her trust.
     And if that didn't work, she'd just have to seduce her.
     And she'd have to hurry.  There were only three days until the
pathway opened.


end part three.

Next: Yohko wakes up to find herself Reiko's slave!  Kamiri saves
Chi and Azusa from Liliss, Ayako and Azusa 2 show up, and a shaky
alliance begins to form.  But what will the appearance of a second
Devil Hunter do to Reiko's plans?  And can Kamiri be trusted?  All
this and more fan service too! 

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