Devil Hunter Yohko H/Lemon Fan Fiction: Well Wrapped

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	{Lemon disclaimer: this fanfic contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and
	related play/phenomena. If this offends you or you are legally ineligible to view
	such material, stop reading now!}

	Yohko and Asuza leaped from roof to roof in pursuit of the cat-monster they'd seen.
	"Yohko, I don't think I can keep up!" Asuza cried.
	Yohko grinned back at her protege. "Ganbatte, Asuza-chan!" [Ganbatte: 'Hang in there!'] 
[-chan: expression of affection, i.e. for a younger sibling] "We'll catch it soon!"
	Privately, Yohko wasn't so sure. (It's really fast,) she thought worriedly. (Unless it 
gets tired or something slows it down, we may never catch it-)
	Her musing was interrupted as the cat-thing flew backwards out of the alley it had dived
into, obviously having been flung by the - rope? - wrapped around its ankle. It crashed into the 
roof and yowled, and as it tried to stand up the rope pulled taut, yanking its foot out from 
under it. It fell noisily. A young man leaped up onto the rooftop, his face shrouded in some 
kind of wrappings, like a mask. He yelled, "Now, Devil Hunter!" in a light British accent, and 
Yohko nodded.
	"Hai!" [Hai: yes] Leaping up high, she and Asuza came down on the thing's chest sword
and spear first. Doubly impaled, the thing dissolved, revealing a terrified alley cat where the
monster's head used to be. The binding on its ankle, which Yohko could now see was a cloth 
strip, fell to the ground and then whizzed back into the sleeve of the man's tight jumpsuit. 
Yohko's boy-hunting instincts came to the fore, assessing the male before her and returning the 
rating: {HUNK}
	(Of course,) Yohko thought, (I couldn't see his face, but...) She raised her head to 
find that her potential mate had vanished. "WHAAH! Asuza, where'd he go!? I didn't get to.."
	"..Ask him on a date?" the young Devil Hunter (in training) asked, all innocence.

	From her hiding place in the shadows, Ayako, Yohko's lookalike cousin and rival for the
title of Devil Hunter, snorted in disgust. (Yohko, your weakness for boys is pretty pathetic. 
You could barely see his body *or* his face and you drool all over him. No wonder he took off!) 
	She frowned. (More seriously, that's the fourth cat-monster this month, all with a 
vaguely Egyptian look to them. I'll ask Grandma Chiaki when I get home, and see about maybe 
stealing Yohko's prospective boyfriend, too!) She grinned. (After all, with Asuza the Second 
gone home for a vacation and Grandma Chiaki pushing me to take on Yohko again, I'll need all 
the help I can get, and he seems competent!)

	That night, Chiaki was talking to her granddaughter. "So, a cat-beast that became a cat
when killed, eh? That implies it was a cat originally. And an Egyptian look, eh? Hmmm..." The
old crone, the twin sister of Yohko's grandmother Madoka, paused in thought. "Ayako, it can 
only be the Eye of Bast. That is a powerful magical crystal that can change cats into monsters. 
It was originally enchanted by Bast, the egyptian goddess of felines. Probably some rich fool 
has brought it to Japan to show it off, never realizing the consequences. You must find the 
crystal and destroy it, Ayako!!" Chiaki almost shrieked. "Prove your superiority over Yohko 
once again!" Ayako nodded.
	(Yohko will be _soooo_ embarrassed when she realizes I solved this case,) Ayako
thought smugly. (I'll just backtrack the creature until I find where it transformed, and find 
the crystal near there. Simple!)

	The day after that, Ayako was standing in an alleyway, looking down at a mudpuddle
with a set of tracks in it. They were evidently the monster's, and deep: it seemed that it had
leapt down from several feet up into the puddle, leaving the imprints.
	(Hmm,) she mused. (It has to have come from around here: these are the earliest
set of tracks I can find. Now where could it have leaped from..?) Her face reddened as she 
looked up at a windowsill level with her head that sported several _large_ scratches. (Kuso!)
[Kuso: damn] (That'll teach me to get impressed with my own skills! Well, in we go!) She 
hopped up to the windowsill and looked at the frame. Sure enough, it had been damaged and
recently repaired. It was only a moment's work for Ayako to cast a small spell of unlocking and
open the window. (My skill at magic is the biggest advantage I have over cousin Yohko,) she 
thought, impressed with herself once again. (Small charms can do so much in the magic-starved 
modern world. I wonder why she never bothered...)
	Ayako was so busy being impressed with her skills that she never noticed the small red
light blinking on and off near the window she'd entered by.

	Ayako moved carefully down a third set of stairs. (A sub-subbasement!) she thought.
(Whoever lives here really has something to hide.) She came around the last curve and saw a 
door leading to a display room. A number of antiques of Egyptian origin were arranged around
a central pillar with a large amber crystal atop it. The crystal had an 'eye' heiroglyph 
engraved upon it.
	"The Eye of Bast!" Ayako exclaimed. "I found the right place!"
	"Indeed you did, young lady," replied a man's voice with a light British accent. "And 
might I inquire your motives as to seeking out the Eye?"
	"I'm a Devil Hunter, and I'm here to destroy it!" Ayako cried, reciting her 
transformation phrase:
		"I hold no malice for those coerced into evil,
	but you devils who prey upon the hearts and minds of men, beware! 
	Mamono Hunter Ayako, Tenzan!"
	[Mamono: Monster, Devil] [Tenzan: is here, has arrived]

	Ayako's school uniform shredded off her, and her Devil Hunter's short skirt and shoes 
appeared on her briefly nude body. The man reacted with a slight widening of his eyes as he 
pulled off his formal shirt and kicked off his loose slippers. Ayako's eyes widened as bandages
-no, mummy wrappings- appeared by magic, wrapping around the man's wrists.
	"Hey, you're the one who helped Yohko out two days ago!" Ayako exclaimed.
	"Watching, were you?" was the rejoinder. For no good reason, Ayako blushed. The 
stranger continued, "Well, would you like to hear *why* I have the Eye of Bast here before 
trying to destroy my property?" Ayako nodded, not letting her guard down. "Well, my name is 
Michael Livston. I'm a distant relation of the famous archaeologist, Dr. Livingstone, who 
unearthed the tomb of King Tut. The distance of my relation meant nothing to the curse that fell
on me, however. I was barely eighteen when I started to become a mummy. My body gradually
started to dry up and wither, and these wrappings," he held up his wrists, "began to cover more 
and more of my body. My family money enabled me to hunt for a solution. One cure for the curse
seemed beyond reach, but I bought the other: the Eye of Bast. It can transform felines horribly, 
yes, but Bast, like many feline deities, was very cunning, with the fabled ability to turn any 
curse into a blessing - and the Eye shares this property. And so you see me now, not withered, 
and with full command over the mystic wrappings that would have become my death shroud. I moved 
to this house because it had a sub-basement where I could store the Eye, so any feline would 
have to actually enter the house to come close enough to the Eye to be changed into a beast, and 
the alarms that told me of your entry would alert me to the departure of a monster, so I could 
go stop it. The rumours of lovely Devil Hunters in the area were a plus, of course."
	Ayako kept from flushing with an effort."But the cats still find their way to it to be
transformed! It has to be destroyed!" She lashed out with her whip.
	"And leave me to wither and die? I think not." A wrapping lashed out in response, 
deflecting Ayako's whip away from the Eye. 
	"It creates devils! You should get rid of it!"
	Whip, deflect.
	"It isn't doing any harm, I can keep the cats away and the monsters under control!"
	Whip, deflect.
	"You would've lost that last one if Yohko hadn't chased it back to you!"
	Whip, deflect.
	"You don't seem to be listening. Destroying that stone means I die! Leave it alone!"
	Whip, deflect.
	"You aren't sure of that!"
	Whip, deflect.
	"If you can't heed instructions, girl, perhaps I can teach you better!"
	Michael swung both arms in an overhand motion, and a veritable storm of wrappings flew
at Ayako. She barely had time to yelp in surprise before they were all over her, feeling 
amazingly soft and silken depite their strength. She struggled, but was soon standing still and 
straight. She looked down at herself; (That's about all I _can_ do, right now,) she thought.
	One bandage had wrapped around her mouth and chin, covering them totally and 
keeping her quiet. A second had wrapped around her upper arms in a crisscross pattern, neatly 
framing her breasts. A third secured her wrists behind her back and wound once around her 
waist as well, keeping her hands where they were. A fourth had wrapped around her thighs, just 
above the knees. Finally, the fifth wrapping had snugged around her ankles, ensuring that her 
legs were pinned together top to bottom. A tiny part of Ayako's mind noted that she made a very 
fetching package. She firmly told it to shut up and looked back up at Michael.
	All five binding ribbons were attached to one of his wrists. As he noticed her looking 
up, he smoothly slid out five more from his other wrist and began to wave them about in a 
flowing motion. The white linen seemed to glow in the dim lighting of the basement, leaving 
trails of light even as the wrappings trailed his hand. Ayako watched, fascinated by the
display. She noted to herself that the patterns were very soothing, relaxing even... and 
gradually her mind became a blank, and her eyes closed.
	(Ayako,) a voice echoed from the blankness. (Can you hear me, Ayako?)
	"yes.." she distantly heard her voice reply.
	(Good. Listen to my voice, Ayako. You will follow the instructions of my voice.)
	(Very good. You will follow these instructions until I release you, Ayako: You will take 
no actions that would allow you to leave this house. You will take no actions that would let you 
communicate with someone outside this house. You will not try to harm or coerce me in any way.
You will not try to damage any of my property in any way. You will obey any instruction or 
request that I make of you politely. Do you understand, Ayako?)
	"yes.. i will follow these instructions until you release me... i will take no actions 
that would allow me to leave this house.. i will take no actions that would let me communicate 
with someone outside this house.. i will not try to damage any of your property in any way.. i 
will not try to harm or coerce you in any way.. i will obey any instruction or request that you 
make of me politely.. i understand."
	(Good. Wake up now, Ayako. Wake-)
	Ayako jumped as she realized she'd been in a trance state. She was still in the sub-
subbasement, bound head to toe, but the wrappings were sliding off her legs even as she 
cleared her head. She glared at Michael over her linen gag. He nodded back.
	"Time for a test. Ayako, would you please kneel?"
	Ayako thought, (Yeah, right! I have no intention of kneeling to- wha-) the realization 
that she was, in fact, sinking to one knee derailed her train of thought. Michael smiled.
	"Good!" he stated jovially. "Then there's no need for these anymore." All the wrappings
slid off of her, the feeling making her shiver. "A gentleman should never restrain a lady unless 
she poses a threat to him or his."
	"I'll show you a threat, you.." she growled, running at him, but she suddenly didn't 
have the heart to finish her punch. Her charge faltered to an embarrassing halt right in front 
of him.
	He stared down at her sternly. "Now, Ayako, you will be a houseguest of mine, but I 
lack the money to house you for free. I will treat you as a perfect gentleman, but you will be a
maidservant until you learn a little civility and humility. Someone has been greivously slack in 
your upbringing, young lady."
	She stared up at him, shocked. "You don't honestly expect me to -"
	He cut in. "Would you follow me upstairs, please?"
	Ayako never missed a beat. "- actually be some English maid and wear those 
ridiculous frilly skirts, do you?! I'll never-" she stopped in midsentence as she realized that, 
once again, she was doing as he told her without thinking. The realization that she was really 
totally at this man's mercy began to sink in, and, still following him, she began to cry.
	Michael led her up to the second floor, though he put an arm around her shoulder as her
tears began to flow in earnest. He guided her into a plush bedroom and sat her on the bed, 
letting her cry into his chest until the storm of sobs wound down to the occasional sniff. 
Realizing where she was, she pushed away from him.
	"Get your hands off of me! What happened to your 'gentlemanly behaviour!?'"
	Michael shrugged. "It would have been unkind to just walk off and leave you unless you 
asked to be alone. You didn't, so I assumed you didn't mind." Ayako couldn't really come up with
a good rejoinder to that, so she let it go.
	"So what now?"
	"Well, this will be your room -"
	"THIS!? I thought this was your bedroom!" Ayako gestured to the plush surroundings, the
rich decorations, the...
	...frilly bedcover, the dresses and skirts in the closet, and faded into another blush. 
Michael coughed, evidently fighting off a chuckle.
	"Well, anyway, you've had quite a day, so why don't you make yourself at home," and he 
gestured around the room, "and please, get some rest if you need it.I'll be here tomorrow 
morning to instruct you in your duties about the household. Until then, good day."
	She sat stock-still until he left, then got up and explored the room. One side of her 
was disgusted and discouraged - there was a window and a phone, but Michael's hypnotic 
suggestions made it impossible for her to use either one. She couldn't escape or call for help.
	Another side of her was absolutely thrilled - her life had been all training with 
Grandma Chiaki, up in the mountains where she had frequently even had to hunt her own dinner. 
Here, there were so many luxuries it was hard to decide what to try first.The closet was full of 
clothes: granted, not many of them would fit her (She noted with some dismay that the 
aforementioned maid's uniform probably *would* fit...) but they were so luxurious! The underwear 
in the drawers was so skimpy... (That's right, it's called 'lingerie',) Ayako thought. She 
noticed a set of scarlet bra and panties that were very close to the shade of Yohko's Devil 
Hunter uniform.
	The door off to one side of the room led into a small bathroom and shower. One look in 
the mirror reminded her of how poor her tear-streaked face looked, so she undressed and stepped 
into the shower. As she looked the stall over, she noticed that the bottom could serve as a 
full-length bathtub, and there were more than just two dials on the wall faucet. Looking up to 
the ceiling, she saw several rings set into it. (Hmm,) Ayako thought. (I wonder what those are 
for?) Reaching up to one, she set two fingers through one metal loop and pulled. It didn't come 
loose even when she hung her full weight from it, but she still had no idea of their purpose. 
	Shrugging, she freed her hand and went over to the faucet. Two of the dials were 
marked with the familiar 'H' and 'C' for hot and cold water, and one between them had two 
positions, marked 'tub' and 'show'. (I guess that's for switching the water between the tub 
faucet and the shower head,) Ayako mused. She absently closed the door behind her, shutting 
the stall away from the outside world, as she looked at the last dial, which had numbers around 
its edge: '5', '10', '15', '20', '25', and '30'. Curious, she turned it to '5', and waited. A 
mild hissing sound came from several small vents at the corners of the tub, causing Ayako to 
spin in alarm. After a moment of panic, she reasoned that no one would put boobytraps in the 
shower, and calmed down. (But what _is_ that noise-) she mused, breaking off her thought when 
she saw wisps of whitish mist rising from the vents. Realizing that the temperature was 
noticeably higher than before, she reasoned, (Steam! This stall isn't just a shower and a 
bathtub, it's a steambath!)
	The temperature continued to rise until it was as hot as would still be pleasant, and 
Ayako sighed as she felt her body unknotting under the heat. The steam filled the stall now, and 
as Ayako laid back in the tub, she sighed as a waft of scent drifted by her nose. (Mmm.. Rose.
I guess the steam is scented, too..) She smiled a bit for the decadence of it all. She was 
mildly disappointed when the vents clicked shut, but reasoned that the numbers had been time, 
measured in minutes. (Oh, well. I guess I'll wash now.) She glanced to the side, and the door 
of the stall, and was mildly amused. (You can't see outside at all! Between the steam and the 
smoked-glass door, it's opaque!) She gave a small smile. (I guess I wouln't have to worry about 
Michael watching me in here even if he wasn't such a gentleman!) She turned to the 
compartment in the wall where the soap dish would be in the normal shower and slid the door 
open, gasping as she saw the array of soaps, scents, and hair care products inside, then set 
about the serious (but suddenly much more fun) business of getting clean.
	Some time later, she wandered out of the bathroom, quite relaxed, quite clean, and 
'smelling pleasantly of girl', as she'd read it in one of Yohko's favorite romance novels. She 
looked around her room, but it was empty. The only sign of another's presence, now or 
previously, was the set of nightclothes laid neatly before her pillow.
	(I was half expecting him to be here waiting for me,) Ayako thought as she slipped into
the silken clothes. She wasn't quite sure how she felt as she drifted off to sleep. Relieved,
certainly; reassured, of course, from the evidence of his 'gentlemanly' behaviour; and was that 
a tinge of...disappointment?
	Sleep claimed Ayako before she could be sure, even to herself.

	The next morning was considerably less fun, at least for Ayako. Michael got her up at
dawn, which was nothing unusual for Ayako, but then he made her ("please...") get into the 
frilly maid's outfit and then had her cooking breakfast, which was almost a comedy of errors 
as she tried to cope with the fancy cooking gear and all the complex recipies.She'd complained 
loudly that nothing in training for a Devil Hunter's lifestyle had prepared her for this, but 
Michael had only laughed and said they'd both be eating the result, so she'd better learn fast!
	Somewhat to her own surprise, Ayako enjoyed the taste of her culinary efforts, and 
Michael had commented that "For a first time, that was excellent! Well done, Ayako!" Much to
her own embarrassment, she blushed at the praise. Of course, she cussed him out rather 
thouroughly during her next task, which was cleaning up after her efforts in the kitchen. Sore 
in new and interesting ways, she was put to work dusting the house, which she gathered from
spying on her cousin was one of Yohko's regular chores. (At least now I know why her arms
never seem to get tired in a fight,) Ayako mused as she rubbed a sore muscle. (I never thought
that Yohko's chores might be training in disguise, but it's possible!)
	Next on Michael's list was doing the laundry, including her clothes: that is, the 
outfits from her room that would fit her, regardless of their use. She ended up with a crimson 
blush while washing the lingerie, leading Michael to laugh and Ayako to joke about not seeing 
_his_ underwear in these loads.
	"What? My boxer shorts are right there!" he'd replied, pointing to the basket next in 
line for washing.
	"Yes, but that's missing one kind of your underwear," Ayako commented slyly. Michael
looked confused until Ayako continued, "There's not one linen ribbon in there!" causing a
dumbfounded expression to flash across his face, followed by merry laughter so infectious that
Ayako joined in. (Of course, it _had_ been her joke...)
	(And that,) Ayako reflected, (was the last job I did before this.) 'This' was being a 
'bath attendant', as Michael had put it. Michael was in the shower, and periodically asking for 
various items on the shelves outside. She had to get them and hand them to him, which was made
more difficult by the fact that she refused to look at him.
	(Looking would give him the wrong idea. I'm _not_ embarrassed, but I *don't* want 
him! Not in the least little way!) She fumbled Michael's latest request - a clean cloth -to him,
missing his extended hand twice and finally getting him to poke his head out of the cloud of 
	"What's the problem - oh." He chuckled quietly. "I'm a gentleman, but I'm not that shy
about my body, Ayako-san." [-San; formal expression of respect, like 'sir', Mr., or Ms./Mz.]
	Ayako fumed. "I'm not doing this to spare your feelings!"
	Michael shrugged. "As you say. Still, please look if you want to: I don't mind."
	Ayako jerked in shock as her head started to come around to gaze upon Michael: she 
fought back, then as she realized she was losing, blinked furiously to tear up her vision. She 
had to stop a moment later as her subconscious figured out what she was up to. Furious and 
humiliated, she looked through the cloud of steam at her keeper. 
	(H-he _is_ handsome, I have to admit. His body is well-tanned, muscled but lean, and
toned well. His brown hair goes well with his brown eyes, and - and -) "AARRGH!"
	In response to her yell, he jerked half-out of the shower. "What? Are you hurt? What
	In reply, she could only scream, "YOU MADE ME LOOK AT YOU!!!" His face
showed comprehension as she sobbed, "So much for being a gentleman..."
	He reached out and took her by the chin with one damp hand. "Ayako-san, I made sure 
to phrase that request *very* precisely. Do you remember what I said?"
	"Y-you told me to look at you..."
	"No, Ayako-san. I told you to look *if* *you* *wanted* *to.*" Her face snapped up to
look him in the eye.
	"THAT'S A LIE! I don't want you at all! I- I don't even want to look..." her voice
trailed off as she realized that despite her anger, she _had_ wanted to look at him.
	(M-maybe Yohko isn't the only one in the family with a weakness for boys..) she 
thought. Michael sighed.
	"Well, I had no idea you'd get this upset about it. You're relieved of duty for tonight,
Ayako: go get some rest."
	As she trudged out through the door, she noticed something. (He was holding his cloth
over his privates. But he said he wasn't that shy about his body, so there must be some other
reason for it. Maybe he had an erection -) her thought broke off as she came to a realization.
(He wanted me!) she thought. (Right then and there! And even though I was totally in his
power, he didn't make me...) She paused, impressed by his self-control. Most men, she knew,
would be very hard put to it to resist that sort of temptation. Of course, Michael was obviously 
not 'most men.'
	Ayako went to sleep that night still thinking about the matter.

	Several days later, Michael called her over when she finished her dusting. "Ayako, for 
the past few days, I've been seeing things that I _need_ to know I'm interpreting correctly. 
You've been flashing underwear, coming out of the shower without a look around or a warning, 
and I've seen you from the corner of my eye in very - saucy - poses. Are you flirting with me?"
	Ayako suppressed a chuckle. (About time I got a reaction from him! Now to twist the
knife a bit - I can't hurt him, but I can make him squirm!) Aloud, she replied, "Why, 
Michael-san, I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about!" Even as she said this, she 
turned to give him a lidded look over her shoulder. He shifted a bit, obviously moving his - 
midsection - into a more
comfortable position.
	"Ayako, you're doing it again. Are you honestly unaware of your actions, or of their 
affect on me?"
	Now Ayako turned again to face him directly, giving him a wide-eyed innocent stare.
"Affect on you? Why, Michael-san, I don't know what you could mean!" She was gratified to 
note his second change of position in as many sentences. Then she drew back a bit as he 
narrowed his eyes.
	"All right, you little minx, we'll do this the hard way. *Please* tell me the truth - 
the whole truth - about your actions of the last few days."
	Ayako, horrified, listened to herself spilling the beans: her noting several days ago of
his physical attraction to her: Her decision the next morning to flirt with him in the effort to 
get herself a little revenge via his uptight behaviour: and even the motivation that she'd 
barely admitted to herself, the tiny hope that she might wear down his resolve and get him to 
take her.
	Michael stood like stone through the entire confession, then nodded. He bent down to 
look at her eye-to-eye. She flushed and turned away, but he cupped her chin in one hand and
gently turned her to face him again. "Ayako-chan, I will not compel an answer from you this 
time. I am willing - do you want me to do this? And if so, how?"
	She flushed so red she was sure her face was about to catch on fire. "I-" 
	She paused a moment to consider. When she did answer, the reply seemed to flow up
from the deepest part of her. "Yes, I do want you. I want you to take me in the literal sense: 
to still be gentle and caring, but to give me pleasure while I'm helpless to prevent it. I've 
had this fantasy running through the back of my mind ever since the first night here, when you 
had me absolutely helpless but treated me kindly and with respect. Please, could we do this?"
	Now it was Michael's turn to pause. His answer, when it came, sent shivers down her
spine and turned her legs to water. "Yes. Most certainly. Let's go to your shower."
	As he led the way to her room, anticipation and just a tinge of fear set her every nerve
tingling. What was going to happen? What was he going to do to her? And how would it feel?
The knowledge that she'd passed a point of no return was foremost in her mind: at least for this
one time, she'd given her permission - indeed, asked for it! She knew nothing of whatever limits
he might set himself - and her - tonight, and the thrill of exploring unknown territory was 
	After what seemed an eternity of walking, they entered her bathroom. Michael turned 
around and asked her, "Ayako-chan, please remove your shirt." For once the compulsion didn't
have the chance to kick in, as she wriggled out of her shirt with alacrity, revealing the bra 
she'd seen in her room on her first night here, the one in Devil Hunter red. Michael smiled 
knowingly, and caressed her cheek as he continued. "Now your skirt, please." Again Ayako skinned 
out of the garment with alacrity. The knowing grin returned to his face as the panties were 
revealed - the set matching the bra, Devil Hunter red in naughty sheer silk. He laughed. "You 
little minx! You were planning on this, weren't you?"
	She smiled demurely. "Who? Me?" He gave her a mock glare and shucked his shirt, then
porduced the linen ribbons from his wrists and entwined her hands with them. The ribbon ends
twined downward and fastened a tie between her hands, now bound in front of her, and her 
ankles. Apparently assured that Ayako was unable to move, Michael turned to the shower stall 
and fiddled with the dials, causing the vents to hiss out steam moments later. He turned back to 
her, the tie between her ankles coming undone as he did, and pulled on the ribbons, drawing 
Ayako into the steam with him. He closed the door, and the steam thickened rapidly. Soon Ayako 
could barely see Michael's outline two feet from her. She started as the wrappings around her 
hands shifted, drawing her arms farther apart, then down to her sides. More ribbons slipped 
sinuously around her, pinning her arms to her sides and wrapping around her torso in a neat 
crisscross pattern. Finally, the ends all twined together and slipped up to one of the metal 
loops in the ceiling, tugging her upward and off her feet to dangle in midair, adrift in the 
scented steam.
	(It seems so surreal,) Ayako thought in a daze. The warmth, her mild anxiety, and her
excited state were getting to her, and her mind seemed to be stuck in syrup. She was hung in 
midair, or perhaps midsteam, her arms pinned to her sides and her weight distributed among the
bindings so none of them cut off circulation. Michael stepped out of the steam, giving an 
experimental tug on the loop, as if to be sure it would hold, and Ayako's slowed thoughts seized 
a single realization.
	"Ttthat's what the loops are for!" she explained, her tongue taking a moment to get into
gear. "You can hang people from them!" Michael nodded, even as he began to caress her 
exposed skin and toy with her lingerie.
	"I had a fiancee who liked this sort of thing, and I never took the rings down after she 
left. My way of hoping she'd come back, of course. She never did: she came upon a cat just as
it was changing. I don't blame her for being scared." His face was serious, but he never stopped
tantalizing her with his touch. His fingers were everywhere: Now on her arm, now her leg, now
loosening her bra, now stroking her hair, now tugging her panties down to her knees, now 
unclasping her bra and letting it dangle, now holding her head in place for a kiss, long and 
deep: it was both wonderful and maddening.
	Michael never stayed in a sensitive area long: just enough to build her feelings that 
little bit higher. Ayako gave up on coherent thought and just let herself feel. Her bra and 
panties out of the way, he teased her breasts and ruffled her pubic hair: she jerked at the 
contact, then wriggled in her suspension with a wordless moan. Michael stopped almost at once, 
giving her bush one last caress, then danced his fingers up and down her helpless arms. She 
bucked, wanting more, and wrapped her legs around his waist (noting dimly as she did that she 
was hung so their hips were the same height.)
	"Ah-ah-ah," Michael stated, and more ribbons snaked around each leg, pulling them off 
of him, then down to hang spread out below her. The ribbons wrapped each ankle separately, then
threaded around each other between her legs again and again, until they were tightened into a 
rigid bar holding her ankles about two feet apart. She wriggled, but until her legs were firmly 
restrained, the ribbons were all that touched her. Finally, the teasing started again, and she 
groaned. Michael looked up at her, but seeing no signs of distress, went back to hs work. The 
roving fingers made her feelings mount a peak once again, then suddenly stopped.
	Ayako barely had time to gasp in protest before he began again, this time in earnest. 
One hand fluttered around her pubic hair again, showing no signs of a quick departure this time. 
The other hand began to roam around her right breast in circular motions, working ever nearer to 
the nipple, which was almost standing at attention. Then his head was there, down at her left 
breast, sucking on the nipple like a baby after milk, but running his tongue around it and over 
it like no baby ever born. The mass of pleasure he'd built up so craftily now thundered down on 
her in an avalanche like a snowpack coming down a mountainside. His hand left her pubic hair and 
began roaming at high speed over her stomach, thighs, arms...
	And then he entered her, and the outside world faded to irrelevance. He used her 
suspension to aid his effort, bouncing her against him like a swing, and she threw her head back 
and let out a strangled squeal of ecstasy as she came. Everything faded to white...
	...And when it was normal again, she was seated on the bathtub floor, Michael in front 
of her, looking at her warmly. She noted wryly that her arms were pinned behind her now,
	(So I couldn't slap him if I wanted to for looking so smug,) she thought. He _was_ 
grinning very broadly. Suddenly another thought struck her and she gasped.
	"You didn't use a condom!" she cried accusingly. His grin changed from smug to ruefully
	"With good reason, my dear. *That* was the first part of me to begin withering, and by 
the time I aquired the Eye it was too late for that part of me. I couldn't sire children on a 
bet. As for disease, I have several methods of magical divination. It seems we're both clean - 
I made sure of that the first time I suspected you of flirting with me."
	She sighed in relief. "Well then, thank you. That was wonderful-"
	"Don't thank me yet, Ayako-chan, we're not done." She looked at him, astonished.
	"Nani!?" [Nani: what]
	He grinned as he pulled her to her feet. "Well, first I'm going to wash you off, then 
we're going to your bedroom for another - ah - 'experience.' I haven't shown you everything I 
can do yet." Ayako grinned - ruefully or in anticipation, she wasn't quite sure. 
	(Well, I *did* ask for it-) she thought.
	Michael stood her up and undid the ribbons from her arms, but immediately fastened two
onto her wrists and attached them to the rings on opposite sides of the ceiling, leaving her 
stretched out like a letter 'Y'. He turned on the water, making sure of the temperature before
switching on the shower head. He'd stripped completely during her blank period, and the water 
ran warm over both of them. Her bra and panties were gone too, and she could only stand there
and let him wash her down. She squirmed a bit as he used a cloth under her arms, and he
smiled as if noting something for later. He used an extremely light touch as he washed her body
and hair, carefully undoing her Yohko-ish pigtails to let her hair cascade down her back. She 
was once again tingling all over her body as he rinsed her off and dried her with a hair dryer.
	When he led her back out to her room, she was wondering with some apprehension what
was coming next. (If he does the usual thing and saves the best for last, I may not survive!) 
she mused worriedly. She bit her lip in anticipation as he led her over to her bed and laid her 
across it in a spread-eagled position. Next, his white ribbons came forth, slinked around the 
bed's four posts, then reached out to her extended limbs, tying around each one and pulling 
tight. A fifth ribbon wrapped around the entire bed twice, pinning her midsection down. She 
looked at Michael quizzically.
	"I can't move at all, except for my fingers and toes! What now?"
	Michael grinned down at her. "Did you know the hormonal reactions to tickling and 
arousal are nearly identical?"
	She looked back up, worried. "Meaning...?"
	His grin got very wide indeed. "Meaning tickling makes _very_ effective foreplay." Her 
eyes became the size of soup bowls as his meaning became clear, but before she could speak a
word of protest, he started work, using not only his fingers but the ends of two linen ribbons 
as well.
	"Michael, don'- Oh! Hmmp-hee-hee - St-stop i- iii hahaha-" she bit her lip. This was 
only partially successful at stopping the laughter. "Hmmm hmmp mmhee hee ha oh STOP it ah- haha-
gmmpheeheehee- no MORE I can't AH ah ha ha hee-hee-" Finally unable to try to speak, she 
simply writhed in her bondage as the gales and gales of laughter poured out of her mouth. Some 
part of her mind that seemed to be immune to the tickling noticed that while he was tickling
sensitive spots, like her arms and feet, he was staying away from the erogenous zones. Her 
breasts, crotch, and inner thighs were getting away scot-free, which struck her addled mind as 
somehow unfair. Suddenly, the tickling changed all at once to an all-out assault on her libido, 
the ribbons attending to her breasts by wrapping around them and erecting the nipples with 
feather-light caresses, while his hands and mouth attacked her clitoris and thighs, fingers 
caressing the legs while his tongue dove into her labia, licking at her clitoris. It was so 
sudden that she went directly from laughter to a scream of orgasm as her juices flowed down to 
his delightfully dancing tongue:
	Once again the world went white as her feeling drove her over the brink of 
consciousness. When she came to, she was lying on the bed, all sweaty but cleaner down below,
as Michael was using a cloth from the bathroom to wipe her clean. He smiled as she lazily lifted 
her head.
	"Good, you're awake. One more and we're done for the night - or until the next time you
ask, anyway."
	She barely had the strength to lift her head. "One *more?!*" she asked.
	He nodded. "Yes, one more. Don't worry, we can do it right here, you don't have to move
or anything."
	She sank back onto the bed. "Good, because I don't think I can move. Are you _sure_ 
about this?" He smiled back.
	"Yes - this one ought to impress you as well as send you to bed for the night. I'll give 
you a few minutes to catch your breath." 
	Ayako closed her eyes upon hearing this. (I'll need it,) she thought. (I have to admit, 
he's really showing me something.)
	Her first warning was the ribbons sliding around and around each leg. She raised her 
head to look down and saw that her legs were already individually wrapped up, the white linen 
completely covering her skin. The magical cloth carefully skirted her crotch, leaving it 
exposed, but continued up her torso, covering the rest of it totally as well. At her shoulders, 
the ribbons paused, two working their way down each arm while one curled around her neck - 
*very* gently - and then her head, pinning her mouth shut and even wrapping over her scalp, but 
leaving her eyes and nose exposed. Finally, she looked like she was a full-body burn victim in
gauze, each limb (and her body) outlined in shocking white. Not yet done, the ribbons tugged on 
her hands, pulling them up to rest atop each of her breasts, then wove around the lot, pinning 
them there. Likewise, her individually wrapped legs were pulled together and then tied together. 
Ayako was wrapped up like - well, like a mummy.
	Unable to speak, she asked it with her eyes: {Well, what now?}
	Evidently familiar with her look, Michael grinned _very_ smugly as he sat down beside 
her prone and helpless body. "I need to concentrate for this. Hmm..." One more ribbon snaked
out from his wrist, twisting into a spiral at the end and ever-so-slowly working its way inside 
her, coming to a halt beside her clitoris from the feel of it. "You see," he continued, "Because 
of the Eye of Bast, I have complete control over each ribbon - they're like parts of my body. I 
can move each one individually-" One of the bands around her quivered, sending a tingle through 
her body, "or all of them at once." Ayako thought about this for a moment, then realized,
	(Oh, Megamisama, and they're touching almost every square inch of my body!) 
[Megamisama: My Goddess. Also a pun on another anime series.] As her pupils dilated in shock,
Michael's grin widened. "Ah, I see you get it. In brief, that means I can make you feel 
something you've never felt before."

	He wasn't kidding. Ayako, to her great frustration, couldn't remember much of it clearly
when she woke up - the next afternoon. The sensation had been weird, but incredible, like 
fingers and cloth and powderpuffs and feathers all at once over every inch of her body, while 
the curled-up ribbon inside of her actually wound itself _around_ her clitoris and began to 
treat it similarly. Her wrapped-up hands were made to move atop her breasts where they were 
pinned, and the wrappings over her breasts themselves also moved for a combined affect. Ayako's 
memories went foggy at that point. (I'm not sure when I came, but I'll bet it didn't take long 
and-) she stretched, then winced at the twinges in her muscles - (that it was hard and often. I 
never in a million years would have thought of using the wrappings _that_ way.) 
	Putting on a normal set of clothes, as opposed to that _awful_ maid's outfit, Ayako 
headed downstairs to find Michael and thank him for last night. She prowled through the entire 
lower floor, but found no Michael. (Where could he be?) she thought. (The keys are still here, 
so he hasn't gone out. Then-)
	Acting on a sudden suspicion, she headed for the basement, and on to the 
sub-subbasement where the Eye of Bast was stored. The noises of conflict drifted up from 
below, causing Ayako to curse her lack of her whip. (I still don't know where Michael put it 
after he captured me,) she fumed. (If it's one of those monsters, he'll need my help-)
	She stopped dead.
	There before her was her nemesis, Yohko, in furious battle with Michael. The 
Englishman was hampered by the fact that Asuza the First was firmly trussed up in the ribbons
leading from his left hand, leaving him only one arm with which to fend off the angry Devil
Hunter. Finally, Yohko slashed her way through his ribbons and knocked him aside, leaping at the
Eye of Bast. Michael lashed a ribbon across the room and used it to pull himself overtop of the
Eye as Yohko began her downward swing, and time seemed to come to a halt for Ayako.
	So quickly she hardly registered it, she was across the room and between Yohko's 
sword and Michael. She screamed, "YOHKO, DON'T!!" as the world resumed normal speed.
Yohko, shocked, tried to stop herself but didn't entirely succeed: the tip of the Soulsword was 
buried in Ayako's shoulder, and blood was leaking out. 
	"Ayako!" Yohko breathed, turning white in shock. "I almost killed you! Why'd you _do_
	She was momentarily at a loss to answer her cousin's question. "I," she faltered, then
was distracted. Michael's wrappings were dissolving to dust!
	"Michael," she quavered, "W-what's happening to you?"
	Michael stared at the disintegrating linen in something like awe, then gave Ayako a
similar look. "The love of a good woman," he breathed.
	Ayako (not to mention Yohko and Asuza) was now really confused. "Nani?!" the three
	Michael smiled back at them. "I told Ayako before, there were two ways to cure my 
curse. The first and easiest was the Eye of Bast, but the second, the way to be truly *rid* of 
the curse, was to have the love of a good woman. Obviously, that's something money couldn't buy
for me, so I got used to thinking about the Eye of Bast as my sole salvation."
	It was a few seconds before Yohko got it, then turned to her cousin. "Ayako-san, you
_love_ him?"
	Ayako flushed deep red, unable to dodge the question properly. "Ahh.. Yes, I guess so..
I mean, I didn't think of it that way but if that's the only reason his curse would be off, it 
must be true."
	Michael's smile was so wide it -had- to hurt, and it was the picture of a romantic 
	...until Yohko wailed. "Waahh! Ayako, I saw him first! Are you stealing my boyfriends
	Ayako's flush went from 'really embarassed' to 'hopping mad' in a split second. "What?!
Why, you incompetent excuse for a Devil Hunter! I was watching that night, I saw him the same
time you did! If I had my whip here, I'd teach you a lesson!"
	Yohko responded in kind. "Nuisance! Sneaky, boyfriend-stealing-"
	"DON'T go _there_..."
	"-Devil Hunter *wannabe!*"
	Michael and Asuza stood across the room, sweatdrops slowly growing on the backs of 
their heads. He turned to her. "Are they always like this?"
	Asuza shook her head. "No. Most of the time they fight physically. Well, except when 
they need to work together. Then they let their real feeling show, and they're best of friends."
	"Oh," Michael replied, relieved. The two continued to watch as the Devil Hunters' 
shouting escalated, finally sticking their tongues out at each other and turning back-to-back.
He commented, "You'd think they were sisters." 
	Unluckily for Michael, he'd said that just as a silence fell between the cousins. Both 
turned toward Michael with a glare. "HEY!" they chorused.
	(Now I'm in for it...) he thought....


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