mfranz@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Michael Franz)

Hi!  This is just a little story I wrote for fun.  I'm into crossovers, 
so I thought I'd do one with Japanese animation.  For those of you on the 
X-Files newsgroup who aren't familiar with Devil Hunter Yohko, let me 
give you a brief description.  Yohko is a 16-year-old Japanese high 
school student who is the 108th generation in a long line of Devil 
Hunters.  Their job is to kill any demons that threaten the Earth.  In 
the first episode, Yohko learns about her Devil Hunter heritage and 
defeats an invasion of demons by killing their leader, the Black Queen.  
In the second episode, Yohko gets an apprentice named Azusa and must 
fight demons who haunt an ancient forest.  In the third episode, Yohko is 
taken to a strange dimension where she must free imprisoned lovers 
trapped inside powerful demons.  The fourth episode is a collection of 
music videos.  In the fifth episode, Yohko must face the Devil Hunters' 
greatest nemesis and even death itself!  In the sixth episode, Yohko 
finds out that her grandmother has a twin sister -- and that her 
granddaughter wants to be the Devil Hunter by any means necessary!  In 
short, Yohko fights a lot of demons.  And this story is no exception.

Note: This story has been modified slightly from its original version to 
make it fit in better with the story arc I have planned.  I *will* write 
more stories in this series (when I can find the time, that is.)  My 
plans include Mulder and Scully meeting Phantom Quest Corp., Ranma, and 
Oh My Goddess, and that's not all!  Also, please note that this story 
takes place between episodes five and six of Devil Hunter Yohko, and 
between the episodes "The Calusari" and "Anasazi" of the X-Files.  This 
story also makes strong references to "The Calusari" and "Die Hand Die 
Verletzt", so you should see these episodes first to fully understand 
this story.  I changed the timeframe of the story to better fit in with 
Yohko part 5, in which Yohko learns about her ancestor, the first Devil 
Hunter.  In this story, the tale of the first Devil Hunter is also told, 
but in Yohko part 5, the characters act like they've never heard it 
before, so the timing had to be changed to close the plot hole.


April 1995      Beginning of Yohko's first year in high school.
in-between      Devil Hunter Yohko Parts 1-3 take place in this time.
October 1995    Yohko's second semester begins.  Devil Hunter Yohko
                Part 5 takes place.
December 1995   This story takes place.
April 1996      Yohko's second year in high school begins.  Devil Hunter
                Yohko Part 6 takes place.
Well, enjoy the story!  And remember:  "Beware of Germans bearing Gift."

Devil Hunter Yohko meets the X-Files ("Demon City D.C.")
(C) 1995 Michael Franz
The X-Files are (C) 1995 Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Devil Hunter Yohko is (C) 1990 Japan Computer Systems and Toho, Inc.

San Dimas, California
2:40 AM

(Shot of an ordinary suburban house at night.  Camera moves back to show 
an unmarked black van parked across the street.  Inside, several black 
clad figures are looking at monitors showing infrared pictures of the 
neighborhood and listening to several headsets.  One takes off his 
headset and gives a hand signal to the others, who quickly leave the van 
and head towards the house.  Inside the house, a teenaged blond girl is 
sleeping in her bed.  A light flashes near her window, indicating an 
alarm is attached to it.  Suddenly, there is a slight rustling noise 
outside.  There are a few clicks, and the flashing light goes out.  The 
window opens slowly, and two black-clad figures climb inside.  One of 
them walks over to the bed carrying a rag, which he puts over the girl's 
mouth and nose.  She wakes up and tries to struggle, but the drug quickly 
overwhelms her.)

Mano Family Residence
Yokohama, Japan
7:30 AM

(A typical morning at the Mano house.  Yohko's grandmother Madoka is 
cooking breakfast, while Yohko, Azusa, and Yohko's mother Sayoko sit at 
the table.)

Sayoko: Hey Mom, is the food ready *yet*?

Madoka: It's almost ready, dear.  Just be patient.

Sayoko: Patient?!  In the time it takes you to make a simple pot of miso 
soup, a glacier could move a mile!

Madoka: So I'm a glacier, am I?!  Well, that's better than being a 
volcano of lust like yourself!

Sayoko: Hmph!  Only because no man ever looks at *you* that way.

Madoka: Hey!  When I was Yohko's age, my dance cart was always full.  And 
*I* never had to promise to sleep with them, either!

Sayoko: Yeah, like anyone would have.

Yohko: Mom!  Grandma!  I thought we agreed, no fighting until after 

Madoka: Yeah, you could at least let me finish cooking before you start.

Sayoko: Before *I* start?!  *You're* always starting it!

Yohko: A-HEM!!

Sayoko: (sighs) Oh, all right.

(Madoka finishes cooking and brings out the breakfast, which consists of 
miso soup and rice.  The group digs in.)

Azusa: This is very good soup, Auntie Madoka.

Madoka: Thank you, Azusa dear.

Sayoko: Good?!  It might be good if you actually put something besides 
water in it.

Madoka: Are you saying my soup's too thin?

Sayoko: I'm saying that if your soup was an alibi, it'd be thinner than 
Asahara's. [Reference to Shoko Asahara, leader of the Aum Shinri Kyo cult 
who released poison gas into Tokyo's subway system in 1995.]

Madoka: Hey!  I don't have to take that kind of talk from you!

Sayoko: Oh yeah?  What are you going to do about it?

Yohko: Hey!  What happened to "no fighting during breakfast"?

Sayoko: (throwing her bowl aside) I'm done!  Are you?

Madoka: (also throwing away her bowl) Damn right!  Let's go!

(Madoka and Sayoko immediately grab bamboo swords and begin whacking at 
each other.)

Madoka: Now, I shall make you eat your words, ungrateful daughter!

Sayoko: At least I'll get something worth eating from you, you old bag!

Azusa: Is it like this *every* morning?  

Yohko: (sighs) I'm afraid so.  These two *never* learn.

(Madoka and Sayoko continue to whack away at each other.  Suddenly, their 
swords break.  Madoka grabs a frying pan while Sayoko grabs a hammer.  
Both of them swing and hit each other in the head, knocking both of them 

Azusa: Grown-ups can be so immature sometimes, can't they?

Yohko: You said it, Azusa-chan.  You said it!

Yokohama, Japan
3:32 PM

(Another day of school is out.  Yohko and her friend Chi are hanging out 
at McDonald's, eating French fries and drinking Cokes.)

Yohko: Man!  That English test today was sure hard!

Chi: You said it, Yohko!  How can people possibly speak a language with 
so many illogical ways to spell things?

Yohko: Yeah, I know.  Did you miss "knife", too?

Chi: No, that one I got right.  I just remembered it was spelled like 
"Knight Sabers".

Yohko: Chi, you never told me you liked Bubblegum Crisis too!

Chi: Oh yeah!  I love thinking about how great it would be to live in  

Yohko: Great?!  Chi, you can't even walk down the street there without a 
combat Boomer trying to kill you!

Chi: So?  Don't demons always try to kill you?

Yohko: But that's different, Chi.  I can fight them.  I don't think my 
sword would do much good against a two-ton hunk of steel!

Chi: But what if you were a Knight Saber, Yohko?  Wouldn't you just love 
all the excitement?

Yohko: Being a Devil Hunter is more than enough excitement for me, Chi.  
Besides, I'd never get along with Priss.  She's so emotional.

(The girls laugh.  Suddenly, a blond-haired European boy walks up to them.)

Chi: Oh my God, Yohko, it's that cute exchange student!  I can't believe 
it, he's coming over to see *us*!

Wolfgang: Excuse me, but are you Yohko Mano?

Yohko: Yeah, that's me.  You're the new exchange student, aren't you?

Wolfgang: Ja.  My name is Wolfgang Boeck, and I'm from Braunschweig, 

Chi: (jumping in front of him) Hello!  I'm Chigako Ogawa, and it's so 
great to meet you!

Wolfgang: It is nice to meet you, too.  (He turns his attention back to 
Yohko, completely ignoring Chi.)  Um, I have heard that you are a  
Teufeljaeger.  Is this true?

Yohko: Huh?  What's a Teufeljaeger?

Wolfgang: I am not sure about the word in Japanese.  I believe it means, 
um, "Devil Hunter"?

Yohko: Yeah, that's right!  How did you know about that?

Wolfgang: My family has long been interested in the arcane and paranormal.
We have heard many legends about the clan of Devil Hunters.  In fact, 
my grandfather even met your grandmother once when they were younger.  It 
is said that together, they fought a great battle against an evil 

Yohko: Wow, that sounds pretty cool!

Wolfgang: I have come to Japan to research the magical art of Devil 
Hunting.   It would be an honor for me to study under one so great as you.

Yohko: Um, well, I suppose you'd have to ask my grandmother about that...

Wolfgang: I have already done so.  However, she has retired, so I thought 
it only proper to ask the current practicioner's permission as well.

Yohko: Well, I suppose it's alright with me.

Wolfgang: Excellent!  I shall meet you this afternoon around 4:30. (He 
bows.)   Auf Wiedersehen, Devil Hunter Yohko.  (He leaves.)

Chi: (obviously angry at being ignored) Yohko Mano!  How could you do 
this to your best friend?!

Yohko: Do what, Chi?

Chi: The most eligible bachelor to come around here for weeks, and you 
steal him from right under my nose!

Yohko: Chi, I didn't steal him.  He's just here to study Devil Hunting.

Chi: Oh really?  From the way he was looking at you, I'm sure he wants to 
study more than that!

Yohko: Oh for crying out loud!  Look, Chi, I'm not interested in this guy,
OK? If you want to date him, I won't stand in your way.

Chi: (looking hopeful) Do you really mean it?

Yohko: Of course I do.

Chi: (hugs Yohko) Oh, thanks a lot, Yohko!  You're a true friend!  Well, 
I've got to get back and do my homework, so I'll see you later, OK?

Yohko: Ok, Chi.  Bye!  (Chi leaves.)

Mano Family Residence
Yokohama, Japan
4:30 PM

(Inside the Mano family house.  Yohko, Azusa, and Madoka are together in 
the living room.)

Madoka: Yohko, Azusa, there's something we need to discuss.

Yohko: What is it, Grandma?

Madoka: Well, I've been performing some divination rituals, and -- (The 
doorbell rings.)  Just a moment, let me get this.  (She opens the front 
door, and Wolfgang is standing there wearing what appears to be a heavy 
backpack.)  Ah!  Wolfgang, my boy!  I was wondering when you'd drop by!

Wolfgang: (bows) Konnichi wa, Madoka-san.  I have been looking forward to 
meeting you and your honored family.

Madoka: You look just like your grandfather did when he was your age.  
(turning to Yohko and Azusa) Let me introduce Wolfgang Boeck from Germany.
His family and ours have had a long and profitable association.

Yohko: We've already met, thanks.

Azusa: Pleased to meet you!  I am Devil Hunter-in-training Azusa 

Wolfgang: So there are more Devil Hunters now!  Most interesting.

Madoka: Perhaps you'd like to come down and see the Devil Hunting chamber.

Wolfgang: Most definitely.

(Madoka types the password on her computer, which causes the secret 
elevator to activate and take the group down to the Devil Hunting room.)

Wolfgang: (looking around with extreme interest) Wow!  This is quite the 
setup!  (He sets down his backpack and takes out a device that looks like 
a Geiger counter.  As he moves it past a shelf, it emits a lot of clicks. 
He then takes out a large Polaroid camera connected to a Tesla coil and 
points the coil at the shelf.  It flashes for a second as he clicks the 
shutter.  The picture comes out and Wolfgang examines it closely.)  Hmmm..
these appear to be medallions of warding, and in perfect condition, if 
I'm not mistaken.

Azusa: What's that you've got there?

Wolfgang: Oh this?  It's a Kirlian camera, designed to take photographs 
of auras.  It uses a special UV-sensitive film and the ionization effect 
of a Tesla coil to make them visible.  Oh, that reminds me.  Would you 
and Yohko stand together over there, please?  Yohko, hold this Tesla coil 
for a second.

Yohko: What are you doing?

Wolfgang: I want to get a picture of the aura of a Devil Hunter so I can 
figure out how your powers work.  (He points the camera.)  Say cheese! 
(He presses the shutter.)

Yohko: Yow!  (She casts a suspicious look at the coil.)  Just what does 
this thing do, anyway?

Wolfgang: A Tesla coil creates ionization by generating a pulse of 
200,000 volts.

Yohko: Geez, you could have told me that before!

Wolfgang: (looking at the picture)  Wow, those hair ornaments of yours 
sure are active, Yohko.  (He pulls out his Geiger counter again and waves 
it past Yohko's head.)  Yeah, I'm reading about 50 gellers.  That's 
pretty hot.

Yohko: What exactly is a "geller"?

Wolfgang: It's a unit of psychokinetic energy defined as the amount of 
psi flux created by Uri Geller as he bends a standard stainless steel 
kitchen spoon.  I invented it myself.  You see, my goal in life is to 
bring magic into the realm of science.  I've already made quite a bit of 
progress, but it's pretty hard to find good test subjects.

Yohko: Maybe you should change your name to Dr. Venkman.

Wolfgang: I think I'm more like Ray, myself.  But seriously, one day I 
hope to make a real science out of the paranormal.  If I succeed, then I 
might even be able to improve on Devil Hunting.

Yohko: No objections there, as long as you don't replace us with robots.

Madoka: All right.  Now that you're all down here, there's something we 
need to discuss.  I've been performing some divination rituals, and 
lately I've been detecting a dangerous buildup of demonic energy in the 

Yohko: Buildup of demonic energy?  What do you mean?

Madoka: I'm not really sure.  It could be just a transient phenomenon, 
but it could also be an attempt by the demons to create another invasion 
of our plane.  Wolfgang, have you noticed anything unusual in your 

Wolfgang: Not really, but I'd have to be near the source to detect 

Azusa: Auntie Madoka, could the demons really be trying to invade again?

Yohko: Wait a minute, Grandma.  *Another* demon invasion?!  I mean, we've 
already beaten the Black Queen and Tokima!  How many of these things are 
we going to have to go through, anyway?!

Madoka: Well, they're not the only demons around, you know.  Yohko, I'm 
afraid in my haste in making you a Devil Hunter, I've forgotten to teach
you some of the basics of demonology.  (Madoka takes a book off the 
shelf and opens it.  Inside are pictures of various fiends and monsters.)
You see, Yohko, contrary to popular belief, there isn't just one supreme  
"Devil" who rules all of Hell.  Instead, Hell is ruled by many competing
demonic factions who war constantly with each other for dominion.  The
factions are all pretty equally matched, though, so the wars continue
forever and ever.  Some people even say that the devils fight not to win,
but just to experience the joy of destruction.  However, that's only
because they are prevented from fighting against the forces of Heaven.
If they can find a way to invade Earth and control the human race, though,
they will then be in a position to provoke an all-out war between Heaven 
and Hell; a war in which the human race will certainly not survive.  So 
even if you stop one invasion, there will always be plenty of other Demon
Lords who will want to try their luck.  It's not an easy job, I'll admit;
but it's ours.

Yohko: Wow.  That's heavy, Grandma.  (pauses)  So just where is this
buildup of demonic energy, anyway?

Madoka: I'm sure it's somewhere in eastern North America.  I'll need one 
more divination to pinpoint the exact location.  (Madoka gets a world map 
and several candles down from the shelf.  She lights the candles, takes 
out a bag  of runes, places a few on the map, then raises her hands.)  
Ona ma re no soka!  Kora no hi ra moda!  (The runes begin to glow, and 
lines of light shine out and connect them.  As Wolfgang snaps several 
pictures, Madoka moves the runes  around until the lines become brighter. 
She continues to move them around for a while, then stops, frustrated.)  
Damn!  I can't get a fix on it!  It's like there's some kind of 

Wolfgang: (looking at his pictures)  I think I might have an idea what's 
wrong.  (He shows Madoka a picture.)  See?  It looks like this rune here 
is defective.

Madoka: No wonder my divinations have been so fuzzy lately.  Here, I'll 
get one of my spares.  (Madoka gets another rune and tries the spell 
again.  Suddenly, she gasps and stares into space.)  Oh!

Yohko: Grandma, are you all right?

Madoka: (lets out a breath she's been holding) Yes!  I've finally found 

Azusa: Where is it, Auntie Madoka?  Where are the demons?

Madoka: According to this, the source is located in (she points to the 
map) Washington, DC.

Yohko: Washington, DC?!  You're kidding, right?  I mean, I heard American 
politicians were corrupt, but I never thought they were devil-worshippers!

Madoka: I'm not so sure about that, Yohko.  During the divination, I 
received an image of a dark cabal performing an evil ritual inside the 
Pentagon.  It seems that whoever these people are, they are in fact 
highly placed in the U.S. government.

Yohko: So what are we supposed to do, Grandma?  We're Devil Hunters, not 
international spies!

Madoka: I also received another image that may bode well.  There are two 
people in that city who have strong auras of good about them.  I sense 
that they will soon be coming here.  You must find these people, Yohko.  
They can help you stop the demons.

Yohko: There's only one problem with that, Grandma.  I don't speak 

Madoka: What?!  Just what the heck have you been studying in school all 
these years, girl?

Yohko: Grandma, they teach us to *read* English, not to *speak* it!

Wolfgang: I speak fluent English, Yohko.

Madoka: It won't work very well if you have to interpret everything, 
Wolfgang.   (Madoka opens a cupboard and takes out a box.  She opens the 
box, which contains a golden amulet with a gem in the center.)  Here.  
This is an Amulet of Anti-Babel.  It translates all speech within a 20 
foot radius.  Wear it, and you'll have no problem communicating.  (hands 
the amulet to Yohko, who  puts it on.)

Wolfgang: Fascinating.  It probably creates a telepathic bridge between 
the language centers of the subjects' brains.

Madoka: Now, I think it's time Azusa gained some more skill in being a 
Devil Hunter.  She's shown lots of talent during her training, but I 
think what she really needs is practical experience.

Azusa: Yeah!  I'd really like to kill a demon by myself!

Yohko: Well, Grandma, that would be great, but there just aren't any more 
demons around here to fight.  What are you going to do, conjure one up?

Madoka: Precisely!

Yohko: What?!  You can't be serious!

Madoka: Yes!  For centuries, Devil Hunters have kept their skills sharp 
during times of supernatural scarcity by the carefully controlled 
conjuring of minor demons and devils.

Yohko: But Grandma, isn't conjuring demons... well, evil?

Madoka: Not the way we do it.  Black sorcerers use sacrifices to control 
the demons, but we use holy symbols to keep them from escaping.  As long 
as the demon is properly confined, there's no danger.

Yohko: Uh, I don't know, Grandma, I'm not so sure about this...

Madoka: Great, then it's settled.  In a few days, when the moon is right, 
we'll go to the town park and perform the ritual at midnight.  Then, 
Azusa  will become a true Devil Hunter!

Azusa: Yay!  I'm so excited!

Wolfgang: I simply must get some pictures of this!

Yohko: (sighs) How did I get into this family?


Devil Hunter Yohko meets the X-Files ("Demon City D.C.")
(C) 1995 Michael Franz
The X-Files are (C) 1995 Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Devil Hunter Yohko is (C) 1990 Japan Computer Systems and Toho, Inc.

FBI Headquarters
Washington, DC
9:30 AM

(Inside of the X-Files office.  Mulder is working at his computer on 
something, surrounded by several open files.  Suddenly, Scully comes in.  
Her hair is disheveled, as if she'd just woken up.)

Mulder: Hey, Scully!  Glad you could make it!

Scully: Don't start with me, Mulder.  First there's a power outage and my 
alarm clock doesn't go off, then I have to struggle through a traffic jam 
because I forgot Pennsylvania Avenue was closed off, and THEN the 
parking lot was almost full!

Mulder: That's the joy of working for the government, Scully.

Scully: (noticing that Mulder is busily typing at his computer)  What's 
that you're working on?

Mulder: Oh, Skinner wants me to prepare a psychological profile of some 
of the more radical militias to try and determine who poses the greatest 
threat.  He wants me to prepare a report on that Aum Shinri Kyo cult, too,
although why Skinner's concerned about Japanese terrorists is beyond me.

Scully: Why would Skinner put you on that, Mulder?  Isn't that a job for 
the counterterrorism unit?

Mulder: Well, ordinarily it would be, Scully, but I guess he figured I 
was the perfect man to analyze the behavior of paranoid people with 
mental problems who think the government is out to get them.

Scully: (laughing)  Oh, come on, Mulder.  I'll admit some of your  
theories are a little strange, but even you never believed that there 
were Soviet troops being kept frozen in a secret bunker to conquer the 

Mulder: It's people like that who give conspiracy theorists a bad name, 
Scully.  Besides, everyone knows the bunker's full of frozen aliens.  
(pause)   Hey Scully, I found this file in the computer that I think 
you'll find quite interesting.

Scully: Let me guess.  Bigfoot was sighted again?

Mulder: Why are you always so down on Bigfoot, Scully?  Is it so 
farfetched that the missing link between man and apes is still alive?

Scully: Well, maybe not, but surely it would have been discovered by 
reputable scientists by now if it existed.

Mulder: Well, let's not get into that right now, alright?  Here, take a 
look at this file.  (Mulder presses a few keys on his terminal, causing a 
blond girl's picture to appear on the screen.)  Erin Ogden, age 19, 
reported missing from San Dimas, California two days ago.  A witness 
reports seeing two figures dressed in black carry her out of her bedroom 
window, then drive off in an unmarked black van.

Scully: Hmmm.  Rather unusual transportation for little green men.

Mulder: This isn't an alien abduction, Scully.  This is just one of a 
series of kidnappings that have been going on around the country for the 
last three months.  (Presses another key, causing a list of names to 
appear on the screen.)  In total, 75 girls have been abducted.  All of 
them are between the ages of 14 and 21, and they were all apparently 
taken from their homes at night.  There was no sign of a struggle, 
suggesting the kidnappers probably used drugs, and only minimal signs of 
forced entry.  Some of these houses even had alarm systems.  Not only 
that, but this was the only case where anyone saw anything unusual.  I 
tell you, Scully, whoever these guys are, they're professionals.

Scully: You think it's a white slavery ring?

Mulder: It's possible, Scully, but why go all over the country looking 
for girls?  And why take all the trouble of kidnapping them out of their 

Scully: So what's your theory, Mulder?

Mulder: I think there's some kind of nationwide operation at work here, 
Scully.  Whatever these guys are up to, they're trying real hard not to 
be noticed.  If 75 girls disappeared in one state, all hell would break 
loose.  But if only one or two do, it doesn't seem that suspicious.  And 
the fact that they're being kidnapped from their homes suggests that 
these guys are carefully selecting their victims, probably after 
extensive surveillance.

Scully: So?  Wouldn't white slavers want to be selective?

Mulder: Yeah, but these guys don't seem to be selecting girls just on 
good looks.  Plus, I've never heard of any white slaver grabbing so many. 
No, Scully, I've got a feeling that whatever's going on here is more 
than that.

Scully: You said they're not being selected on looks.  Is there anything 
these girls have in common?  Were they into drugs or sex?

Mulder: No, as a matter of fact, all the girls' parents describe them as 
having impeccable characters.  You know, the kind that go to church every 

(Phone rings.)

Mulder: (picking up phone) Mulder.  (pause)  Right now?  And Scully too?  
OK, sir, we'll be right down.  (hangs up)  That was Skinner.  He wants to 
see both of us in his office right now.

Scully: Both of us?  That's unusual.

Mulder: Well, we'd better see what he wants.  You know Skinner; he's a 
stickler for punctuality.

(Cut to Skinner's office.  Walter Skinner, Assistant Director of the FBI, 
is sitting at his desk.  A cigarette is smoldering in his ashtray.  
Mulder and Scully walk in.)

Skinner: Sit down, both of you.  We need to discuss an important matter.

Mulder: Sir, if it's about my requisitions, I can assure you, they were 
all necessary --

Skinner: Relax, Agent Mulder.  I didn't call you and Scully in here to 
yell at you.  In fact, the Bureau would like to express its appreciation 
for all your good work.

Mulder: What?  Sir, are you sure you're feeling alright?

Skinner: Very funny, Agent Mulder.  Have you finished those reports on 
the militias and the Japanese cult yet?

Mulder: I should be finished by this afternoon, sir.

Skinner: Good.  Agent Scully, I need you to prepare a report on the 
latest advances in forensic medicine.

Scully: Pardon me, sir, but why are you having Mulder and me do these 
reports?  We're FBI agents, not cadets at the Academy.

Skinner: I was just getting to that, Agent Scully.  In two days, you and 
Agent Mulder, along with several other experts in various fields, will be 
going to a special Interpol conference on terrorism being held in Tokyo.

Scully: Wait a minute.  You want us to go to Tokyo?!

Skinner: Yes, Agent Scully.  Many people in the US and Japan are 
concerned about the recent terrorist activity in their countries, and so 
a special international conference is being held to discuss ways to 
increase security and prevent future incidents.

Mulder: But sir, why us?  I mean, why not send Jackson from 

Skinner: I am.  But you, Agent Mulder, happen to be one of the Bureau's 
best behavioral psychologists, and Agent Scully is a top-notch forensic 
physician.  The Bureau is proud to have such qualified people represent 
it at this conference.

Scully: But, sir...

Skinner: You'd better get started on that report, Agent Scully.  Your 
flight leaves in only two days.  Dismissed.

Garcia's Mexican Restaurant
Washington, DC
12:13 PM

Scully: (while eating a taco salad)  You know, Mulder, I still can't 
figure out why Skinner picked us to go to this conference.  Ever since we 
started with the X-Files, he's been on your back about something, always 
criticizing your performance.  But now, he wants us to go halfway around 
the world to act as representatives of the best of American law 

Mulder: (while eating a chicken chimichanga)  And with only two days 
notice, too.  Seems like someone's in a big hurry to get us out of town, 

Scully: Mulder, there are a lot easier ways to get someone out of town 
than sending them all the way to Japan!  He could have sent us to Alaska, 
or Texas, or even some godforsaken place in Idaho, but instead he sends 
us to a high-profile conference to represent the entire FBI!  It just 
doesn't add up.

Mulder: Skinner doesn't really hate us, Scully.  He's just under pressure 

from people higher up.  Remember, he did give us back the X-Files when 
other people were trying to separate us.  Maybe this is just his way of 
showing that he does appreciate us even though the rest of the government 

Scully: Well, whatever the reason, I'll be glad to get back to Japan.

Mulder: You've been there before?

Scully: Yeah, I was an exchange student when I was in college.  I stayed 
with this family just outside of Yokohama.  They were just the nicest 
people.  I'll have to look them up when we get to Tokyo.

(Mulder's cellular phone rings.)

Mulder: (answering it) Mulder.

Mr. X: If you want to expose the government's conspiracies, Agent Mulder, 
then I suggest you come to our usual meeting place at midnight.

Mulder: Why?  Has something come up?

Mr. X: Let's just say this is big, Agent Mulder.  Bigger than you could 
possibly imagine.  (Hangs up)

Mulder: That was my informant, Scully.  He wants me to meet him at 
midnight tonight.

Scully: Did he say why?

Mulder: He just said it was something big.  I don't know, Scully, but for 
a minute he actually sounded worried, and that's not like him.  Scully, 
this might be it.  This might be the proof we've been looking for!

Scully: Don't get too excited, Mulder.  It could be anything.

Mulder: Well maybe, Scully, but I've just got a feeling about this.  
Something tells me that whatever this is could be our biggest case yet.

Washington Monument
12:00 AM

(Mulder gets out of his car and walks toward a bench in front of the 
Washington Monument.  As he gets closer, he sees Mr. X standing nearby.)

Mr. X: Hello, Agent Mulder.  Glad you could make it.

Mulder: Alright, I'm here.  So, what's this all about?

Mr. X: (producing an envelope from underneath his trenchcoat) Here.  This 
contains all the information you need.

(Mulder takes the envelope, and Mr. X starts to walk away.)

Mulder: Wait!  What's this all about?

Mr. X: You'll find out soon enough, Agent Mulder.  Good night.  (He 

(Mulder gets in his car and opens the envelope.  Inside is a map and a 
note which reads "Come to this old abandoned church at 11:30 tomorrow 
night.  There, you'll find something *very* interesting."  The note is 
signed "X.")

Chevy Chase, Maryland
11:29 PM

(An old church sits on top of a small hill near a lonely, deserted road.  
The church looks run-down and the windows are boarded up.  Nearby, Mulder 
and Scully are parked in a surveillance van.  Inside are several monitors 
and tape recorders.  It looks suspiciously like the van from the 
beginning of the story.)

Mulder: OK, Scully, do we have the infrared and low-light cameras?

Scully: (flipping a switch, causing images to appear on the monitors) 
Yeah,  everything appears to be working.  (Glancing at the infrared 
image)  There doesn't seem to be anyone in the church yet.

Mulder: Yeah, I'm not picking up any unusual noises yet, either.

Scully: Mulder, I'm still not clear on how you got this surveillance van 
on such short notice.

Mulder: The guy in charge of the motor pool is a total space-case.  I 
just told him we're doing a drug bust and he said he'd give me anything I 

Scully: I don't know, Mulder.  If Skinner finds out --

Mulder: He'll find out *after* we've got our evidence, Scully.  This 
could be our big chance to finally expose the truth, and I'm not about to 
pass it up.  Are you with me?

Scully: (sighs) What can I say?  Of course I'm with you, Mulder.

Mulder: Thanks, Scully.  You're a true partner.  (pauses)  Wait a minute. 
I'm picking up several cars heading this way.

(On the monitor, a car is seen pulling up to the church.  After a minute, 
three other cars pull up and several people get out.)

Person 1: (pointing to two others) You two stand guard outside and make 
sure no one interrupts us.  (The two nod and get automatic weapons from 
the car's trunk.  The others, about 10 men wearing nondescript suits, 
enter the church through an old, seemingly boarded-up door.)

(Scene changes to inside the church.  It is dark, but one man turns on a 
flashlight and lights several candles which are hanging on the walls.  
The church is a simple one-room affair with numerous candles placed all 
around the room.  Instead of a sanctuary, however, the room contains a 
large pentagram inscribed with mystic runes on the floor.  Inside the 
pentagram is what appears to be an incense burner.  Other symbols are 
painted on the walls.  There are red and black robes hanging on the walls,
which the men quickly don.  One man reaches for a more ornate robe 
inscribed with golden runes and symbols.)

Person 2: Hey, what are you doing?  That's the high priest's robe!

Person 1: I'm filling in for him tonight.  He's not coming.

Person 3: What do you mean, he's not coming?  He called this meeting --

Person 1: The high priest doesn't know about this meeting.  I'm the one 
who called it.

Person 4: Whoa, are you crazy?  If we do anything without the high 
priest's authorization, do you know what will happen?!  He'll --

Person 1: Never know about it!  Listen, we've done these rituals a 
hundred times.  We know them just as well as any of the priests do.  Why 
should they get all the power and glory, huh?  If we perform the rite of 
sacrifice ourselves, then maybe we can finally get our share.

Person 2: Sacrifice?!  You mean the girls?  No way, man.  We were 
specifically ordered to keep them here until the high priest retrieves 
them.  If any of them are missing, he'll have our heads!

Person 1: No!  After tonight, we'll have power equal to theirs, maybe 
even greater!  Listen, Azazel rewards those who please him, right?  Well, 
what have the priests been doing lately?  They've been grabbing all these 
girls, but they're not doing anything with them!  Not even one has yet 
been sacrificed to his glory!

Person 4: I'm sure the priests know what they're doing.

Person 1: So do I!  I know exactly what they're doing!  They're building 
up to something big, perhaps even glorious!  And while we do all the 
dirty work, Azazel will reward *them* for it!  Don't you see?!  This is 
our chance!  For once, *we* can get the rewards!  *We* can get the glory! 
All the dark powers of the Great One shall be *ours*!  Now, are you with 

(The people shift uncomfortably and murmur among themselves.)

Person 3: Um, are you *sure* this is going to work?

Person 1: Of *course* I'm sure!  Azazel will reward us!  Come on, where's 
your *faith*?

Person 2: We have plenty of faith in the Great One.  It's *you* that we 

Person 1: Well, if you're so worried, then why don't you just leave, huh? 
We don't need any doubters here to corrupt the ritual!

Person 2: Wait a minute.  Are the rest of you going to stay?

(The others confer with each other nervously.)

Person 4: Yeah, I'm staying.  I mean, if it doesn't work, we can always 
say that the girls escaped.

Person 2: We'd be punished for that --

Person 3: Yeah, but the priests wouldn't *kill* us.  Anyway, I think it's 
worth the risk.

Person 5: Yeah, count me in.

(The rest of the group signify their agreement.)

Person 2: (sighing) Well, if the rest of you are going to stay, I guess I 
am too.  Besides, there needs to be someone here who actually *knows* the 

Person 1: Ha!  I'll show *you* who knows the ritual, Mister!  Now, let's 
begin!  You two, set up the altar!

(Two people light the incense burner and place a metal table over it.  
The group arranges itself into a circle around the pentagram and the 
first person begins the chant.)

Group: In the name of the lords of darkness, rulers of the earth, kings 
of the underworld, I command the forces of darkness to bestow their 
infernal power upon me.

Person 1: Sein ist die Hand, die verletzt.
(His is the hand that wounds.)

Group: Sein ist die Hand, die verletzt.

Person 1: Sein ist der Ort genannt Hoelle.
(His is the place called Hell.)

Group: Sein ist der Ort genannt Hoelle.

Person 1: May the black powers of our forefathers make us strong.

Group: Hail!  Hail the lords of darkness!

Person 1: O great Lord Azazel!  Hear the prayers of your servants!  
Tonight we bring unto thee a gift; the life of a pure maiden.  Her flesh 
is thine to consume; her blood is thine to drink, so that thy immortal 
thirst be slated.  For this precious gift, we ask in return only that we 
may share in the reward thou hast promised for the faithful.  O great 
Lord Azazel!  Grant this, thy humble servants' request!

Group: Hail!  Hail the lords of darkness!

(Two cultists go to the corner of the room and open a secret panel in the 
floor.  Inside a dark hole are six girls, all bound and gagged, their 
clothes dirty and their faces streaked with tears.  The cultists grab one 
and carry her, struggling, to the group.  The first person draws a long, 
wavy knife and cuts the girl's clothes off, then throws them onto the 
altar.  A cultist pours lighter fluid on them, then throws a match onto 
the altar.)

Person 1: O great Lord Azazel!  Let now thy altar be sanctified and 
blessed with thy dark power.  For behold, this maiden has cast off the 
garments of her earthly life, and is prepared to assume the mantle of thy 

Group: Hail!  Hail Azazel, the almighty!

(The first person takes a pot of black pitch, then paints a pentagram on 
the girl's chest.  The cultists then strap her to the altar.)

(Outside, Mulder and Scully are listening to all of this and recording it 
on tape.)

Scully: Oh my God, Mulder, we've got to do something!  They're going to 
sacrifice that girl!

Mulder: But what can we do, Scully?  The minute we get close to that 
church, those two guys will shoot us full of holes.

(Scully pauses to think a second.  Then, she comes to a decision.)

Scully: Get in the passenger seat, Mulder.  (Scully climbs into the 
driver's seat.)

Mulder: What have you got in mind, Scully?

Scully: Just get in the seat, Mulder.  And fasten your safety belt.

(Scene changes back to inside the church.)

Person 1: It is time, O great Lord Azazel, for thee to receive thy gift.  
In the name of thy unholy power, I command thee to arise and drink of 
this maiden's life!

Group: Arise, arise!  O great Lord Azazel, ARISE!

(As the group continues chanting, the priest holds his knife high and 
removes the girl's gag.  She emits a terrified scream as the priest 
prepares to plunge his knife into the girl's chest.  Suddenly, there is a 
tremendous crash as the surveillance van drives through the front of the 
church.  Mulder and Scully leap out, guns drawn.)

Mulder: Freeze!  FBI!  You're all under arrest!

(The two guards run through the hole, machine guns blazing, but Mulder 
and Scully duck behind the van and shoot them.  The cultists panic and 
begin running every which way trying to escape.  In the process, the 
altar is knocked over.  However, the only way out is at the front of the 
church, which is being blocked by Mulder and Scully.  Seeing that they 
cannot run away, the  cultists try rushing the FBI agents.  Mulder shoots 
one in the leg, but is  quickly overpowered by the rest, as is Scully.  
While several cultists force  Mulder and Scully down, two others take 
their guns and point them at their foreheads.)

Person 3: You dare to defile our ceremony, unbelievers!  Prepare to 

(Just before he pulls the trigger, a sound is heard from the front of the 
room.  The cultists look to see the first person holding a machine gun.  
Without warning, he opens fire on the group, killing all the cultists in 
the room, but missing Mulder and Scully.  As the shooting stops, Mulder 
and Scully look around at the pile of corpses, and then look up at the 
first person, who has a perfectly calm expression on his face.  He drops 
the gun, then stabs himself in the heart with the ceremonial knife.)


Devil Hunter Yohko meets the X-Files ("Demon City D.C.")
(C) 1995 Michael Franz
The X-Files are (C) 1995 Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Devil Hunter Yohko is (C) 1990 Japan Computer Systems and Toho, Inc.

Chevy Chase, Maryland
12:25 AM

(The area outside the church is swarming with police cars and ambulances. 
Several people cordon off the area as the bodies are carted away.  Other 
police are talking to the girls and to Mulder and Scully.  After a while, 
the police finish their reports and leave.  Mulder and Scully walk into 
the ruined church and talk.)

Mulder: Scully, that girl they were going to sacrifice?  That was Erin 
Ogden, the girl who was kidnapped from San Dimas!

Scully: What?  Are you sure?

Mulder: Positive.  I recognized the names of some of the other girls on 
the list, too.  That means that this is a lot more than just some obscure 
cult.  Whoever these guys are, there are bound to be more of them.

Scully: You think this cult is spread all over the country?

Mulder: No, it doesn't fit.  None of the girls we found here was from 
this area, which means that these kidnappings are not local operations.  
Some central organization is behind this, Scully, and I'm guessing that 
the girls were brought here to be close to it.

Scully: But why would there only be six girls here?

Mulder: There's a lot of places to hide in the DC area, Scully.  
Spreading the girls out would minimize the loss if any were found, and it 
would also draw attention away from whatever central authority is behind 

Scully: So you're saying that all 75 girls were kidnapped as victims for 
an occult sacrifice?

Mulder: Yes.  Think about what that means, Scully.  This isn't just some 
run-of-the-mill cult here; these guys have professionals who can grab any 
girl they want anywhere in the country.  Scully, this is obviously a well-
organized, well-funded organization.  And now, they've got 69 girls 
somewhere who are probably all going to end up on an altar.

Scully: But how is your mysterious Mr. X involved in all this, Mulder?  
He obviously knew exactly what was going to happen here.

Mulder: He said that if I wanted to expose the government's conspiracies, 
we should come here.

Scully: Yeah, but I can't see what that has to do with -- wait a minute.  
Are you suggesting that these kidnappings were orchestrated by the 

Mulder: Well, it would explain the degree of professionalism as well as 
the girls being found in the DC area.

Scully: Mulder, this is crazy!  You're telling me that the United States 
government has kidnapped 75 teenaged girls for sacrifice in some kind of 
occult ceremonies!

Mulder: Well, what other explanation is there?

Scully: These kidnappers could still be white slavers, Mulder.  They 
could have just sold the girls to this cult.

Mulder: No, Scully, I don't think so.  If Mr. X is involved, then I'm 
sure it's something much bigger than that.

Mr. X: How right you are, Agent Mulder.

(Mulder and Scully turn to see Mr. X walking down the hill towards them.)

Mulder: What's going on here?  Is the government behind this cult?

Mr. X: Not so loudly, Agent Mulder.  They have ways of hearing things 
from far away.  I can usually block them, but it's best not to take 

Scully: So what can you tell us about what happened here tonight?

Mr. X: Agent Scully, you and Agent Mulder are scheduled to go to Japan in 
the morning, correct?

Scully: Yes, we're booked on the 7:30 flight out of Dulles.

Mr. X: Then I can tell you only that you will find further answers there. 
(He turns to leave.)  Oh, one last thing.  Remember Mrs. Paddock.  (He 

Scully: What on earth could he have meant by that?

Mulder: You remember, Scully.  Mrs. Paddock was that substitute teacher 
in New Hampshire, at that school where that cult tried to sacrifice us.

Scully: So there's a connection between the two cults.

Mulder: Obviously.  But we never did find out everything about Mrs. 
Paddock.  A lot of strange things happened when she was at that school, 
and afterwards she just vanished.  No one anywhere has seen any trace of 
her.  I think that whoever, or whatever, she is, she's definitely 

Scully: This case is getting stranger all the time.  If the government is 
involved in a conspiracy, what possible answers could we find in Japan?

Mulder: Well, I guess we'll find out when we get there, won't we?  Come 
on.  (Mulder and Scully both walk toward their van and prepare to leave.)

The Pentagon
Washington, DC
Time unknown

(The scene is a dark room only dimly lit by several candles.  On the 
walls, ceiling, and floor, several occult symbols can be seen.  At the 
far end of the room is a large, ornate throne with a man sitting in it.  
His face, however, is shrouded in shadow and incense smoke.  Suddenly, a 
door at the other end of the room opens, and Cancer Man walks in.)

Cancer Man: My lord, I have urgent news.

Hidden Man: Speak.

Cancer Man: The girls in the old church have been found.  It seems that 
our employees decided to perform a little ceremony of their own.

Hidden Man: I know.  It was I who put an end to their miserable lives.

Cancer Man: You knew?  Did you also know it was Mulder and Scully who 
found them?

Hidden Man: Of course.

Cancer Man: Then why on earth did you let them live?!  Someone must have 
told them about the ritual.  Who knows what else they were told.

Hidden Man: If they were told about us, I would have known.  Besides, you 
did tell Skinner to have them sent out of town, did you not?

Cancer Man: Yes, but they could still be a threat!

Hidden Man: Calm yourself.  I have dealt with Mulder and Scully before.  
They pose no threat to our operation.

Cancer Man: Well, I disagree.  Those two keep getting closer to us at 
every turn.  I say we terminate them!

Hidden Man: There are many important things for me to attend to before 
the Great Ceremony can be performed.  I do not have the time nor the 
energy to waste hunting down two insignificant specks of dust.

Cancer Man: But sir --

Hidden Man: (sighs) Do what you will with them, but do not bother me 
again!  Now go, and do not return until you are summoned.

Cancer Man: (bows) Yes, my lord.  (He leaves.)

Hidden Man: Yes, Agent Mulder.  Continue with your vain investigations.  
But soon, very soon, you and all your insignificant race will no longer 
be of any consequence.  (He smiles, and his eyes glow red.)

Imperial Hotel Convention Center
Tokyo, Japan
3:30 PM

(Scene is a crowded convention room filled with police officials from 
various countries.  Flags from many nations are hung from the ceiling.  
At the podium, Mulder is just finishing up a speech.)

Mulder: ...and so, through the use of psychological profiles, advance 
warning against possible acts of terrorism by dangerous fringe groups can 
be gained, thus making our world a safer place to live.  Thank you.

(The assemblage claps as Mulder steps down from the podium to find Scully 
waiting for him.)

Scully: That was a good speech, Mulder.

Mulder: Yeah, well, they seemed to like it.  Personally, I'm not too sure 
about predicting acts of terrorism.  Guys like that are just too chaotic. 
How did yours go?

Scully: Well, I gave a talk on the collection and identification of DNA 
samples from crime scenes.  It was pretty advanced stuff, but I got the
feeling that most of the people had already heard most of it.  So, what 
do you want to do tonight?

Mulder: Well, let's do a little sightseeing around Tokyo before dinner.  
Then, let's go to this place I read about in the newspaper.  They serve 
the best fugu in Japan.

Scully: Fugu?!  Mulder, you do know that stuff is poisonous, right?

Mulder: That's why I'm bringing you along, Scully.  You're a doctor; you 
can revive me after I eat it.

Scully: Oh ha ha, Mulder.  You can order it; I'm sticking to teriyaki.

Mulder: Wimp.  So, are we done with the conference or do we have anything 
scheduled for the other two days?

Scully: No, we don't have anything scheduled.  Jackson and the Oklahoma 
City guys will cover the rest.

Mulder: Well then, we can see some more of Tokyo tomorrow morning, and 
then in the afternoon, we can go down to Yokohama and see this family of 

Scully: What do you want to do the third day?

Mulder: Let's see Mount Fuji before we leave, OK?

Scully: Sounds good to me.  Well, let's go find a tour bus.

The Pentagon
Washington, DC
Time unknown

(A man carrying a briefcase and wearing a nondescript black suit and 
sunglasses walks down a dark basement hall in the Pentagon.  He reaches a 
CLEARANCE OR HIGHER".  He inserts a key card into a slot next to the door 
and  enters a code on the keypad.  The door clicks open and the man walks 
in.  Inside are an array of other men wearing similar outfits, including 
Krychek.   At the head of the table is Cancer Man, smoking a cigarette.)

Cancer Man: Now that we're all here, let's get down to business.  By now, 
you've all heard about the little incident that took place at the old 
church.  You've also heard about Mulder and Scully's involvement in that 
incident.  This meeting is to decide what we should do about them.

Krychek: Well, haven't Mulder and Scully been sent out of town?

Cancer Man: Yes, but I feel that they could still pose a threat to our 
plans.  I'm recommending immediate termination.

Man 2: Wouldn't that draw attention?  I mean, there'd be an investigation.

Cancer Man: Investigations take time.  We'd have completed the ceremony 
long before there would be any danger.

Man 3: Well, if we're going to terminate them, I see no real difficulty 
in that.  A drive-by shooting, a random mugging, there are lots of 
possibilities.  Where did Skinner send them, anyway?

Cancer Man: That's the problem.  Skinner, in his less than infinite 
wisdom, decided to send them to the international terrorism conference in 

Man 3: Hmmm... You're right, our agents would be a bit too conspicuous in 
Japan.  I wouldn't want to take the risk.  Any of you got contacts in the 

Man 4: The yakuza would never do it.  There'd be too much police 
attention if they wasted any Americans.

Krychek: So what do you guys want to do?  Wait until they get back and 
then shoot them?

Cancer Man: No!  I want them dead now!

Man 2: What does the big guy have to say about all this?

Cancer Man: It seems he doesn't consider them a threat.  Age has 
apparently addled our imperious leader's brain.

Man 3: Well, as long as he can perform the ceremony, I don't care if he's 
got Alzheimer's.

Cancer Man: Yes.  And after the ceremony, we shall have no further use 
for him, won't we?  Now then, about Mulder and Scully.

Man 4: Sir, what if we use a demon to kill them?

Man 2: No, it's too close to the ceremony.  We don't have enough energy 
to justify sending a demon after them.

Cancer Man: Hmmm... perhaps, if it was a small demon...

Krychek: What have you got in mind, sir?

Cancer Man: (smiling) Yes.  I think I know just the thing.  Thank you all 
for coming.  This meeting is adjourned.

(The suits all file out of the room in an orderly fashion.  Cancer Man 
sits in his chair for a while, then walks over to the right wall and 
moves a picture frame, causing a secret door to open.  Inside is another 
occult room with a pentagram on the floor.  Cancer Man lights the candles 
and incense, then begins an incantation in a strange tongue.  As he 
chants, the candles are blown out and the pentagram begins to glow.  
Slowly, a smoky shape with red eyes begins to form.)

Demon: Why have you summoned me?

Cancer Man: I wish that two mortals be terminated.

Demon: A simple task.  Who are these mortals?

Cancer Man: I believe you are already familiar with them.  Fox Mulder and 
Dana Scully.

Demon: (hisses) Mulder!  Yes, I know that name.  He was there when I was 
cast out, banished to the netherworld.  He denied me my chance at life.  
Now, he shall lose his!

Cancer Man: Good!  Now, go!  Find Mulder and Scully, and do not return 
until they lie dead!

Demon: (laughs) It shall be my pleasure, master!  (The demon disappears.)

Cancer Man: (smiles) Now, Agent Mulder, it seems you have interfered with 
me for the last time.

Yokohama, Japan
4:30 PM

(A bus stop in a quiet neighborhood near a forest.  The bus pulls up, and 
Mulder and Scully get out.)

Mulder: OK, now where does this family live?

Scully: They live a few blocks down that way, I think.  Follow me.

(Mulder and Scully walk down the street a little way.  Suddenly, a poster 
on one of the fences catches Mulder's eye.  It bears a picture of Yohko 
in her red Devil Hunting outfit holding a sword.)

Mulder: Hey Scully, this poster looks kind of interesting.  What does it 

Scully: Let me see that, Mulder.  (Scully studies the poster intently for 
a few seconds.)  Wait a minute.  This can't be right.

Mulder: What does it say, Scully?

Scully: (still reading) What the hell?  You've *got* to be kidding me.

Mulder: Scully, *what does it say?*

Scully: It says, "Are you being bothered by evil spirits?  Then let us 
take care of all your Devil Hunting needs!  If you or anyone you know is 
haunted, possessed, or cursed, then call Devil Hunter Yohko Mano right 
away!  We guarantee that it'll be a cold day in Hell before the demons 
ever come back!  Reasonable rates.  We accept Visa and Mastercard."

Mulder: Hmmm... wait a minute, Scully!  This could be what we're looking 
for! Remember, Mr. X said we'd find more information when we got to 
Japan!  Well, what better person to ask about a devil-worshipping cult 
than a Devil Hunter?

Scully: (giving Mulder a look) Mulder, please.  This has got to be a joke.
There's no such thing as demons or devils, much less Devil Hunters.

Mulder: Now, now, Scully, I thought you were a good Catholic.

Scully: Don't start with that, Mulder.  The Catholic Church doesn't 
officially believe in exorcisms anymore.  That went out with the 

Mulder: And what about what happened with the Calusari, huh?  You told me 
that Charlie's dead twin brother Michael almost killed you!

Scully: It couldn't have been, Mulder.  I know I was attacked by 
something, but it's likely that fear and hysteria combined with constant 
exposure to your talk about the supernatural created a temporary 

Mulder: Likely?!  Scully, I'm a psychologist and you're a doctor.  How 
likely is it for such a thing to happen, really?

Scully: (uncertainly) Well, things like that *have* happened before, 
Mulder.  It's the only possible explanation.

Mulder: (sighs) You know what I think?  I think that you encountered 
something that was totally contrary to your belief system and your mind 
is trying to convince you that it was a dream in order to preserve that 
belief system.  It's a classic sign of denial, Scully.  Face it.

Scully: (also sighs) All right, Mulder.  I'll at least consider the 
*possibility* that what attacked me that night was supernatural.  But 
there's no way that I'm believing in Devil Hunters that take Visa and 

Mulder: Well, maybe not, Scully, but still, Mr. X has never been wrong 
before.  We should at least check it out to see if they know something.

Scully: Well, all right, Mulder.  You realize, of course, that since I'm 
the only one who knows Japanese, *I'll* have to talk to them.

Mulder: Yes, Scully.  I hope that isn't too traumatic for you.

(Mulder and Scully walk down the street until they get to Yohko's house.  
Scully rings the doorbell.)

Scully: I can't believe I'm at the door of a total stranger ready to ask 
them if they hunt devils, Mulder.  This had better be worth it.

(Azusa answers the door and is surprised to see two foreigners there.)

Azusa: Gaijin da!  (pauses) Ano, sumimasen.  (bows) Konnichi wa, 
(Foreigners!  Um, excuse me.  Hello, honorable foreigners.)

Scully: Konnichi wa.  Mano Yohko-san ga imasu ka?
(Hello.  Is Yohko Mano here?)

Azusa: Eeto, chotto matte kudasai.  Yohko-san!  Dooa no tokoro ni anata
to hanashitagatte iru gaijin ga futari imasu!
(Um, just a second.  Yohko!  There are two foreigners at the door who 
want to talk to you!)

(Yohko comes running down the hall to the door.  Note that the Amulet of 
Anti-Babel is translating from here on.)

Yohko: Hi!  What can I do for you?

Mulder: Hey, Scully, she speaks English!

Yohko: Well, actually... never mind.  So, what can I do for you?

Scully: Since she speaks English, *you* talk to her, Mulder.

Mulder: Oh, all right.  (to Yohko) We wanted to ask you about that poster 
we saw with your picture on it.

Yohko: (looking embarrassed) Oh, that.  Well, my friend Chi put that up 
as a kind of joke, see.  I'm not really into anything weird like that.

Scully: See, Mulder?  I told you it was a joke.  (to Yohko) Shitsuree-
shimasu.  We're sorry for bothering you.  (She turns to leave.)

Yohko: Wait a minute!  You two wouldn't be from Washington, DC, would you?

Mulder: Yeah, that's right.  How did you know?

Yohko: Great!  You're the two my grandmother said were coming here!  Look,
I just said that stuff about the poster being a joke because I didn't 
want total strangers coming in and harassing me.  In truth, I really am a 
Devil Hunter.

Scully: (sighs) Just when I thought things were getting back to normal...

Mulder: You actually hunt demons and devils?  How is that done, exactly?

Yohko: Hold on, I have to let my grandmother know you're here.  Grandma! 
Those people from Washington are here!

Madoka: Ah!  So they are!  Welcome, welcome!  Take off your shoes and 
come in.  Sit down and have some tea.

(Mulder and Scully come in and sit down.  Madoka goes into the kitchen 
and brings out some tea.)

Madoka: Here you are.

Scully: Arigato.

Madoka: Please permit me to introduce myself.  I am Madoka Mano, this is 
my granddaughter Yohko, and this is Azusa Kanzaki.  She's in training to 
become a Devil Hunter.

Mulder: Nice to meet you.  I'm Fox Mulder of the FBI, and this is my 
partner, Dana Scully.

Madoka: The FBI?  I didn't know they were interested in this sort of 

Scully: You have no idea.  Actually, we're investigating a series of 
kidnappings in the United States.  We found some of the kidnapped girls 
in the custody of a devil-worshipping cult, and, well... we were told 
that we could find more information on them here.

Madoka: *You* were told?  Very interesting.  I was also told that *I* 
could get answers from *you*.

Scully: Don't tell me you have some kind of cult here, too.

Madoka: No, I think both of us are seeking answers on the cult in your 
area, Ms. Scully.  Kidnapping girls... hmmm... (pauses) You say they are 
devil-worshippers.  Do you by any chance know the name of the devil they 

Mulder: I think I heard them mention the name Azazel a few times.

Madoka: Azazel!  Yes, I remember that name.  I had a run-in with some of 
his followers a while back.  I think there's an entry on him in the 
Encyclopedia Daemonica.  Follow me.


Devil Hunter Yohko meets the X-Files ("Demon City D.C.")
(C) 1995 Michael Franz
The X-Files are (C) 1995 Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Devil Hunter Yohko is (C) 1990 Japan Computer Systems and Toho, Inc.

(Madoka, Yohko, and Azusa go into the room where the elevator to the 
Devil Hunting chamber is.  Mulder and Scully follow as Madoka starts the 
elevator.  Soon, they reach the Devil Hunting chamber.  Wolfgang is 
already there conducting experiments on some of the items.)

Madoka: This is where we keep all the Devil Hunting paraphernalia.  Let 
me see if I can find the encyclopedia.  Just a minute.  (Madoka begins 
rummaging through the shelves.)

Mulder: (noticing Wolfgang) Who's that?

Yohko: Oh, that's Wolfgang.  He's an exchange student from Germany who 
wants to scientifically study the paranormal.

Mulder: Sounds like my kind of guy.  Hi Wolfgang, I'm Fox Mulder and this 
is my partner, Dana Scully.  (They shake hands.)

Yohko: Mr. Mulder and Ms. Scully are with the FBI.

Mulder: Just Mulder and Scully, please.

Wolfgang: The FBI, hmmm?  Well, that makes sense, considering your 
government seems to be behind the buildup of demonic energy.

Scully: "Demonic energy?"

Azusa: Yeah, Auntie Madoka performed some kind of divination and said 
that there was a lot of demonic energy building up in the Pentagon.

Scully: (sotto voce) I don't believe this.  Mulder, how much longer are 
we going to have to listen to this nonsense?

Mulder: Scully, they know about the government connection.

Scully: Mulder, we don't even know for sure if there *is* a government 

Mulder: Well, that's what we're here to find out, isn't it?  So just 
relax, and try to keep an open mind about this, all right?

Scully: OK, but I still think this talk about "demonic energy" is crazy.

Madoka: (takes a book inscribed with a pentagram off the shelf)  Ah!  
Here we are!  Let's see... Aeshma, Asmodeus, Azazel!  (She shows the book 
to the group, which has a picture of a very large and hideous demon.)

Azusa: Wow!  That's pretty scary!

Yohko: Nice.  I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.

Madoka: Azazel is a very powerful Demon Lord, Yohko.  He is very 
dangerous.  Once, when I was your age, I had to stop some of his 
followers from casting a spell that would allow him to invade this world.

Yohko: Really?  What happened?

Madoka: It was during World War II.  As the end of the war neared and 
Japan and Germany saw that defeat was rapidly approaching, they were 
ready to try anything to win.  A group of higher-ups in the military 
decided to try the supernatural, so they found a mad old sorcerer living 
in a cave in the mountains with a small group of Azazel-worshippers.  The 
Germans also decided to get involved and they sent a troop of SS men to 
supervise.  That troop was headed by a young, ambitious officer named 
Heiko Boeck.

Wolfgang: Yes, Heiko was my great-uncle.  Before the war, my family fled 
to Switzerland, but Heiko joined the Nazis and worked his way quickly up 
the ranks.  Anyway, the plan was to get the sorcerer to conjure up an 
army of demons to defeat the Allies.  He was crazy, but quite skilled, 
and Heiko was a willing and able pupil.  They abducted a large number of 
young women, all of whom were virgins and pure of heart, and the sorcerer 
planned to sacrifice them and open up a portal into the demon plane, 
allowing an army of demons to come through.

Madoka: Of course, the sorcerer was quite mad.  He thought that once the 
demons were here, he could control them.  He didn't realize that they 
would simply kill every living thing they found, including him.  My 
mother discovered what was happening through her divination and planned 
to stop them.

Wolfgang: My grandfather had also discovered what was happening.  He and 
Grandma used a crystal ball to keep track of Heiko and help with the 
German resistance.  When they found out what Heiko was doing, Grandpa 
went to Japan to try and stop him as well.

Madoka: When my mother got there, the ceremony was already beginning.  
The sorcerer sent his demon guards after her, but she defeated them.  
Then, she went after the sorcerer himself.  This proved to be a big 
mistake, because Azazel had already taken over his body and was thus able 
to materialize.  Mother fought bravely, but Azazel was too much for her.  
Just as it seemed as if she was doomed, I stepped in and called upon my 
own Devil Hunting powers.  I, too, fought Azazel, and this time the odds 
appeared to be on my side.  However, Heiko had other plans.  Using the 
magic he had learned, he cast a spell of paralysis on me, leaving me 
helpless against Azazel.

Wolfgang: Luckily, my grandfather was there.  He used some magic charms 
along with some of Heiko's old clothes to turn Heiko's power back on 
itself, leaving Heiko powerless.  Since Heiko's power and the sorcerer's 
were linked, this weakened Azazel.  After that, Madoka was able to 
finally finish the fight and banish Azazel to the netherworld.

Madoka: Yes.  And now, from what you've told me, Ms. Scully, it seems 
that someone in the United States is trying to perform a similar ceremony.
They must be stopped at all costs!

Scully: Yes, well, this is all very interesting, but I think Mulder and I 
will be going now.  Won't we, Mulder?

Mulder: Scully, I think we should at least find out some more information 
on this thing.

Scully: Mulder, let's *go*!  These people are giving me the creeps.

Madoka: I see your partner does not believe, Mulder.  That is 
understandable, but we have no time for it!  The fate of the world is in 
our hands, and we have no time to lose!

Mulder: Well, I don't know...

Madoka: If you require proof of what we say, then come to the Yokohama 
City Park at midnight.  There, we shall give you a demonstration of our 

Mulder: OK, we'll be there.  Won't we, Scully?

Scully: Fine, Mulder.  Let's just go now.

Mulder: (bows) Arigato, Madoka-san.  It was nice talking to you.

(Outside the house.  Mulder and Scully are walking down the street.)

Mulder: Scully, why did you want to leave so quickly?  That woman was 
giving us valuable information!

Scully: That woman was crazy, Mulder!  All that talk about demon 
invasions, the end of the world.  The mental hospitals are literally full 
of those cases.  I feel sorry for those poor girls, having to live with 
such a person.

Mulder: People in mental hospitals don't usually know about criminal 
cases going on halfway around the world, Scully.

Scully: Coincidence.  Besides, I didn't think that even you would believe 
a story as insane as that!  Demons in World War II, really!

Mulder: But what if, Scully?  We know that a lot of girls were abducted, 
we know that they were all young and pure of heart, and we know that 
someone's already tried to use them in occult ceremonies.  We also know, 
or at least strongly suspect, that the government is involved.  Doesn't 
that all add up to something?

Scully: Well, maybe someone is trying to perform some kind of occult 
ceremony.  Maybe they even tried in back in World War II.  But that still 
doesn't mean that the ceremony will actually work!

Mulder: Well, how do we know it won't, Scully?  Remember, a lot of 
strange things happened when we ran into that cult in New Hampshire.  A 
man confesses to us about his involvement in the cult, then is apparently 
eaten and digested by a snake in only a few minutes.  When that cultist 
killed the others and then himself, you said it looked like something was 
controlling him.  And the same thing happened when we met the cult in DC! 
Besides, Scully, whether the ceremony will work or not, someone 
obviously believes it will, and there are at least 69 girls out there who 
are going to be murdered for a sacrifice unless we do something about 

Scully: Well, all right, Mulder.  I'll concede that this does warrant an 
investigation.  Now, can we go visit my old host family now?  I'd like to 
talk about something besides demons for a while.

Mulder: (smiles) Sure, Scully.  Just lead the way.

Holiday Inn
Yokohama, Japan
11:23 PM

(Mulder is in his room watching an adult movie on cable.  There is a 
knock at the door.  Mulder answers it to find Scully there.)

Mulder: Scully!  You don't have to be here so early.  We don't have to be 
at the park until midnight.

Scully: Well, I was getting bored just sitting in my room doing nothing, 
so I thought I'd come in here and watch TV with you.

Mulder: TV?!  Well, I'm not sure that would be such a good idea...

(Scully walks over to the TV and sees several nude Japanese people 
engaged in an orgy.)

Scully: (sighs) I should have known you'd be able to find the porno 
channel in any country, Mulder.

Mulder: Don't think of it as porn, Scully.  Think of it as a study on how 
Oriental mating practices compare to ours.

Scully: Mulder, you are incorrigible!  What's Skinner going to think when 
he finds an adult movie charge on your hotel bill?

Mulder: The bill's written in Japanese, Scully.  How's he gonna know?

Scully: I'll translate it for him.

Mulder: You wouldn't!

Scully: Try me.

Mulder: (sighs) All right, I'll turn off the movie.  Satisfied?

Scully: Yes.  For now.  Now, let's turn on the news.  I want to see what 
the latest is on that Asahara character.

(As Mulder reaches for the remote control, the power suddenly goes out in 
the room.)

Scully: Hey!  What's going on here?

(A breeze starts blowing inside the room.)

Mulder: Scully, are the windows open?

Scully: (uneasily) No, Mulder, they're all closed.

(A low moan starts to filter through the room.  Suddenly, there's a flash 
of light, and Mulder and Scully are thrown across the room and held 
against the wall by an invisible force.  A disembodied voice begins to 

Voice: Hello, Mulder.  It's been a while.

Mulder: Who are you?  What's happening here?

Voice: (laughs) You don't know me?  Well, *I* most certainly know *you*! 
You were the one who denied me my one chance at life on this world!

Mulder: Where are you?  Show yourself!

Voice: You wish to see me?  Very well.  It shall be the last thing you 
see before you die.

(A cloudy shape materializes in front of Mulder and Scully.  As they 
watch, the shape takes form as a young boy with a furious expression.)

Scully: (frozen with terror) Oh my God, it's him!

Mulder: You're Michael, aren't you?  Charlie's dead brother.

Michael: Ah, so you do know me after all!  If it wasn't for you, I could 
have had Charlie's life.  I could have had a chance on this world!  But 
no, you cast me out, condemned me to existence in the netherworld 
forever!  Well, since you denied me life, it seems only fair that I 
should take yours! (He makes a gesture with his hand, and a wicked-
looking knife appears.)

Mulder: If it's me you want, let Scully go.  She has nothing to do with 

Michael: On the contrary, Agent Mulder.  She has everything to do with 
this.  It seems you both have done something to get on my master's bad 

Mulder: And who is your master?  Azazel?

Michael: So you know him, too!  I can see my master was wise to send me.  
He is one of those who serves the great Lord Azazel.  I believe you and 
he have known each other for a long time.

Mulder: But who is he?

Michael: And why should I tell you, mortal?

Mulder: Well, you're going to kill me anyway.  Consider it a last request.

Michael: I don't do requests, Mulder.  Suffice it to say that he has a 
great love for cigarettes.

Mulder: Cancer Man!  I should have known he'd be involved in this.

Michael: Enough of this idle conversation.  Let's get on with the fun, 
shall we?  (He puts his knife up against Scully's face.)  I think I'll 
start with her.  It will be most entertaining to watch your reaction as 
your partner screams in agony.

Scully: You'll never get away with this.  Someone will hear us.

Michael: (laughs) That's why I've soundproofed the room, Agent Scully.  
After all, it would be impolite if I woke up the other guests.  (He 
raises his knife.) When the police come in the morning, all they'll find 
is two mangled corpses, and no answers.  (His eyes glow red as he 
prepares to strike.  Suddenly, the door to the room bursts open and Yohko 

Yohko: Dark powers whose black deeds escape even the light of the moon, 
behold now the radiance of the power of love!

Michael: What?!  Who's there?

Yohko: I shall destroy all who dare threaten this world!

(Yohko begins to glow, then her clothes fly off her body and are replaced 
by a red dress with a yin-yang symbol on the chest.)

Yohko: I am the Scourge of Evil, the 108th generation of Devil Hunter...  

(Mulder and Scully look on in amazement.)

Michael: Neat trick, but I'm not impressed.  You shall be the first to 

(Michael shoots a beam of energy at Yohko, who flips over him and lands 
in front of Mulder and Scully.)

Yohko: Soulsword, appear!

(Yohko's sword appears in her right hand.  She swings it in front of 
Mulder and Scully, cutting through the energy which holds them onto the 

Michael: No!  That's impossible!  (His eyes glow even brighter as he 
rushes toward Yohko with the knife.  Yohko swings her sword and chops 
through Michael's arm.  The arm and the knife instantly vanish.  Michael 
screams in agony and frustration.  Yohko then sets down her sword and 
puts her hands together, causing a ball of energy to form inside them.)

Yohko: Your time here is over, demon.  Now begone, or I shall destroy you 
and you shall be forced to wander the depths of the netherworld forever!

Michael: You haven't seen the last of me, Mulder!  I shall be back!  
(Michael screams, then fades into nothingness.)

(Mulder is amazed by what just happened.  Scully is in total shock.)

Scully: Mulder, did that just happen?

Mulder: Yes, Scully, it did.

Scully: Mulder, that really was a... demon, wasn't it?

Mulder: I'm afraid so, Scully.

Scully: (falling to her knees) This is just too much.  There has to be an 
explanation!  I mean, maybe we were given drugs, or LSD, or --

Mulder: (grabbing her shoulders) Scully, look at me!  It wasn't a 
halllucination, it was real!  I saw it, too.  How can two people possibly 
hallucinate the same thing?

Scully: Mulder, this is just... just... incredible!  I mean, it was real! 
It really was real!

Yohko: Boy, she's having some trouble dealing with this, isn't she?

Mulder: Well, Scully's a hardened skeptic when it comes to the 
supernatural.  Even though we've investigated dozens of strange cases 
like this, she still doesn't want to believe.

Yohko: If you've seen this kind of stuff before, then how could she not 

Mulder: As Doctor Who once said, the human species has the most amazing 
capacity for self-deception, matched only by its ingenuity in trying to 
destroy itself.

Madoka: (entering the room with Wolfgang and Azusa) How right you are, 
Mulder.  And as long as this remains true, beings like Azazel will always 
have willing followers.

Scully: How... how did you know?  I mean, about the demon.

Wolfgang: Madoka felt that something like this might happen, so I put a 
Demon Detector outside your hotel room.  (He holds up a small device.)  
When the alarm went off, Yohko came rushing over here.

Mulder: There's so many things I want to ask you.  I mean, how long has 
this Devil Hunter thing been going on?  How did it get started?

Madoka: Your questions will all be answered, Mulder.  Now, would either 
of you like to accompany us to the city park?  We're going to give Azusa 
some practice at Devil Hunting.

Mulder: I'll go.  I think Scully has had enough supernatural excitement 
for one night.

Madoka: It will be hard for her, but she must learn to accept what she 
has seen, for without belief there can be no defense.  Come, Mulder.

Mulder: Scully, will you be all right by yourself?

Scully: I'll be fine, Mulder.  I just have to work this out, that's all.

Wolfgang: We won't be far away.  Here's the Demon Detector.  If the alarm 
goes off, run.  All right?

Scully: All right.  Thank you, Wolfgang.

Madoka: And now, on to the park for some real Devil Hunting!

Azusa: Oh, I'm so excited!  I can't wait!


Devil Hunter Yohko meets the X-Files ("Demon City D.C.")
(C) 1995 Michael Franz
The X-Files are (C) 1995 Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Devil Hunter Yohko is (C) 1990 Japan Computer Systems and Toho, Inc.

Yokohama City Park
12:00 AM

(Yohko, Mulder, Azusa, Wolfgang, and Madoka are at the park.  Madoka is 
laying out a large pentagram with a golden rope.  When she finishes, she 
places runes at regular positions inside it and steps back.)

Madoka: There!  That should be about right!

Mulder: Great.  Now, I'd like to know a little bit more about this Devil 
Hunting thing.

Madoka: Of course, Agent Mulder.  Let me tell you the story of how the Devil 
Hunters began.

(Flashback to ancient Japan.)

Madoka: A long time ago, when Japan was being born, the first emperor 
Jimmu unified the warring tribes into one nation.  However, the Demon 
Lord Tokima used his power over space and time to open a gateway into 
Hell, allowing hordes of devils to invade Japan.  At the time of the 
first emperor, the devils held the land in terror, bringing plagues and 
destruction upon the innocent villagers.  The magicians and priests tried 
to fight them, but there were simply too many.  Then, one day, the god 
Raiden appeared to defy Tokima's rule.  He did not fight Tokima directly, 
for that would have started the war of Armageddon; however, it was within 
Raiden's rights to issue a challenge to Tokima, declaring that there would
be a battle between the Demon Lord and a mortal champion of Raiden's choice.
If this person won, Tokima and his demon armies would return to Hell.
Tokima countered that if Raiden's champion lost, the gods would accept the
demons' rulership of Earth.  The two representatives of Heaven and Hell 
accepted these terms and sealed their agreement with a magical geas, and 
it is under this agreement that all future conflicts between the mortal 
world and Hell would take place.  The Emperor brought forth the greatest 
warriors of the land, but Raiden refused them all.  That night, however, 
the Emperor was visited in his dreams by the goddess Amaterasu, who told 
him to travel through the villages disguised as a lowly beggar.  In each 
house where he spent the night, he was to secretly leave a gold coin as 
he left.  The person who returned the coin to him, she said, was the 
champion he sought.  So, the Emperor wandered through the countryside for 
many days.  Many offered him hospitality, but none returned his gold 
coins.  Then, one day, he reached what seemed to be the poorest village 
of all.  They were farmers, but the demons had burned many of their 
crops, so the people were hard-pressed to find food for themselves, much 
less a traveller.  Despite this, an old farmer and his family graciously 
offered him their hospitality.  The Emperor felt sure that such a 
generous family must contain his champion, and was delighted to see that 
the farmer had many strong sons who looked quite suitable.  The next 
morning, he left his gold coin and bade them farewell.  As he walked 
away, however, he heard a voice behind him.

Haruka: Sir!  Is this yours?

Madoka: He turned to see the farmer's youngest child, his only daughter, 
running after him.  The girl bowed, then held out her hands 

Haruka: Please do not think we are thieves, Sir.  I swear to 
you that I found it where you slept.  I have only come to return it to 

Madoka: The Emperor looked at what she held, and was stunned when he saw
his own gold coin!  At that moment, the sky suddenly grew dark, and a 
great rumbling of thunder was heard.

Raiden: *IT IS DONE.*
[A flash of lightning comes out of the sky and strikes the girl and 
Emperor, who instantly disappear.]

Madoka: The next moment, they found themselves in the Imperial 
Palace.  The girl gasped at the sight of the former beggar, now dressed 
in his full imperial regalia, but when she saw the luminous form of 
Raiden, her heart almost stopped!  She fell to the ground in awe, but 
Raiden lifted her up and looked into her eyes.

Raiden: My child, your world faces a great peril.  The forces of Darkness 
have come to claim rulership over all of humanity, but I have challenged 
their claim.  I am not permitted to fight them myself, so I must choose a 
champion to fight in my stead.

Haruka: R -- Raiden-sama, I beg your forgiveness, but what has this to do 
with me?

Raiden: [holds up the gold piece] This is the lot which we cast among 
your people.  The one the Heavens have chosen is the one who would return 
this to its rightful owner.

[Haruka is absolutely stunned.]

Haruka: That's impossible -- you can't mean -- (She pauses, then 
throws herself at Raiden's feet again.)  Oh, great Raiden-sama, I 
would never presume to question thy judgment, but -- but -- why *me*?!

Raiden: Because, my child, it is your destiny.

Haruka: But I am just a humble farmer's daughter!  I know naught of 
war and fighting!  How can one such as I possibly contend with such 
terrible darkness?

Raiden: You need not fear, my child.  All the power that you require 
will be granted to you, save one that you must provide yourself: your 
will.  If that is strong enough to conquer the demons of fear within 
yourself, then you will be strong enough to conquer the demons 
of Hell.  Do you understand, my child?

[Haruka hesitates as she struggles with her emotions, but eventually 
stands up and bows formally.]

Haruka: Hai, Raiden-sama.  I will do as you command.

Raiden: (smiles) What is your name, my child?

Haruka: My name is Haruka Mano, Raiden-sama.

Raiden: (stands up and raises his hands)  Then let all Heaven and Earth
bear witness.  I, Raiden, God of Thunder, hereby declare my champion 
to be Haruka Mano!  In the name of He who rules on high, grant her the 
power to triumph over evil!

[Suddenly, a whirling cloud forms around Haruka and lifts her off the 
ground.  The sounds of wind and thunder echo through the palace as
lightning flashes around the girl.  Suddenly, the wind rips off Haruka's 
clothes just as a great flash of lightning blinds the onlookers.  When 
they open their eyes, the wind is gone, and Haruka stands before them 
wearing the uniform of a Devil Hunter.]

Madoka: And that is how the Devil Hunters came to be.

Azusa: Oh, I just love hearing that story!  It's so awesome!

Yohko: Yeah, I suppose.  I've always wondered what her family must have 
thought.  (pauses) I suppose I could have asked her, but we were busy with 
other things at the time.

Mulder: Wait a minute.  I thought this all happened thousands of years ago.

Yohko: Well, yeah, but Tokima opened up this hole in time, and... well, 
it's a long story.

Madoka: Well, enough reminiscing.  Let's get on with the conjuring, shall we?
Yohko, since I've retired from Devil Hunting, you should perform the

Yohko: But I don't know the first thing about conjuring demons!

Madoka: Don't worry.  (hands Yohko a book)  Just read the incantation in 
this book, and put all your concentration into holding the pentagram 
together, OK?  Azusa, transform into your Devil Hunting outfit and stand 
inside the pentagram.  We're about to begin!

(Azusa's clothes transform into her Devil Hunting outfit and she steps 
into the pentagram.  Yohko raises her hand and begins the incantation.)

Yohko:  Spirits of evil, spirits of night; spirits who ever shun the light;
        Rise now to this place from the depths of Hell;
        And obey my commands; be bound by my spell!

(Yohko makes a gesture with her hands, then beams of light shine from her 
hair ornaments and connect with her ring.  The pentagram also glows with 
a bright light.  Suddenly, a shape begins to form inside the pentagram.  
The shape slowly coalesces into a monstrous black form with horns and 
wings.  It is featureless except for its glowing red eyes, and it is so 
black that the black of night seems bright as day by comparison.  It 
tries to fly away, but is stopped at the border of the pentagram.  It 
then emits a terrible scream and prepares to fight.)

Madoka: A Shadow Demon!  Well, this will prove to be a most interesting 
challenge.  Azusa, be careful!  A Shadow Demon's breath or touch can 
drain your energy!

Azusa: (looking determined) Right, Auntie Madoka!  Spear of Fuma, 

(Azusa's spear appears in her right hand.  She holds it at ready as the 
Shadow Demon flies toward her with its claws outstretched.  Azusa dodges 
and swings at the demon, which jumps back and hisses at her.  Azusa 
twirls her spear and jumps at the demon, striking its wing.  The demon 
screams and emits a blast of totally black breath at her.  Azusa rolls 
away and delivers a thrust into the demon's chest.  A hole forms in the 
chest, but quickly closes much as a hole in a cloud of smoke would.)

Madoka: Azusa!  Use light in your attack!  Make your weapon glow!

(Azusa concentrates, then makes a quick swing at the demon's wing.  When 
the spear strikes, it creates a flash of light that dissipates the wing 
and makes the demon scream in pain.  In retaliation, it lets out another 
blast of breath.  Azusa tries to dodge, but trips on a rock and is 
touched by the black cloud.  She tries to get up, but fails.)

Azusa: Auntie Madoka!  I can't move my legs; they feel like ice!

Madoka: Quick, Azusa!  Concentrate all your energy into one great blast 
of light!

(Azusa closes her eyes and holds her hands together.  A ball of light 
begins to form inside them.  The demon growls and begins to move towards 

Madoka: Now, Azusa!  Now!

(Just as the demon is about to strike, Azusa holds out her hands, causing 
a bright blast of light to shine forth.  A terrible scream is heard.  
When the light dies down, the demon is gone and Azusa lies unconscious on 
the ground.  Yohko breaks the spell and the pentagram stops glowing.)

Yohko: (gasping for breath) Boy, that was hard work keeping that demon 

Madoka: I know, but it will get easier with practice, Yohko. (turns to 
Mulder)  So, what did you think of our little demonstration, Agent Mulder?

Mulder: Pretty impressive.  I'd say even Freddy Krueger would think twice 
before coming here.

Yohko: Hey, Grandma, is Azusa all right?

Madoka: (examining Azusa) She's just worn out from her fight.  The Shadow 
Demon's breath only touched her a little.  After a warm bath and a good 
night's sleep, she'll be good as new.

Wolfgang: (examining his pictures) It's incredible.  The Shadow Demon is 
actually darker than the background on these pictures.  It's almost as if 
it had a negative aura.

Madoka: Shadow Demons are composed of negative energy.  That's why their 
touch is so dangerous.  Well, it's getting late.  We'd best pack up and 
go back home.

(Wolfgang picks up Azusa while Madoka collects the rope and magical 
symbols.  The group then leaves the park.  Nearby, a garbage man stares 
open-mouthed at the scene.)

Garbage Man: Did I just see that?  (shakes his head) Nah.  I'd better lay 
off the sake.  (He leaves.)

The Pentagon
Washington, DC
Time unknown

(In the occult room.  The Hidden Man is sitting on his throne, still 
shrouded in incense smoke and shadows.  Cancer Man enters the room and 
bows before the throne.)

Cancer Man: We have completed the setup of the pentagram focusing 
elements, my lord.  They should be fully charged by tonight.

Hidden Man: Excellent.  What about the girls we require?

Cancer Man: Don't worry.  Our men are in the process of re-acquiring them 
as we speak.  However, there is one problem...

Hidden Man: Oh?  And what is that?

Cancer Man: The ancient documents you gave us say that we need a daughter 
of a king at the center of the ceremony.  We've found a likely candidate, 
and our Special Forces team is ready to move in, but I'm not sure she's 
quite suitable for the ceremony.  What I mean is, we can't find any young 
princesses who are still pure of body.

Hidden Man: (laughs) Is *that* all that's bothering you?  It seems you 
haven't learned the ancient tongue quite well enough.  The word you 
translate as "king" actually means any ruler of a country.  There is a 
person quite close to you who fits the criteria precisely.

Cancer Man: Well, even so, I still don't see... wait a minute.  You can't 
mean --

Hidden Man: That is exactly who we mean.

Cancer Man: Well, for crying out loud, why didn't you just *tell* us?  We 
could have saved all the trouble of arranging the Special Forces team.

Hidden Man: I had thought it would be obvious.  Prepare the ritual 
baptism pool for her, and remember, she must be taken at least 24 hours 
before the ceremony!

Cancer Man: Yes, my lord.  We will begin at --

(Suddenly the room is filled with a cold wind.  A dark shape materializes 
in front of the throne and transforms into Michael, still missing one arm.)

Cancer Man: Ah, so you've returned.  Have you dealt with Mulder and 

Michael: No, master.

Cancer Man: What?!  How dare you disobey my commands!  For that, I shall 
wrack your spirit!  (He raises his hands in preparation for an 

Hidden Man: (raises a hand) Wait a moment.  We would question him first.  
(Cancer Man lowers his hands.)  What has happened to your arm, Michael?

Michael: (falling to the floor) Oh great Lord, please forgive my 
incompetence.  I swear, I shall redeem myself in your eyes if I am given 
but the chance!

Hidden Man: Oh, cease your groveling, you miserable imp.  Merely answer 
our question.

Michael: (looking up) Oh great Lord, it was like this.  I was sent by my 
master to kill Mulder and Scully.  I had them in my grasp when suddenly, 
this girl comes in.  She does some trick that made her clothes change, 
then pulls out a sword and cuts off my arm!

Cancer Man: If you think I will believe your pathetic lies, demon, then 
you are mistaken!  A sword, indeed!  Everyone knows that a demon cannot 
be harmed by mortal weapons.

Hidden Man: Hmmm... You say she "pulled out" a sword.  Was she carrying 
it, or did she just make it appear?

Michael: Well, now that you mention it, oh great Lord, she did just make 
it appear.

Hidden Man: And when this girl "changed her clothes", as you say, was she 
wearing a red dress?

Michael: Yes!  Oh great Lord, you are truly all-knowing!

Hidden Man: (pauses) Thank you for that information, Michael.  (He 
gestures, and Michael's arm re-forms.)  Now, you are dismissed.

Michael: Oh thank you!  It is my pleasure to serve, oh great Lord!  (He 

Cancer Man: Why did you let him go?  He failed in his task and must be 

Hidden Man: (sighs) Sometimes you can be desperately obtuse.  Did it 
never occur to you to ask why your pet demon had only one arm?  As you 
said, mortal weapons cannot harm him.  So, what does that leave you with?

Cancer Man: A magical weapon?  But how would Mulder and Scully --

Hidden Man: Mulder and Scully are of no importance.  The girl who bested 
your demon, however, is of great interest to us.  She is Yohko Mano, the 
108th generation of Devil Hunter.

Cancer Man: Devil Hunter?  You mean to say that this girl can actually 
kill a demon?

Hidden Man: For 2,600 years, the Devil Hunters have fought demons using 
their hereditary magical powers.  Once, we encountered one of their kind, 
and she was able to prevent us from claiming our rightful place on this 

Cancer Man: Then this Yohko is a threat to us?  Should we send our 
assassins to terminate her?

Hidden Man: You are so impatient, aren't you?  In order for her to 
threaten us, she must come to us, most likely in the company of Mulder 
and Scully.  (smiles) And when she does, this time we shall be ready for 

Cancer Man: Right!  I'll notify all the international airports to look 
for Mulder and Scully and arrest them and their companions on sight.

Hidden Man: Do that.  If you catch them, bring them before us.  We want 
to have the satisfaction of dealing with them personally.

Cancer Man: (bows) Yes, my lord.  (He leaves.)

Hidden Man: So, there shall be another confrontation between us and the 
Devil Hunters!  Let it be so, for this time shall be their ultimate 
defeat!  Ha ha ha ha ha!

Washington, DC
3:00 PM

(Scene is outside a private school just as classes are ending for the day.
A Middle Eastern man is walking by, minding his own business.  Suddenly,
two dark-suited men step out and grab him.  Before he has a chance to 
struggle, one of the men holds up a magic charm and shines a red light 
into the man's eyes.  The two suits then whisper something into the man's 
ear and hand him an automatic weapon.  A limousine pulls up to the school 
and two Secret Service men get out.  Another two Secret Service men 
escort Chelsea Clinton down the stairs towards the limo.  Just as she is 
about to step into the car, the Middle Eastern man runs out and begins 
firing his machine gun at the car.  Bystanders scream and scatter as one 
of the Secret Service men is shot.  The other three quickly push Chelsea 
into the bullet proof limo, then draw their handguns and shoot the gunman.
The two dark-suited men watch and smile.)

The White House
Washington, DC
4:12 PM

(Inside the Cabinet briefing room.  Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea are seated 
at one end of the table.  Chelsea is crying as Hillary comforts her.  
Several Secret Service men are at the other end, accompanied by the two 
dark-suited men from the school.  One of them stands up and speaks.)

Man 1: Mr. President, we're all deeply disturbed by the incident that 
occurred this afternoon at your daughter's school.  I can assure you, all 
available measures are being taken to ensure that this will not happen 

Bill: I want to know who did this.  I want to know who tried to kill my 

Man 1: Sir, we were able to get an ID on the perp through Interpol.  
(Presses a button, which causes an image to appear on a TV set at the 
front of the room.)  The man's name was Hakim Al Azred.  According to 
records, he was heavily involved with radical terrorist factions in both 
Iraq and Syria.  (Presses the button again, causing an image of a blown-
out building to appear.)  He's been linked to two car-bombings in Lebanon 
and at least one airplane hijacking.

Bill: But he's dead now.  Is that it, or will another maniac take a shot 
at her tomorrow?

Man 2: Sir, at this time, we really can't say.  Most of Hakim's former 
associates are either dead or in prison, but there might be a few still 
at large.  Plus, you know how unpredictable terrorists are.  When word of 
this gets out, it'll probably inspire at least a hundred other factions 
to try and take revenge.

Hillary: So what are you guys going to do about it?

Man 1: Mrs. Clinton, at this time we feel that the best option would be 
to place Chelsea in protective custody at a safe house until we can track 
down any other potential threats.  The terrorists won't know where she is,
and we'll have a full armed guard 24 hours a day just in case.

Bill: Why do you need to do that?  I mean, what's wrong with White House 

Man 2: (pauses) Sir, I didn't want to tell you this before because I 
didn't want to alarm you, but we've uncovered evidence which suggests 
that these terrorists may have an inside source inside the presidential 
security staff.  We have several suspects currently under surveillance, 
but we don't want to put your daughter at any unnecessary risk.

Man 1: Trust us on this, sir.  We're professionals.

Bill: (pauses) All right.  I guess we'd better, just to be safe.  (turns 
to Chelsea) Chelsea, honey, pack your things.  You're going to have to 
stay at a safe house until this thing blows over.

Chelsea: Why did this have to happen?  I mean, why couldn't I have been 
born just a normal kid instead of the presidential daughter?

Hillary: Now, Chelsea, calm down.  These men are here to protect you.  
They won't let anything bad happen to you.  OK?

Chelsea: Are you sure?  Do you promise?

Man 1: (smiles) Yes, Chelsea.  We promise.

(Outside the White House.  Chelsea and the two men get into a limo with 
darkened windows along with a couple other Secret Service men.  Bill and 
Hillary watch as the limo drives off.  Inside, Chelsea squirms nervously 
as she looks around at the armed men sitting next to her.)

Chelsea: Now, you're sure the terrorists don't know where we're going, 

Man 2: Don't worry, Chelsea.  No one will find you.  In fact, no one will 
ever see you alive again!

(One of the agents sitting next to Chelsea pulls out an injection gun and 
pumps a dose of tranquilizer into her.  The car pulls into an alley, 
where the men stuff Chelsea into a bag marked "TOP SECRET" and throw her 
in the trunk.  The car drives up to the Pentagon, where the men all flash 
their IDs to the guards and drive down into the parking garage.  A secret 
door opens, and the car drives inside.  The door closes, leaving no 
indication that it was ever there.)


Devil Hunter Yohko meets the X-Files ("Demon City D.C.")
(C) 1995 Michael Franz
The X-Files are (C) 1995 Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Devil Hunter Yohko is (C) 1990 Japan Computer Systems and Toho, Inc.

Narita International Airport
Tokyo, Japan
12:30 PM

(At the ticket counter for Japan Air Lines.  Mulder, Scully, Yohko, Azusa,
and Wolfgang are standing in line, waiting to check in.)

Scully: Mulder, why are we leaving so early?  We were supposed to go back 
on the 6:30 flight.

Mulder: Because the government might be looking for us.  If we take the 
3:00 flight, we might be able to get to the Washington airport before 
they do.

Scully: Are you sure we're going to be able to get tickets for everyone 
on such short notice?

Mulder: I already checked.  There's enough open spaces on this flight.  
(Pats his wallet.)  I'm just glad I brought my American Express card 
instead of a Visa, or we'd never be able to pay for everything.

Scully: I can just see you trying to explain to Skinner why there's an 
extra $4000 on your expense account.

Mulder: Scully, when we get back to Washington, we'll have to explain to 
Skinner that the government is about to conjure an army of demons to 
destroy the world.  I think that money will be the least of his worries.

Azusa: Oh, I'm so excited!  I've never been to America before!

Yohko: Well, we're not exactly going there on vacation, Azusa-chan.  
Aside from the fact that "DC" now stands for "Demon Central", Washington 
has one of the highest murder rates in the civilized world.

Mulder: Yeah, plus our mayor was once arrested for snorting coke.

Scully: Oh great, Mulder.  Ruin their perceptions of America.  Why don't 
we just tell them that J. Edgar Hoover liked to dress in women's clothing?

Yohko: Who's J. Edgar Hoover?

Scully: Never mind.

Mulder: You know, that's one thing I can never figure out.  If Japan is 
such a polite and peaceful nation, how come they make movies like 
"Urotsukidoji" that are so full of sex and violence?

Scully: For the same reason they like American films like "Terminator 2", 
Mulder.  Nobody likes violence in real life, but everyone likes to watch 
it at the movies.  It's a way of safely indulging the darker side of 
one's nature.  (pauses) You watched Urotsukidoji?

Mulder: Well, yeah.  It *does* have a great plot, you know.

Scully: Oh, sure, Mulder.  And I suppose the adult manga I found in your 
suitcase was just more "research" into Asian culture.

Mulder: Oh, come on, Scully.  Everyone in Japan reads those.  I mean, 
"When in Rome..."

Scully: (smiles) Well, Mulder, if you're so eager to be "Roman", then why 
didn't you try the traditional Japanese bath?

[Mulder blushes.  Fortunately, he is spared further embarrassment 
by the sudden appearance of Chi, who runs up to the group, breathing 
heavily from sprinting.]

Chi: Yohko Mano!  Just what do you think you're doing?!

Yohko: What?  What did I do, Chi?

Chi: I went over to your house, and your grandmother told me you were 
going to America to work on a case!  How could you just run off without 
notifying your manager first?

Yohko: (sighs) Chi, I think you're taking this manager thing a little too 
seriously, OK?  We're on a mission to save the world, not to get rich!

Chi: And what's wrong with getting paid to save the world?  You could 
probably get at least 50 million yen for something like that.  What sort 
of case is this, anyway?

Azusa: We're going to stop some people in the Pentagon from conjuring an 
army of demons.

Chi: The Pentagon?!  You mean this case involves the U.S. government?  Oh,
boy!  You should be able to get 100 million for that!

Yohko: And you'd get 10%, of course.

Chi: Of course.  That is the standard fee for business managers.

(A voice suddenly comes out of the airport paging system.)

Pager: Fox Mulder, Mr. Fox Mulder, please pick up the white courtesy 

Scully: I wonder who could be calling you at the airport?

Mulder: Well, I'll know soon enough, won't I?  (Mulder walks over to the 
information counter and picks up the white courtesy phone.  On the other 
end is a familiar voice.)

Mr. X: I wouldn't advise taking that flight, Agent Mulder.

Mulder: What do you mean?

Mr. X: I mean they've already alerted the authorities at all U.S. 
international airports to arrest you and Scully on sight, along with 
anyone who's with you.

Mulder: Damn!  So now what are we supposed to do?

Mr. X: I don't know, Agent Mulder, but I do know you must get to 
Washington by midnight two days from now.  That's when the ceremony will 
be held.  The fate of the world is in your hands, Agent Mulder.  Don't 
let me down.  (hangs up)

(Mulder pounds the counter in frustration and walks back over to his 

Scully: Well?

Mulder: That was Mr. X.  He said the government's watching all the 
airports.  If we fly into the United States, the immigration authorities 
have orders to arrest us all on sight.

Scully: And no doubt some men in black will be around to collect us 
afterwards.  (pauses) Mulder, what if we use our federal IDs to get 
through the security gates and bypass immigration?

Mulder: No, they've probably thought of that.

Wolfgang: (holds up a bag of runes) Well, I could always try to cast an 
illusion spell on the immigration officers so they don't recognize us.  
(He frowns.)  Although, if they were watching really closely, I don't 
think it would work.

Mulder: Then we'd better not take the chance.  There has to be some way 
we can get into the country!  If we could just find a way to get past the 
airport... (pauses) Wait a minute!  Canada!

Scully: What about Canada, Mulder?

Mulder: That's how we'll get in!  We'll fly into Toronto and drive back 
to Washington!

Scully: How can you be sure they haven't alerted the border guards there, 

Mulder: Because they're bureaucrats, Scully.  Anything original or 
creative is beyond their ability to comprehend.  Besides, we stand a much 
better chance of escaping if we're in a car than we would in a crowded 
airport filled with security guards.

Scully: You've got a point, Mulder.

Mulder: Also, we should keep our old reservations.  If they're checking 
the flights, they might be delayed long enough for us to get into 
Washington before they know it.

Scully: Just one thing, Mulder.  Is there any space on the Toronto flight?

Mulder: Just a minute, I'll check.  (Mulder goes over to a pay phone and 
talks for a minute.)  Well, they said the only space they had was in the 
first class section.

Scully: Mulder, do you have any idea what a first class transpacific 
flight costs?!

Mulder: Come on, Scully.  We're going to save the world.  We should 
travel in style.

Scully: (sighs) I guess we'll have to add another six thousand to your 
American Express.

Mulder: You know, Scully, for once they were right.  I *am* glad I didn't 
leave home without it!

The Pentagon
Washington, DC
Time unknown

(In an ordinary-looking office.  Cancer Man is seated at a desk, smoking 
a cigarette.  The door opens, and Krychek walks in.)

Krychek: Sir, I just received word from our people at the airport.  
Mulder and Scully had reservations on the 6:30 flight out of Tokyo, but 
they weren't spotted by any of the immigration personnel when it landed.  
None of the other airports have reported seeing them either.

Cancer Man: They must have changed to another flight to try and avoid us. 
(smiles) But we'll have them sooner or later, no matter where or when 
they arrive!  Have you checked the records for any other flights?

Krychek: I'm having the records searched now, sir.  The results should be 
here momentarily.  (Krychek's cellular phone rings.  He answers it, and 
suddenly becomes nervous as he listens to the other end of the line.  
With trembling hands, he folds up the phone and puts it in his pocket.)  
Uh, sir, we may have a problem.

Cancer Man: Problem?!  (He stands up, staring Krychek in the face.)  What 
problem would this be, then?

Krychek: Uh, well, I just got the results of that records search you 

Cancer Man: And?!

Krychek: And, um, we found Mulder and Scully's flight.

Cancer Man: Don't just stand there like an idiot, man!  Which flight was 

Krychek: (sweating) Well, sir, it appears they took the 3:45 flight to... 
uh... to...

Cancer Man: (impatiently) To?

Krychek: Toronto, Canada.

Cancer Man: Well, what's the problem?  The border guards will still catch 
them when they try to cross.

Krychek: (swallowing) Well, sir, uh, you only told me to alert the 
airport authorities, sir.  The Canadian border guards were, uh... never 

Cancer Man: (exploding with rage) WHAT?!  (grabs Krychek by the shirt) 
You IDIOT!  They're probably across the border by now!  (releases Krychek 
and controls himself with an obvious effort)  I want them found NOW, do 
you hear me?!  Alert our contacts in the military.  Set up roadblocks 
around the city.  Have our men watch their apartments, their friends' 
houses, anywhere they could be going!  The ceremony is tomorrow night, 
and I won't have it disrupted by those two punks and their Devil Hunter 
friends!  Now, GET MOVING!

Krychek: (running out of the office) Y-Yes, sir!

Cancer Man: All the power I've ever wanted is so close I can almost taste 
it.  This city, this country, this entire *planet* will be mine, and this 
time I won't let that bastard Mulder get in my way!  DO YOU HEAR ME, FOX 

Just outside Washington, DC
4:00 AM

(Inside an all-night truck stop.  Mulder and Scully are drinking coffee, 
while the others drink soda.  The store's sound system is tuned to one of 
those old junky AM stations playing country music.  Two truckers sitting 
next to Mulder and Scully are talking and drinking beer.)

Trucker 1: Ha ha!  Hey, remember that time you tried to pick up that 
bitch in Jersey, and it turned out she was a cop?

Trucker 2: (laughing) Yeah, that was quite a night.  She said she was 
going to arrest me for sexual harrassment, and I said, "Baby, you can put 
the cuffs on me any day!"

Trucker 1: Yeah, and she almost did, too!  Woooo-eee!

Trucker 2: Yeah, that was great.  (He finishes his can of beer.) Well, I 
think we'd better get going now.

Trucker 1: Why the hurry, Bob?  We don't have to get the cargo in until 

Trucker 2: Well, I just heard from old Norton on the CB that they've got 
roadblocks all around DC.

Trucker 1: (laughing) What, are you afraid they'll find your stash of 

Trucker 2: No, man, these ain't no cops.  Norton said it was the Army 
what set these things up.

Trucker 1: The Army?  What in tarnation's all that about?

Trucker 2: I don't know, but Norton said they was giving folks a lot of 
trouble.  We'd best get there early if we want to make it on time.

Trucker 1: (standing up) Yeah, you're probably right.  I was in the Army 
once, and I know them dudes can be a real pain.  Let's go, then.

Trucker 2: Hey, maybe there'll be some chicks in uniform down there!

Trucker 1: Yeah, then we can show them how long our M-16s can stand at 

(The two truckers leave, still laughing.  Mulder and Scully frown.)

Yohko: What was all that about?

Mulder: They've set up roadblocks around Washington, DC to catch us.  
Apparently they've found out about our little trick.

Chi: Oh, this is so exciting!  It's just like a James Bond movie.

Yohko: Yeah, well, James Bond could just fly over the roadblocks in his 
rocket car.  We can't.

Scully: Well, we don't need to get into the city just yet, Mulder.  We 
can just call Skinner and see if he can find a way for us to get through 
the roadblocks.

Mulder: Well, it's worth a try, Scully, but we'd better not use the 
phones.  Fortunately for us, Skinner has a CB radio in his house.  We'll 
just ask one of these truckers if we can call him on their CB.

Scully: Mulder, I hardly think Skinner would leave his radio on at 4:00 
in the morning.

Mulder: I'll call his pager number and send him a message.  It'd be 
pretty difficult to tap that on short notice, so I think we'll be safe.

Scully: Yeah, but there's still the problem of Skinner being asleep.

Mulder: You obviously haven't heard Skinner's pager go off.  It's loud 
enough to wake the dead.

(Cut to Skinner's house.  Skinner is in his bedroom, quietly snoozing.  
Suddenly, an ear-shattering beep rings out.  Skinner quickly sits up, 
shocked into wakefulness.  He turns on the light, then fumbles around on 
his nightstand for his pager.  When he presses the button, the pager 
displays the message "CALL ME ON CB 19.  MULDER."  He gets up, puts on 
his bathrobe, and walks down the stairs into his basement, where he has 
his radio set up.  He turns it on and sets the frequency to CB channel 19.)

Skinner: (sleepily) Hello, hello.  This is Walter Skinner.  Is anyone 

Mulder: Hello, sir.  This is Mulder.

Skinner: Agent Mulder, what the hell is going on here?!  I got woken up 
at 2:00 in the morning by the director, who said that the Army was 
surrounding the entire city with roadblocks.  The only information I 
could get out of them was that they were under orders straight from the 
top to search for and apprehend two fugitives who were a threat to 
national security.  Judging by the nature of your call, I've got a pretty 
good idea of who those fugitives are.  Now, would you mind telling me 
just what the hell you did to get the entire armed forces of the United 
States after you?  Just where are you, anyway?

(Cut to the truck stop parking lot.  Mulder is sitting inside the cab of 
a grocery store truck talking on the CB.)

Mulder: I'm at a truck stop just outside Washington.  Listen, sir, I 
can't explain everything right now, but believe me when I say this is 
bigger than anything we've ever dealt with before.  The information we 
have is absolutely vital, and the government conspirators will do 
anything to stop us from using it.  We've got to get into the city, and 
we'll need your help to do it.

Skinner: (sighs) Oh, boy.  So it's finally come to this, has it.  If I 
help you, the military will probably have me killed.  If I don't, then 
some terrible conspiracy will take place.  (pauses) You know, Mulder, I 
never really liked those people.  The only reason I was always harassing 
you was because that's what they wanted.  So, if this is your way of 
trying to get back at me, well, you've got the wrong guy.

Mulder: Sir, please.  This is a matter of national security!

Skinner: Where have I heard that before?  (sighs) Oh, all right, Agent 
Mulder.  I'll help you.

Mulder: Thank you, sir.  Is there any way you can get us past the 
roadblocks and into the city?

Skinner: I don't think so, Mulder.  They've got every street covered.  
And there's no way they'd let me through without a search.  They know I'm 
sympathetic to you guys.  No, I don't think there's any way around the 

Mulder: (turns to Scully) Skinner says he can't get us around the 
roadblocks.  Any ideas?

Scully: Well, I don't really know.  (pauses)  It's too bad Agent Hanson 
isn't here.  She could probably get us in.

Mulder: Who's Agent Hanson?

Scully: Oh, she's this friend of mine who works in the surveillance 
division.  She's really good at sneaking into places.  (pauses)  Wait a 
minute!  That's it!

Mulder: What, you mean we should call Hanson?

Scully: No, Mulder.  I just thought of something.  Hanson likes to save 
gas by riding the Metro to work every day.  It also occurs to me that 
there are several Metro stops outside the city limits.

Mulder: Scully, you're a genius!  But how can we be sure they're not 
watching the subways?

Scully: Well, you're the one that said that bureaucrats can't think of 
anything original.  They're concentrating so much effort on the roads 
that they won't have any time to think of anything else.

Mulder: It's risky, but it's definitely worth a shot!  (turns back to the 
radio)  Sir, meet us at the downtown Metro station as soon as the trains 
start moving.  We'll take the subway from Bethesda and go under the 

Skinner: I'll be there, Agent Mulder.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like 
to salvage what little sleep I can before the military conspirators come 
and shoot me.

Mulder: Thank you, sir.  Good night.


Devil Hunter Yohko meets the X-Files ("Demon City D.C.")
(C) 1995 Michael Franz
The X-Files are (C) 1995 Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Devil Hunter Yohko is (C) 1990 Japan Computer Systems and Toho, Inc.

Downtown Metro Station
Washington, DC
6:45 AM

(Scene is a Washington subway station during the early morning rush.  
Walter Skinner is standing on a platform, glancing occasionally at a 
timetable.  Suddenly, a subway car pulls into the station.  Skinner 
watches as Mulder, Scully, Yohko, Azusa, Wolfgang, and Chi get out.)

Mulder: Hello, sir.  Nice to see you.

Skinner: Cut the crap, Agent Mulder.  I want to know what's going on here,
and I want to know right now!

Mulder: (glances around at the masses of commuters) Well, I don't think 
this is the best place for us to talk, do you?  Let's find somewhere a 
bit more private.

Skinner: Yeah, you're right.  Let's go; I know just the place.

(The group walks down the hallway to the subway office.  A sign on the 
door reads "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY."  Skinner barges into the office 
and flashes his ID at the surprised security officials inside.)

Skinner: Walter Skinner, Assistant Director, FBI.  We're going to have to 
borrow your office for a few minutes.

Officers: But... hey, wait a minute!

Skinner: Get lost, people.  This is official government business.  (He 
shoves the officers out the door, still protesting, then he closes the 
door and locks it.)  All right, Agent Mulder, now just what the hell is 
going on here?  (He notices the others.)  And who the hell are these 

Mulder: Sir, do you remember that file I sent to you a few days ago about 
the series of kidnappings that were going on around the country?

Skinner: You mean the one where all the girls were being kidnapped?  Yeah,
I remember that.

Mulder: Were you also aware that Scully and I found six of those girls in 
the custody of a satanic cult who were about to sacrifice them?

Skinner: You found them?!  Why the hell didn't you file a report?

Scully: Sir, it was just before we went to Japan.  We didn't have time to 
file a report.

Skinner: Hmm... wait a minute.  I do recall reading a police report on 
the incident you just described, but I didn't look at it too closely 
since all the suspects were dead.

Mulder: Not quite all the suspects, sir.  The reason we found the girls 
in the first place was because Mr. X told us to go there.  He also told 
us that the girls were kidnapped by agents of the government.

Skinner: The government?!  Do you have any evidence to back that up?

Mulder: No, but I think the government's response to our having this 
information is proof enough, don't you?

Skinner: Hold on a minute.  That doesn't sound like much of a conspiracy 
to me.  If all the government did was kidnap some girls, why are they 
after you if you don't have any evidence against them?

Mulder: (clears his throat) Well, sir, this is where it gets really 

Skinner: I was afraid you were going to say that.

Mulder: As I said, the girls were found in the custody of a satanic cult. 
We have reason to believe that this cult is being run by an agency of 
the government and that they intend to sacrifice the girls in a ceremony 
at midnight tonight.

Skinner: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute here.  You're saying that these 
government agents actually worship the devil?!

Mulder: Well, *a* devil anyway, sir.  Apparently, there's more than one.

Skinner: (pauses) Well, Agent Mulder, this is all pretty strange, but at 
least it explains why the government wants you so badly.  Do you know 
where this ceremony will be held?

Mulder: Inside the Pentagon, sir.

Skinner: The Pentagon?!  Oh, boy.  (pauses)  So what do you want me to do,
Mulder?  Order a search of the Defense Department's headquarters?  
There's an awful lot of top-secret stuff in there, you know.  They'd 
never let me do it unless I had some pretty strong evidence to back me up.

Mulder: No, if we searched the place, that would just tip them off.  
Besides, I'm sure that they've hidden themselves too well for that.  I 
was thinking more along the lines of waiting until they start the 
ceremony and then raiding them.

Skinner: That might put the hostages in danger, Mulder.  Besides, where 
am I going to get the authority to raid the Pentagon?

Wolfgang: I have an idea.  If I went into the Pentagon this morning, I 
could scan for sources of demonic energy and find the place where they've 
got it stored.  With any luck, we might be able to find out where they're 

Skinner: Mulder, just what the heck is he talking about?  You still 
haven't told me who these people are.

Mulder: Well, sir, uh, this is Wolfgang, and they're Yohko, Azusa, and 
Chi.  We brought them with us from Japan to help us with this case.

Skinner: Mulder, what is going on here?  How can a bunch of kids help you 
with this case?

Mulder: (pauses) Well, sir, uh... this may be a little difficult for you 
to believe.

Skinner: Mulder, I've read your case files.  Everything you investigate 
is a little difficult for me to believe.

Mulder: Well, this may be just a bit *more* difficult, sir.  You see... 
oh, how should I put this... Yohko and Azusa are Devil Hunters.

Skinner: *Devil Hunters*?!

Chi: Yes, and I'm their business manager!  If my clients are going to 
perform a job for you, then I expect them to be well paid, preferably in 

(Skinner gives Mulder a steady look.)

Skinner: Let me get this straight.  You spent Bureau money to bring some 
kids here all the way from Japan so that they could fight off evil 
spirits and monsters?!

Mulder: Well, uh, sir, we believe that the other side is working for a 
Demon Lord named Azazel.  They're here to prevent any supernatural 

Skinner: (pauses) Mulder, I think this time you've finally gone off the 
deep end.  I mean, you've done some strange things before, but this!  
This is just too much!  And Scully!  You just stood by and let him do 

Scully: Well, sir, uh, I felt it was in the best interests of this case.

Skinner: God, you've both gone crazy!  All that ghost-hunting and 
paranoia have finally gone to your heads.  I don't know what the 
government's up to, but there's no way I'm believing that it involves 
devils and demons!  I suppose this ceremony is supposed to open a gate 
into Hell or something.

Azusa: That's right!  How'd you know that?

Skinner: (pounding his head against the wall) Great.  Just great.  The 
government's turning the city upside down because of some secret project 
and the only ones who know anything about it have gone stark staring 

Wolfgang: I see you're skeptical about the existence of the paranormal.  
If you've dealt with Mulder's cases before, why does this one come as 
such a great shock?

Skinner: And I suppose you're a Devil Hunter, too.

Wolfgang: No, I'm a scientist who studies the paranormal.  But you still 
haven't answered my question.

Skinner: Well, I'll admit, Mulder's cases are usually pretty strange.  
But I put up with all those oddities because his cases have often turned 
up evidence of illegal conspiracies and experiments by the government.  I 
love my country, and I can't wait to finally put those guys away.  But 
when I do, I'd like it to be on a charge other than witchcraft.  That 
sort of thing went out with the Puritans.

Wolfgang: (smiles) You think so, do you?  Well, then, watch closely.  (He 
removes some runes from his bag and puts them in his hand, then begins 
chanting softly.  Suddenly, horns grow out of Wolfgang's head and his 
teeth become sharp fangs.  As Skinner watches, a horrible black demon 
bursts out of Wolfgang's skin and begins growling furiously.  Skinner 
backs away in terror as several tentacles shoot out of the demon's chest 
and grab him.  The demon laughs and bares its fangs.  Skinner screams.)

Skinner: No, no!  Oh God, no!!

(Suddenly, Skinner looks around to find the demon gone.  In its place 
stands Wolfgang, holding several glowing runes.  The others look at 
Skinner questioningly.)

Scully: Sir, what happened?

Skinner: (shaking) It -- it was horrible.  He -- he turned into some kind 
of monster!

Scully: What are you talking about, sir?  All I saw was Wolfgang chanting 

Skinner: You mean -- none of you SAW it?!

(Everyone shakes their heads.)

Yohko: Wolfgang, just what did you do to him?  He's scared to death!

Wolfgang: I cast an illusion on him.  It made him see me as a horrible 

Yohko: It must have been pretty convincing!

Wolfgang: Well, illusions are the easiest form of magic.  All it takes is 
a few runestones and an active imagination.

Skinner: That -- that was incredible!  I mean, I saw him turn into a 
monster!  I SAW him!

Scully: (pats his shoulder) I know, sir.  That's how I felt when I first 
saw a demon.  It's rough at first, but once you deal with it, it isn't so 

Skinner: Once you deal with it, she says!  I had enough trouble dealing 
with everything before.  Now, I've got government-sponsored demons and 
monsters to deal with!  (sighs)  I think I need a drink.

Mulder: Sir, before you drown your sorrows, we need a plan as to how 
we're going to stop these guys.  See if you can arrange for some men to 
raid the Pentagon at midnight.  Get as many as you can, and arm them with 
heavy weapons.

Skinner: And just how am I supposed to do that?  My men would never raid 
the Pentagon without military authority.

Mulder: Well, then, get some!  In fact, it might be a good idea for the 
military to help out with this raid.

Skinner: But you just said the military were the ones performing the 

Mulder: Only some of them.  But you're right, it might be hard to find 
people we could trust.  Wait a minute, I know!  This sort of authority 
should come straight from the top.

Skinner: What do you mean?

Mulder: I mean, call the President and tell him what's going on.  He can 
get us in there without them knowing about it.

Skinner: Mulder, do you seriously expect me to call the President of the 
United States and tell him that the military is going to open a gate into 

Mulder: No, just tell him that the military kidnapped those girls and 
that they're going to kill them tonight.  Let the Devil Hunters worry 
about the rest.

Skinner: And you think he'll believe me?  I have no evidence!

Mulder: Then make some up!  Tell him you have several witnesses who saw 
the girls being dragged into the Pentagon and that they overheard the 
soldiers talking about the ceremony.  Tell them you have an inside source 
in the military who told you about it.  Tell him whatever it takes, but 
get his authorization!  This is too important to screw up!

Skinner: All right, all right.  I'll call the Secretary of Defense today 
and see if he can put me in touch with the President.  Now, what are you 
going to do?

Mulder: Well, Scully and I can stay with you and back you up if you need 
it.  We should lay low so that none of the government's agents sees us.  
Wolfgang's going to go into the Pentagon this morning when it opens and 
scan for any traces of demons.  See if you can arrange him some clearance.

Skinner: OK, that shouldn't be too hard.  We'll just say he's there to 
check the building for radon.  So, while we're doing that, what are your 
Devil Hunter friends going to do?  And for that matter, how are two 
little girls like that supposed to face down the forces of Hell?

Yohko: Hey, who are you calling little, you jerk!  I'll have you know 
I've already saved this world from two demon invasions, and I'm quite 
capable of doing it again!

Azusa: Yeah!  You tell him, Yohko!

Mulder: Well, there's nothing for them to do right now.  The government 
sent a demon after us in Japan, but they'd probably just use their agents 
here.  I don't know; the government probably doesn't know what they look 
like, but they'd better lay low just to be sure.

Skinner: Well, then, isn't it risky for Wolfgang to just walk into the 

Mulder: It's a risk we have to take.  Make him a fake ID and give him 
some glasses and hair color to disguise him.  We've got to try to find 
them before they find us.

Skinner: All right.  I'll call headquarters and get a van sent over here 
to pick us up.  Where do you think would be a good place to hide out 
while we wait?

Mulder: How about getting us some rooms at the Watergate Hotel.  It's 
close to the government offices, and we all need some rest after our trip 

Skinner: And just who do you think's going to pay for that, Mulder?

Mulder: Why, the Bureau, of course.  This *is* an official investigation, 
after all.

Skinner: All right, Mulder.  We'll do it your way.  (goes over to the 
desk and picks up the phone)  Oh, and Mulder?  If you see any other 
government conspiracies happen while you're there, be sure to tell me, OK?

Mulder: Don't worry, sir.  We'll nix any Nixons.

Skinner: (sighs) Where does the FBI get them, and why do they keep 
sending them to me?

Watergate Hotel
Washington, DC
12:55 PM

(Mulder, Scully, Yohko, Azusa, Chi, and Skinner are having lunch in the 
hotel's dining room.  Skinner is glancing at his watch anxiously.)

Skinner: It's almost 1:00!  Shouldn't Wolfgang be done by now?

Scully: Sir, the Pentagon's a big building.  It'll take a while to cover 
it all.

Skinner: Well, I don't know.  I mean, what if someone spotted his fake ID?

Scully: Sir, it was made by the FBI lab!  Who better to fake a government 
ID than the government?

Skinner: Yes, well, it took quite a bit of persuading to get them to do 
it, too.  (sighs) I'm just nervous, that's all.  If anyone recognizes him,
they'll know you two are in the city, and then BLAM!  We're deader than 
doornails, along with everyone else in the world come midnight.

Mulder: Sir, I've learned that the best thing to do when the military's 
after you is just to relax.  If you're tense, you'll make mistakes, and 
that makes you an easier target.

Skinner: (throws up his hands) Great.  The entire world is about to be 
sucked down into Hell and I've got an wise-ass agent here telling me to 

(Suddenly, Wolfgang walks in carrying his equipment.  His blond hair is 
dyed black, and he is wearing glasses and a Defense Department ID badge.)

Skinner: Well?!  What did you find, Wolfgang?

Wolfgang: (taking off the glasses) Nothing.  I scanned the whole place 
top to bottom, but I came up with zilch.

Chi: Oh, Wolfgang!  I think that hair and those glasses are definitely 
you!  (She bats her eyes at him coquettishly.)

Wolfgang: (blushes) Yes, um, well, there was a lot of residual energy in 
the building, but I couldn't pinpoint any exact sources.  Whatever 
they're storing the energy in has to be heavily shielded.

Mulder: Well, I guess that leaves us with Plan B.  We wait until midnight,
then we raid the place.  By the way, how's that coming?

Skinner: I called the White House and got an appointment with the 
President this afternoon at 4:30.  I sure hope I can convince him to do 
something.  (Skinner's cellular phone rings.  He answers it and talks for 
a few moments.  When he hangs up, he looks very concerned.)

Scully: Who was that, sir?

Skinner: That was the White House.  They said that the President's 
daughter is missing.

Mulder: Chelsea?  What happened?

Skinner: A couple days ago, some nut tried to shoot Chelsea outside of 
her school.  The President's security specialists told him that they were 
going to put her in a safe house until the heat blew over.  Well, this 
morning the President tried to call his daughter to see how she was doing.
It turns out nobody in the government knew where she was.  When the 
President tried to reach his security adviser, he was gone and no one 
knew where he was, either.  An investigation discovered that several of 
the President's top aides were missing.  The FBI director called all the 
government safe houses, and Chelsea's in none of them.

Mulder: That means the military is going to sacrifice her, too!  I can't 
believe this!  This is great!

Scully: It's great that the President's daughter is going to be 

Mulder: No, Scully, it's great for our strategy.  Sir, call the President.
Tell him you know where his daughter is!

Skinner: He'll want to know where I got that information from, Mulder.

Mulder: (pauses) Well, we might have to tell him the whole story.  We'd 
better bring Yohko and the others along in case the President needs some 

Skinner: (shudders) He'll be convinced, I have no doubt about that.

Mulder: So call him up!  Tell him this is too important to wait!  With 
any luck, we can meet with him right away!

Scully: Are you sure it's a wise idea for us to march into the White 
House?  I mean, there still might be some agents in there.

Mulder: No, you heard Skinner.  They've all gone into hiding in 
preparation for the ceremony.

Scully: But they still might have some eyes and ears on the outside.

Mulder: Maybe, but with this investigation going on, I think it will 
severely hamper their efforts.  No one's going to be able to make any 
covert calls from inside the White House.

Scully: Yeah, and what if they use magic to spy on us?

Mulder: That's what Yohko and Wolfgang are here for.  Now, come on!  This 
is our big chance, and we've got to act fast!  Otherwise, the world as we 
know it will come to an end!


Devil Hunter Yohko meets the X-Files ("Demon City D.C.")
(C) 1995 Michael Franz
The X-Files are (C) 1995 Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Devil Hunter Yohko is (C) 1990 Japan Computer Systems and Toho, Inc.

The White House
Washington, DC
2:30 PM

(Inside the Cabinet room.  People are rushing in and out of the room 
constantly as several FBI and Secret Service officials talk with the 
President, including the FBI director.)

Director: Mr. President, we still haven't been able to get any word on 
Chelsea's location.  I think it's safe to assume that your security 
advisers were involved in the kidnapping.

Clinton: But why?  Why would they want to kidnap my daughter?

Agent: We still haven't received any ransom demands yet, sir.  But rest 
assured, we're putting all our effort into finding her.  I promise you, 
we'll bring your daughter back safe.

Clinton: Safe.  That's what *they* said my daughter would be, and now 
she's missing.  I don't know who I can trust anymore.

(The speaker on Clinton's desk buzzes.  A secretary calls in.)

Secretary: Mr. President, Assistant Director Skinner of the FBI is here 
to see you.  He says he has some information about your daughter's 

Clinton: Finally, someone with some answers!  Please, show him in at once.

(The door opens, and Mulder, Scully, and Skinner enter.)

Skinner: Mr. President, I'm Walter Skinner, Assistant Director of the FBI.
I believe I may have some information regarding your daughter's 

Clinton: Well, don't just stand there, man!  Let's have it!

Skinner: (clears his throat) Uh, sir, these are two of my best agents, 
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.  Since they discovered this information, it 
would be best if they explained it to you.  (turns to Mulder)  Well, 
Mulder, he's all yours.  Good luck.

Mulder: (pauses) Well, Mr. President, it all started just before Scully 
and I went to Japan for that international terrorism conference.  We 
received a tip from one of our informants that something was going to 
happen at a church in Chevy Chase, Maryland, so we went there to stake 
out the place.  While there, we observed several individuals conducting 
an occult ritual with the apparent purpose of sacrificing several young 
girls.  We later discovered that these girls were part of a group of 75 
who had been kidnapped from all over the country over the last three 
months, leading us to conclude that this cult was responsible for these 
as well.

Clinton: So what are you saying?  That my daughter was kidnapped by this 

Mulder: There's more, sir.  We later received another tip which indicated 
that an agency within the government was responsible for this cult.  When 
we investigated this avenue, we found further evidence confirming this 
and that the cult was going to sacrifice these girls in a ceremony to be 
held at midnight tonight at the Pentagon.  However, this agency 
apparently learned of our knowledge and attempted to stop us from 
relaying this information by placing roadblocks around Washington to 
intercept us.

Director: Mr. President, if I may, Agent Mulder is well known throughout 
the Bureau for his farfetched and paranoid tales of nefarious government 
conspiracies.  I would strongly advise that any "evidence" he claims to 
have be backed up by solid proof.

Mulder: Director, you know perfectly well the military set up roadblocks 
around the city in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.  You 
are also aware that Chelsea's kidnapping did involve highly placed 
government agents.  These facts are not in dispute here.

Director: Well, yes, but what evidence do you have that these government 
agents are part of some sort of secret cult?  And who is this "informant" 
of whom you speak?

Voice: *I AM.*

(Everyone turns around to see Mr. X standing near the door.  Several 
Secret Service agents jump back and draw their guns, but Mr. X gestures, 
causing the President and his men to freeze in place.  He then addresses 
the assemblage.)

Mr. X: Mr. President, you don't know me, but I have assisted Agent Mulder 
several times with his cases.  However, even he has been unaware of my 
true nature.  I am taking a great risk by appearing before you in this 
manner, but the situation has become so critical that it is necessary.  
Now listen!  Your daughter, along with 75 other girls, has been taken by 
the government as part of an occult ceremony that will be performed at 
midnight tonight inside the Pentagon.  If this ceremony is completed, it 
will open a doorway into Hell itself which will allow the Demon Lord 
Azazel and his armies to enter your world and conquer it.  At all costs, 
this must not be allowed to happen.  But beware!  Azazel and his 
followers may employ supernatural means to stop you, but you have allies 
who are capable of defending against such threats.  Mulder can tell you 
more about them.  Now I must go, but heed my words!  If you do not 
succeed, then everyone on Earth will be damned and the entire planet will 
become another part of Hell.  Now, you will remember what I have said, 
but you will not remember who said it.  Good luck, and farewell.  (Mr. X 
opens the door and walks out.  A second later, the President and his men 
return to normal, their faces expressing shock at what they've just 
heard, and confusion as to what just happened to them.)

Clinton: Agent Mulder, what on Earth *was* that?

Mulder: Well, sir, to tell you the truth, I don't understand it myself.

Clinton: I mean... My God!  Is... is all that stuff true?  Are these... 
demons... *real*?

Scully: That's what we came here to tell you, sir.  In Japan, we met some 
people who told us about the ceremony and the demon invasion.  The 
government retaliated by sending a demon to try and kill us, but our 
friends were able to stop it.

Director: And, uh, just who are these friends of yours, Agent Scully?

Scully: Just a moment, I'll get them.  (She leaves, and comes back a few
moments later with Yohko, Azusa, Wolfgang, and Chi.)  Sir, this is Yohko
Mano and Azusa Kanzaki.  They are professional Devil Hunters.  The young
man is Wolfgang Boeck from Germany, an investigator of the paranormal, and --

Chi: And I'm Chigako Ogawa, the Devil Hunters' business manager!  Now, Mr.
President, if you'd like to hire my clients, I'm sure we can work out a 
reasonable payment that will be to our mutual satisfaction.  (pauses) Oh, 
and by the way, I think that auto parts deal you forced onto Japan was 
way out of line.  The keiretsu system has worked just fine for many years,
and we don't need any pushy American politicians trying to screw it up, 
thank you very much.

Clinton: (still dazed) Yeah, sure.  Auto parts.  Right.

Azusa: Oh, this is just so cool!  I can't wait to tell everyone that I 
met the President of the United States!  (She shakes his hand.)

Clinton: Uh, yeah, it's nice to meet you, too.  (to Mulder) So, let me 
just go through this again to make sure I haven't completely lost my mind.  
This government cult is going to sacrifice my daughter in a ceremony that
will open a gateway into Hell?

Mulder: That's correct.

Clinton: And these, um, "Devil Hunters" are supposed to be able to stop 
it, am I right?

Mulder: Well, they'll need some help from the government, but they'll 
certainly be able to defend against any supernatural menaces the enemy 
has in store for us.

Clinton: (falls back into his chair) This is... I mean, this is just too 
much!  I mean, I never even knew demons were real, much less that they'd 
try to invade the United States!  How can you people just stand there so 
calmly after hearing that?

Scully: Well, we've already had our nervous breakdowns, sir.  We can give 
you a few minutes to have yours before we start planning what to do.

Clinton: (standing up) No!  I mustn't!  I am the President of the United 
States, sworn to defend it against all threats, foreign and domestic.  I 
can't afford to have a nervous breakdown; not while my country and my 
daughter need me!  (His face takes on a stern expression.) Now, how do 
you all propose we stop this ceremony?

Mulder: Well, Mr. President, I think we should assemble a strike force 
and attack them right before they start.  We'll be able to take them by 
surprise and hopefully recover the girls safely.

Wolfgang: If I may, I think Yohko, Azusa, and I should go inside the 
Pentagon before it closes and hide out there until the ceremony starts.  
The leader of the cult is bound to be the one with the greatest 
supernatural powers, and he'll be at the center of the ceremony.  If 
we're able to stop him first, the others will probably surrender quietly.

Yohko: And then you'll be able to sabotage the place where they've stored 
the demonic energy, right?

Wolfgang: Right.  That'll certainly help us defeat the leader.

Clinton: Well, then, let's get this strike force assembled!  I'll call 
for troops, armored vehicles, even tanks.  We'll surround the Pentagon 
with firepower and we won't give any of those scum a chance to escape!

Mulder: You know, Scully, I think Clinton shows some promise after all.  
Maybe next time I'll actually vote for him.

The Pentagon
Washington, DC
11:59 PM

(The scene is the center of the Pentagon building.  There are 75 tables 
with struggling, naked girls strapped to them arranged in a circle around 
a raised dais.  Surrounding the dais are about 20 men, all clad in black 
and red robes inscribed with runes.  On the dais stands the Hidden Man, 
his face still obscured by shadow.  In front of him is a table with a 
naked, frightened Chelsea Clinton strapped to it.  The Hidden Man leans 
down and whispers in her ear.)

Hidden Man: Don't be afraid, my dear.  Soon, very soon, it will all be 

Chelsea: (crying) My dad'll stop you!  You'll see!

Hidden Man: (laughs) I'm sure, dear.  (He kisses Chelsea on the lips.  
Suddenly, a series of bongs resounds through the air.)  Ah, it seems the 
hour has arrived.  Men, let us proceed.  (He raises his hands, and the 
dais lights up.)

Im Namen der Maechten der Finsternis; im Namen der Herren der Hoelle;
(In the name of the powers of darkness; in the name of the lords of Hell;)
Ich rufe die Geister des Boesen an; kommt jetzt zu diesen Ort!
(I invoke the spirits of evil; come now to this place!)
Denn schaut!  Die Toren der Finsternis werden jetzt geoeffnet;
(For behold!  The gates of darkness will now be opened;)
Und diese Welt wird in die unendlichen Tiefen des Boesen geworfen.
(And this world will be cast into the unending depths of evil.)

Cultists: Denn schaut!  Die Toren der Finsternis wird jetzt geoeffnet; 
und diese Welt wird in die unendlichen Tiefen des Boesen geworfen.

(The Hidden Man gestures, and several torches which have been placed 
around each of the tables light up.  In another part of the Pentagon, 
Yohko, Azusa, and Wolfgang are hiding and watching Wolfgang's instruments 
for signs of activity.)

Yohko: Is there any demonic activity yet?

Wolfgang: No, not yet... wait a minute!  I'm detecting five sources, one 
at each corner of the Pentagon.

Yohko: Those must be where they've stored the demonic energy.  They're 
activating them now, so the ceremony must have begun.

Wolfgang: Right.  I'll go see if I can sabotage the sources.  When the 
President's forces attack, the cultists will probably go out to engage 
them.  That'll leave the leader in the center of the Pentagon.  As soon 
as the attack starts, you and Azusa go get him, all right?

Yohko: You got it, Wolfgang!  I can't wait to teach this little creep a 

Hidden Man: Und jetzt, lasst uns um das Oeffnen der Toren vorbereiten.
        (And now, let us prepare for the opening of the gates.)
        Moege die Kraefte der Finsternis jetzt entfesselt werden!
        (May the forces of darkness now be unleashed!)

(Meanwhile, outside the Pentagon, a small army of troops, along with many 
armored vehicles and tanks, have surrounded the building.  Several Apache 
helicopters fly over the building as well.  Mulder and Scully are in a 
truck with the President, who pulls out a microphone and speaks into it, 
causing his voice to boom out of speakers mounted on trucks all around 
the Pentagon.)

Clinton: Government traitors!  This is the President of the United 
States!  You are currently surrounded by heavily armed troops, vehicles, 
and tanks.  There is no escape!  Surrender now, or you shall be 

(Inside the Pentagon, the cultists are going into panic.)

Cultist 1: They've found us out!

Cancer Man: Impossible!  How could Mulder have eluded us?!

Krychek: Well, he obviously did!  So what are we going to do now, huh?

Hidden Man: SILENCE!  Now, you miserable worms, you will obey me.  Go out 
and prepare a reception for our uninvited guests.  The power of the 
pentagram will protect you.  Go now!  You have no choice but to obey.  
(The Hidden Man's eyes glow red, as do those of the cultists.)

Cultists: Yes, lord.  We shall obey.  (They leave.)

Hidden Man: Fools.  You thought you could wrest my power from me.  But I 
have owned your souls from the beginning.  And now you, along with the 
rest of these miserable humans, shall perish.  FOREVER!

(Outside the Pentagon, a rumbling is heard.  From above, the helicopters 
see five towers break through the roof of the Pentagon at the corners.  
Suddenly, they begin to glow with energy.  As the pilots watch, energy 
beams shoot between the towers, forming a gigantic glowing pentagram 
inside a circle.  Lightning flashes in the sky, and thunder booms.  Above 
the Pentagon, the clouds are swirling around like a whirlpool.)

Clinton: What in the hell...?

(Suddenly, a giant glowing head appears before the President.  It is that 
of the Hidden Man.)

Hidden Man: (laughs) So, the mighty forces of the United States have come 
to challenge me, have they?  Well, I'm afraid it won't be quite so easy 
as that.

Mulder: Who the hell are you?

Hidden Man: Why, I'm, as you say, the mastermind behind this whole 
operation!  And now, it's time for your precious president to taste my 

(Just then, Cancer Man comes out of the Pentagon in front of the 

Mulder: So, Cancer Man!  You've decided to surrender?

Cancer Man: Never, Mulder.  My men are positioned all around the Pentagon,
and they intend to teach your forces a lesson.

Clinton: The only one who's going to be taught a lesson is you, Mister!  
You're currently being covered by dozens of military sharpshooters, not 
to mention several armored vehicles and tanks.  There's no choice!  
Surrender or die!

Cancer Man: (in a demonic voice) I think not.  (His eyes glow, and he 
raises his hands.  Suddenly, energy from the towers shoots down into him, 
and he fires a tremendous bolt of energy at an armored vehicle, blowing 
it to smithereens.  The troops instantly open fire on him, but the 
bullets bounce off an invisible wall in front of him.)

Cancer Man: Ha ha ha ha!  Your puny weapons cannot penetrate the power of 
Azazel!  Now, you shall all die a slow, painful death.  (He fires energy 
bolts at the ground, which cause several troops standing near him to 
scream in agony.  Bursts of fire shoot out of their mouths, and the 
troops' flesh melts from their bodies like candle wax, leaving only 
blackened skeletons behind.  The tanks and troops continue to fire as 
Cancer Man throws a few more random energy bolts into the crowd.  From 
above, the helicopters see energy bolts crackling from all around the 
Pentagon, as well as explosions and fire from destroyed vehicles and 

(Meanwhile, inside the Pentagon, Yohko and Azusa have made their way to 
the center.  On the dais, they see a figure shrouded in shadow laughing 
to itself.)

Yohko: Azusa, you stay hidden and wait for the right moment.  If he 
thinks there's only one of us, we might be able to take him by surprise!

Azusa: I've got it, boss!

Hidden Man: (to himself)  Those pathetic fools.  They think they can stop 
me with mere weapons?!  Soon, very soon, all the world shall feel my 

(Yohko suddenly walks into the light.)

Yohko: So, you're the one who's behind all this, are you?  Surrender!  
You have no hope!

Hidden Man: (laughs) So, at last we meet, Devil Hunter Yohko.  I've 
waited a long time for this.

Yohko: Who are you?  Show yourself!

Hidden Man: I would be more than happy to reveal my identity to you, 
Yohko.  Behold the new ruler of the world, Heiko Boeck!  (The lights 
around him brighten, revealing a man in a Nazi uniform.  The SS insignia 
is prominently displayed.)

Yohko: Heiko!  But I thought you were dead!

Heiko: How did you know about me?

Yohko: Wolfgang told us all about your previous attempt to unleash the 
demons.  Well, it didn't work then, and it isn't going to work now!

Heiko: Ah, so you've met Wolfgang, have you?  He's so much like his 
grandfather, always believing in ridiculous ideals like truth and justice.
Whereas I stand for the only ideal that matters: power!

Yohko: So that's why you joined the Nazis?  For power?

Heiko: Ah, those were the days.  We wielded power over the lesser races; 
we struck fear into the hearts of men!  We were the strong; the rest were 
weak!  But of course I don't need to explain this all to you, Yohko.  
After all, your country felt the same way.

Yohko: How dare you say that, Heiko!  The Devil Hunters have always 
believed in peace between all mankind.  The war was wrong; it brought 
both our nations nothing but destruction!

Heiko: Oh, but I am working for peace between all mankind, dear Yohko.  
Once all of mankind is dead, they will be quite at peace with each other.

Yohko: That includes you, in case you haven't noticed, Heiko.  When 
Grandma Madoka beat Azazel last time, she saved your life!

Heiko: Ah, yes.  You're quite correct, of course.  At the time, your 
grandmother did save my life.  I never really did get around to thanking 
her for that.  Oh, well, it's too late now.  Anyway, this time I've made 
certain arrangements which will guarantee that I'll be around to enjoy 
the fun.

Yohko: Oh, come on, Heiko!  You really think Azazel will keep his end of 
the deal once he's here?

Heiko: Deal?  Oh, my dear Yohko, this is much more than just a *deal.*  
You see, Azazel can't hurt me without hurting himself.  You might say the 
two of us are... inseparable.

Yohko: Enough of this idle chatter, Heiko!  Surrender or die!

Heiko: (laughs) Die?!  DIE?!  The spiritual fusion is now complete!  The 
Lord of Darkness can never die!

Yohko: Spiritual fusion?!  You mean...

Heiko: Precisely, Yohko.  (His eyes glow, and his voice becomes demonic.) 
 *I... AM... AZAZEL!*

(Suddenly, Heiko's body bursts open.  A terrifying form with horns and 
wings grows out of it, reaching a height of thirteen feet.  The demon 
throws its head back, and lets loose a terrifying roar.  It then turns 
its hideous visage toward Yohko and sneers.)

Azazel: At last, after all these years, I have returned to the Earth 
realm!  And this time, Yohko, I intend to stay!

(Yohko raises her ring hand.)

Yohko: For your crimes against humanity in World War II; for turning the 
government of the United States to evil; you shall now be granted no 

(Yohko's clothes fly off and are replaced by her Devil Hunter dress.)

Yohko: Now, the 108th Devil Hunter, Yohko, is here!  Beware!


Devil Hunter Yohko meets the X-Files ("Demon City D.C.")
(C) 1995 Michael Franz
The X-Files are (C) 1995 Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox.
Devil Hunter Yohko is (C) 1990 Japan Computer Systems and Toho, Inc.

(Yohko and Azazel face off on the dais in the center of the Pentagon.  
Yohko wields her sword threateningly while Azazel merely sneers.  
Suddenly, Yohko rushes at Azazel, shouting a battle cry.  As she swings 
at him, however, Azazel spreads his wings and flies into the air.  He 
hovers about 30 feet above Yohko and laughs.)

Yohko: Azazel, you coward!  Come on and fight!

Azazel: Oh, I intend to, Yohko.  But one thing I don't intend is letting 
you fight back.  (Azazel shoots two magic blasts from his wings.  Yohko 
jumps back and they strike the dais, impacting with a forcefield which 
has sprung up around Chelsea.  The helicopter pilots see Azazel and begin 
firing all their guns and missiles at him in a panic.  The missiles, 
however, explode harmlessly around him.  Azazel glares at the copters, 
then throws a ball of fire at one, completely incinerating it.  The other 
helicopter tries to flee, but Azazel downs it with a tremendous bolt of 
lightning.  It crashes to the ground behind the President's truck as 
Cancer Man and his fellows continue to throw magic bolts at the 
government forces.)

Clinton: It's no use, Agent Mulder!  Our weapons are having no effect on 

Mulder: I know, Mr. President, but we've got to stay and fight!

Clinton: Are you out of your mind?  My men can't defend themselves 
against sorcery!

Mulder: Sir, our only hope now is for Yohko to confront and defeat the 
leader!  If we stop fighting now, the cultists will go back inside to 
help him and she won't stand a chance.  No, Mr. President, we must keep 
fighting, no matter what the cost!  We've got to give Yohko the time she 
needs to win!

Clinton: I just hope to God she does, Agent Mulder.  I just hope to God 
she does.

(Inside the Pentagon, Azazel is still flying above Yohko.  He dips down 
low several times, and Yohko leaps up to try and strike him.  Every time, 
however, Azazel darts away.  He lets out a demonic laugh as Yohko lands 
on the dais and catches her breath.)

Azazel: Do you see the futility of your actions, Yohko?  You cannot even 
touch me!  But I grow tired of this game.  Now, let me show you the true 
power of Azazel!  (He flies higher in the air, then spreads his wings, 
causing balls of fire to form under them.  Suddenly, he lets them rain 
down, causing Yohko to dodge frantically as an inferno of death crashes 
down from above.)

Yohko: Hey, you jerk!  This isn't fair!

Azazel: Over the years, Yohko, I've learned that the best way to win is 
not to fight fair.  (He turns around, then throws tremendous lightning 
bolts at Yohko.  Each time, she dodges away, but it's obvious that she 
can't keep this up much longer.  Azazel laughs again.)

Azazel: Perhaps you'd like to play with my pets, Yohko!  (He causes a 
rain of poisonous snakes to fall down upon Yohko.  Yohko screams and 
jumps back as the snakes snap and hiss at her.  Azazel then causes knives 
to rain down on Yohko.  She deflects most of them with her sword, but she 
misses one, which imbeds itself in her shoulder.  Yohko cries out in pain 
and falls to the ground.  Unfortunately, she lands near one of the snakes,
which sinks its fangs into her leg.  Azazel sees this and lets out a 
laugh of victory.  Azusa also sees this and is appalled.)

Azusa: Yohko-san!  (She summons her spear and throws it at Azazel.  The 
spear imbeds itself in Azazel's left eye, and he howls in pain.)

Azazel: You bastard child!  (He pulls out the spear and throws it at 
Azusa with frightening speed.  Before she can react, the spear penetrates 
Azusa's chest, and she falls to the floor.)

Yohko: Oh no!  Azusa-chan!

(Meanwhile, Wolfgang has reached the corner of the Pentagon and is 
intently studying the tower which contains the demonic energy.  He has 
opened up a panel and is taking readings from the interior.)

Wolfgang: Amazing!  This appears to be some kind of psionic amplifier!  
But where's its power source?  Where's it getting its input from?  (He 
sighs.)  I'm afraid I just don't understand this.  How am I ever going to 
sabotage it?

(Suddenly, Mr. X appears.  Wolfgang jumps back at his sudden appearance.)

Wolfgang: Was zum Teufel... Who are you?

Mr. X: No time for explanations now.  Yohko is losing the battle.  You 
must sabotage the demonic amplifier now!

Wolfgang: But I don't have the slightest idea how to do it!

Mr. X: Wolfgang, listen to me.  The leader of the cult is your great-
uncle, Heiko.  He has spiritually fused himself with Azazel.

Wolfgang: Spiritual fusion?!  That's incredible!  I didn't even think 
that was possible!

Mr. X: This amplifier is powered by the souls of the victims Azazel has 
already sacrificed.  (pointing at a connection inside the amplifier) If 
you remove this crystal and replace it with your talisman, you can cast 
the spell your grandfather used to defeat Heiko before, only this time it 
will be amplified a hundredfold!  Now hurry!  Yohko doesn't have much 
time!  (He vanishes.  Wolfgang studies the mechanism intently.)

Wolfgang: Of course!  That crystal must be what's controlling the 
frequency of the energy output!  Since Azazel's merged with Heiko, I can 
drain off his energy using his own amplifier!  Ausgezeichnet!  (He 
immediately removes the crystal and plugs in his magical talisman.  He 
then hooks up his laptop computer to the talisman and studies the 
waveforms on the screen intently.)  If I'm going to make this work, I've 
got to get the frequency exactly right!

(Scene switches back to the center of the Pentagon.  Yohko lies dying on 
the ground, while Azazel stands over her, laughing.)

Azazel: Oh, what a pity, Yohko.  And I was having so much fun.  It's just 
too bad that those snakebites are absolutely fatal.  (Azazel walks up to 
the dais, and beams of green light shoot out of his body at the girls on 
the tables.  The fallen knives float up into the air and position 
themselves above the girls' chests.  Azazel gestures, and a long, wavy 
knife appears in his hand.  He holds it above Chelsea and laughs.)  Now, 
with the life forces of these innocent girls, I shall open the gates of 
Hell and destroy all in your puny world!  Goodbye, Yohko!  Or, as they 
say in your country, "Sayonara!"  (Suddenly, an unusual sound fills the 
air.)  What?  What's happening... AAAGGGH!!  (Azazel grasps his head and 
writhes in pain.  The beams of light disappear and the knives fall 
harmlessly to the ground.  The snakes catch fire and are incinerated.)  
No!  It's not possible!  Something's draining my power!

(Suddenly, Mr. X appears.)

Mr. X: Ah, Azazel.  Having a little trouble with your sorcery, I see.

[Azazel stares at him, his eyes wide with amazement and even fear.]

Azazel: No!  No, it can't *BE*!  They said you were gone forever!

Mr. X: (smiles) Oh, yes, I'm sure *they* did.  (He tsk-tsks.)  Just goes 
to show how unreliable *they* are, now, doesn't it?

Azazel: What is it that you want here?  Begone, or I shall destroy you!

Mr. X: (sighs) Well, I had hoped for some civilized conversation at 
least, but if you're going to be *that* way about it, I'll cut right to 
the point.  (He stares at Azazel.)  Your days are numbered, Azazel.  The 
time which was once will soon be again.  My associates and I have a 
schedule to keep, Azazel, and we can't have you messing around with it, 
now, can we?

Azazel: You do not have the power to challenge me in this world, creature!

Mr. X: Well... not yet, anyway.  But that won't be necessary.  All I have 
to do is give my friends here a little help.  (Mr. X pulls the spear out 
of Azusa's chest, then makes a complex series of hand gestures.  He then 
touches his hands to Yohko and Azusa, causing their wounds to close.)  
Well, it's been nice talking with you, Azazel, but I really must be going 
now.  So much to do... and so little time.  (He vanishes.  Yohko and Azusa 
regain consciousness and hug each other.)

Yohko: Azusa-chan!  You're all right!

Azusa: Yohko-san!  I was so worried about you!

[Azazel is still slightly dazed by his meeting with Mr. X, but he quickly 
regains his composure when he sees Yohko and Azusa.]

Azazel: Oh, how touching.  But I'm still more than a match for both of 
you, even without my sorcery!  (His single eye glows red, and he lets out 
a battle cry.  Yohko and Azusa grab their weapons and rush at him.  They 
swing their weapons, but Azazel catches them in his hands and throws the 
two Devil Hunters back.  Yohko takes another swing at Azazel, but he 
slaps her down with his wing.  Azusa tries to stab Azazel in the side, 
but Azazel quickly grabs her and lifts her into the air.  Her spear falls 
to the ground as Azazel puts his hand around her neck.)

Azazel: Now, Yohko, I suggest you back off.  If you don't, I'll rip your 
little friend's head off and eat it!  And this time, there won't be 
anyone around to bring her back!

Yohko: And I suppose you won't kill her if I do?  Just what kind of an 
idiot do you take me for, Azazel!

Azazel: If you surrender now, I could give you and your friend the chance 
to join the ranks of the devils.  Then, you could share in our power when 
we rule this world!  If you don't, you both will just die anyway.  So, 
what's it going to be?

Yohko: (removing her Amulet of Anti-Babel) Azusa-chan!  Yari o Azazel no 
moo hitotsu no me e tobasenasai!
(Azusa!  Make your spear fly into Azazel's other eye!)

Azusa: Hai!

Azazel: What are you saying, Yohko?  Is this some sort of trick?

Yohko: Now, Azusa!  (Azusa concentrates, and her spear floats up off the 
ground and flies straight into Azazel's right eye.  Azazel screams in 
pain and puts his hands to his eyes, dropping Azusa.  Yohko immediately 
seizes the opportunity and rushes at Azazel, swinging her sword right 
through his neck.  There is silence for a moment, then blood begins to 
pour out of Azazel's severed neck.)

Azazel: No!  Not again!  This can't be happening!  NOT AGAIN!

(Suddenly, Azazel's head falls off his body, causing a red light to shine 
out of his neck into the air.  His body begins to dissolve and float up 
into the red light.  Meanwhile, Wolfgang sees the amplifier begin to 
shake and fall apart.)

Mr. X: (speaking as a disembodied voice)  Run, Wolfgang!  Azazel has been 
defeated and the amplifiers are about to explode!

(Wolfgang runs away down the hall just as the amplifier explodes 
violently.  Outside the Pentagon, the President and his forces see the 
amplifiers at each corner of the Pentagon explode.  Cancer Man and his 
fellow cultists scream, then explode in a burst of flame, leaving nothing 
but ashes.  Suddenly, all is quiet.  Yohko, Azusa, and Wolfgang go out to 
meet with Clinton, Mulder, and Scully.)

Yohko: Well, we finally did it.  Azazel and his demon cult are finally 

Wolfgang: Yeah.  It's too bad the psionic amplifiers exploded.  I would 
have loved to have studied them.

(Mr. X walks up to the group.)

Mr. X: Well done, Devil Hunters.  You have once again maintained the 
balance of your world.

Mulder: You again.  Just what is your role in all of this, anyway?

Mr. X: Well, my associates and I feel that you're not ready for that 
information just yet.  For now, let's just say that I have a vested 
interest in making sure this world stays in the hands of its rightful 
owners.  Trust me, you'll find out more in time.

Mulder: Trust you?  How can I trust you when I don't know a thing about 

Mr. X: But that's just it, Agent Mulder.  You trust me *because* you 
don't know anything about me.  Think about it.  The ones who have always 
betrayed you have always been people with flawless backgrounds and 
impeccable credentials.  You knew *everything* about them... or so you 
thought... and that leads you into a false sense of security so that when 
you *are* betrayed, you don't expect it.  However, it's quite natural to 
feel suspicious about someone you know nothing about.  If someone like 
that betrays you, it's not a surprise.  However, if that person turns out 
to be a genuine ally, you can feel good about trusting them without 
letting go of your distrust.  It's that combination of trust and distrust 
which makes you trust me, Mulder... and it's also what makes you such a 
fascinating person.  (He smiles.)  Well, we could spend all day chatting 
like this, but I've got work to do.  Good-bye, Agent Mulder.  Until we 
meet again.  (He vanishes.)

Azusa: Well, those evil spirits won't be showing their faces around here 

Yohko: You said it, Azusa-chan.  You said it!

The White House
Washington, DC
9:15 AM

(Inside the Cabinet room.  Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea, as well as several 
top government officials, are there, along with Mulder, Scully, Yohko, 
Azusa, Wolfgang, and Chi.)

Bill: Well, you did it.  You managed to stop the government cult and save 
the world, not to mention my daughter.  The government of the United 
States owes you all its eternal thanks.

Chi: Well, that's not all the government of the United States owes us.  
Due to the importance of the job performed by my clients, as well as the 
great personal risk to both of them, I've calculated that a reasonable 
fee for the job should be about... oh, one billion yen.

Yohko: One *billion* yen?!  Chi, are you thinking of joining the yakuza 
or something?  That's extortion!

Chi: No, that's just the fee you deserve, Yohko.  At 85.03 yen per dollar,
that comes to $11,760,555.10.  I expect a check to be sent within the 
next ten days to this address.  (She hands the President a bill.)

General: I don't know, Mr. President.  That *is* a lot of money.

Bill: As far as I'm concerned, they've earned every penny.  Besides, we 
spend hundreds of billions of dollars on defense every year.  We can 
spare $12 million.

Mulder: Now that we've got that taken care of, what are we going to tell 
the public about this little incident?

General: My office has already prepared a cover story.  The Pentagon was 
merely occupied by renegade government terrorists who had kidnapped the 
President's daughter.

Mulder: You mean you're going to cover this up?!  Mr. President, didn't 
you learn anything from this little exercise?  As long as there's a 
conspiracy of silence that hides the truth, people like Cancer Man will 
always find ways to get power!  The truth must be told!

Bill: So what do you want me to do, Agent Mulder?  Hold a press 
conference and tell everyone the whole world was almost overrun by demons?!
The people would think we'd all gone mad!

Mulder: But we have proof this time!

Bill: Do you have any idea of the panic that would cause, Agent Mulder?  
Nobody would ever trust their government again!  There'd be riots, 
violence, mass hysteria!  We simply cannot allow that to happen!  No, 
Agent Mulder, the story stays classified.  As far as the public is 
concerned, this was just the act of a few terrorists.  Nothing more.

Mulder: (sighs) Well, if that's the way it has to be, I demand that 
someone responsible be in charge of keeping these secrets.  Someone who's 
accountable to the people.

General: What are you saying, Agent Mulder?

Mulder: We need a legitimate government agency in charge of investigating 
the paranormal.  No more evil cults, no more experimenting on citizens 
with alien DNA.  This agency would report directly to the President and a 
special committee of Congress.

Bill: And what should this agency of yours be called, Director Mulder?

Mulder: Director?  You mean you want me to run this agency?

Bill: Well, it was your idea, and you are the only government agent 
experienced in these matters.  So, what should it be called?

Scully: How about "Bureau X", Mulder?

Mulder: Scully, that's perfect!  And you'll be my co-director, of course?

Scully: Of course, Director Mulder.  After all, we are partners.

Mulder: Wolfgang, would you like to come and work for us?  Think of all 
the research you could do with the resources of the government.

Wolfgang: That's just what I've always wanted!  Of course I'll join you, 

Bill: Very well then.  On this day, I hereby declare the creation of a 
new government agency to study and investigate the unusual, supernatural, 
and paranormal, headed by Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.  This organization 
shall, from this day forward, be known as "Bureau X."

(Everyone cheers and claps.)

Mulder: Well, Scully, looks like our adventures are just beginning.

Scully: I was afraid you were going to say that.


That's the end of this story, but the adventures of Mulder and Scully, as 
well as those of Yohko and her friends, are just beginning!  Watch for 
the new adventures of Bureau X, coming soon to a newsgroup near you!

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