Devil Hunter Yohko Fanfic
On a morning like any morning grandma was praying at the court yard.
"Some day, mighty Haruka, Yohko will be smart and fight like me and
you." The alarm rings... beep beep beep... Oh be guiet you dumb thing.
She throws it into Azuza... Miss Yohko!!! Oh... Sorry Azuza.... Miss
Yohko your late late late!!!! MOM!!! AZUZA!!!!! Why didn't you wake
me??? We did eleven times! OH THIS IS JUST SOOOOOOO GREAT ISN'T IT?
Yohko rushes into her school uniform.... She runs threw the hall and...
YOHKO!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Grandama are you tying to kill me? Yohko
it's him the new demon has come! NOT now gradma! As Yohko rushes out
side she sees a guy on the bench. She looks at him lover like... I'D do
anything with that guy... HER EYES GET BIG..... no way I'm not doing
that in tell after marrige... or maybe not!!! YOHKO GET YOUR BUTT IN
HERE NOW! says grandama. Her blush breaks and she runs to school. CHI!!!
CHI!!! Chi walks past her and asks what's wrong. Nothing, but, along the
way I saw the most hottest boy there is! Oh yah right, Yohko, why do you
like so many guys? JUST PICK ONE! You expect me to go over this
conversation again?!! As the girls walk to school they see a rush in the
bushes.. Huh? A demon! What's a demon Yohko? She looks at Chi. Chi look!
Elbert Instaine! Where? Where? Let's do this crap!!!! The 108th devil
hunter, Yohko is here! The guy from the bench is he the demon? Chi looks
at Yohko. Hiya!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. The demon i locked in the seel! Yes!
Yohko was that just you .... who was? Oh shut-up Chi..... Yohko?
Oh-oh... Remember only this!!! YAAAAAA!!!!! Huh where am I? Hi Chi....
Yohko... the bell rings.... The man on the bench dissaperes... Oh my!
Chi we better get inside... I wonder what grandma wanted to tell me that
was so important.... I wonder.. We will get her next time.

By Star Angel

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