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Warning to all of those who read this: this is a lemon, so if you're
under aged, it's purdy darn illegal to read this... but I know that
you'll probably read this anyway (multiple times, until certain body
parts become incredibly uncomfortable). ^_^ Anyway, try not to flame me,
this is my first attempt at a lemon... hopefully, it will be good...

                          Love and a Soul Sword

    A Mamono Hunter Yoko Lemon Fanfic
    Version 2.0
    By Katsuragi Misato

     "Damn you! Do you really think that I *like* having my dress torn
to shreds by every damned demon that I fight?"

     This is retorted with another blow to the girl's chest, tearing the
material around her breasts, but miraculously enough, not harming the
flesh underneath. The youma replies, "Heh, you're lucky that this isn't
a Pink Pineapple production, Mamono Hunter Mano Yoko. I'd enjoy that
incredulously, my love."

     "That's it! I've had enough of you! I'm sending you back to the
hell that you came from, ecchi!!!" Yoko is about to swing her sword at
the youma's head when they both hear a high-pitched (annoying!) voice.

     "Hi!! Did someone call for Japan's finest half-demon sex-ninja?!"
Bouncing (and I do mean bouncing)from tree to tree in the darkened
field, a skimpily clad purple haired ninja (not to mention the HUGE bow)
jumps between the mamono hunter and the youma. "I'm up for a fight,
besides, I've been SO horny lately!", Miko exclaims to the youma. The
youma runs after the sex-ninja, drooling and tripping over his own feet
(demons have feet, don't they?), yelling "tentacles, tentacles,

     "Baka! If he wanted out of this series, all he had to do is ask. He
didn't have to break his contract. The Demon Union is gonna hear about
this. Oh well, *he* was the one that screwed up the fight, I would have
won anyway. I'm just glad that it *didn't* turn into one of those
Urotsukidoji remakes" She shudders. "I can't stand that rip-and-rape
crap. I guess that I'll just leave that to the Suzuka clan. But I would
like some human interaction one in a while, heh."

     "Oh, you would, huh?"

     "What the hell?" Yoko looks around her. "Who are you..., screw
that, WHERE are you?" She looks down at the tattered remains of her
battle dress, and sees a guy trying to look up it (it wouldn't be too
hard, there's not much left of it). "Ecchi!" Yoko stomps him on the

     "Oh, sumimasen. I thought that you were Hasumi. My bad.", he

     "May I ask who Hasumi is?" Yoko asks, faintly aware of someone's
pager going off.

     "I would stay and chat, but I think that I just found her. Watch
Campus Guardress." The sempai runs off, all crazy and fanboy-like.

     "Campus Guardress? Never heard of it..", she mumbles to herself.

     "You haven't? It's really cool, even though it doesn't have any
military stuff in it.", a boy with sandy colored hair, glasses, and what
looked like a digital video camera said to her while passing by.

     "Hey! Did you tape the fight? I'm gonna kill you!" Yoko yells at

     "No way, it wasn't military related. But I would have gotten a
great scene of your chest falling out of your dress..", Kensuke says,
pointing at her dress.

     "Eek!" She covers her front. "Now I'm really gonna kill you!"

     "No need, my lovely." One arm caresses her from behind, the other
hand lightly resting on her face. "A woman with donut-shaped ponytails
is destined to a life of overeating. Wait... that didn't come out like
Kaji-san told me it would!"

     She turns around to see a cocky looking boy, two years younger than
herself, wearing Fila athletic wear, blushing.




     "Obasama, another ten minutes, please!", Yoko murmurs.

     "Yoko-saan, wake up!" Push, prod, and a sit on Yoko's stomach.

     "Eeeaaaaai!" Yoko sits up quite abruptly in her bed. "Oh,
Asuza-chan, it's only you." (Is this sounding familiar, oh what?)

     "Get up, Yoko-san. You've got to go to school. You'll be late if
you don't leave soon!", Asuza cries.

     "What's the story with you, Asuza-chan? Why don't you *ever* go to
school?", Yoko whines.

     "I'm in training to become a Mamono Hunter. ", Asuza says
with a silly grin.

     "That's an excuse? I was training for most of my life, and I STILL
WENT TO SCHOOL!", Yoko yells.

     "Waaaaaah! Yoko-saaaaan! I'm sooorrryyyyy!", Asuza cries, letting
C-ko sized tears fly all over the place.

     "Sheesh, Asuza.. I'm sorry. Please stop crying.. " Dodging huge
tears, Yoko manages to stop Asuza from crying. "Oh no! I'm late again!
A-ko and I were supposed to walk to school together because Chi's been
sick for a couple of days." She hears a very loud WHOOOOOOOSH. "That was
her. Looks like I'll be going to school by myself today."


     Standing in one of the school's hallways, holding buckets of water,
Yoko curses herself, "If I hadn't yelled at Asuza, I wouldn't be here
right now."

     "What was that, Yoko-chan?"

     "Huh? Oh, Osamu-kun. It's you." Yoko sticks her tongue out at him.

     "You know, Yoko-chan, last year, seeing that tongue sticking out at
me would have regressed me to getting a fanboy nosebleed. But,
Yoko-chan, I've changed." Osamu says.

     Yoko stops sticking out her tongue. "What does that mean?"

     "That means... this!" Osamu sticks his tongue out with such fervor
that he would make Sailor Mars jealous. "Ah! I'm late for my class!"
Osamu kisses Yoko lightly on the cheek, before she could move away, and
he runs off.

     "Why did *he* kiss me?" Yoko thinks. "Yuk."

     "Dammit. I can't sleep. All I've been thinking about all day is
that Osamu. I always thought that he was a dork, but now.. !"
She tries, in vain, to go to sleep again. "Damn. I've *got* to do
something about this."


     Yoko reaches Osamu's house, and looks into all of the windows,
trying to figure out which room is Osamu's. "Finally! I found it!" Yoko
knocks quietly on his window. Osamu stirs a little bit. Yoko knocks
louder, a little annoyed.

     Osamu looks out of the window. "Yoko-chan!" Then he pauses, "This
is a dream, right? Oh, but what a beautiful dream!" He lets Yoko in, and
embraces her. "I don't want to wake up!!", he yells.

     Yoko looks at him, quite disgusted. "If you're not quieter, you'll
wake up your family, dum-dum. And this is *not* a dream."

     "Then, why are you here, Yoko-chan?", Osamu asks.

     "I know that this sounds really weird, but I've been thinking about
you all day since you kissed me, and I realized that you're the only guy
that has ever really loved me, not just appreciated my "assets". Osamu,
I think that I love you.", Yoko blushes, and then kisses him lightly on
the lips.

     "Yah, yah, yah, yah!" Osamu is in Hyper-Fanboy Mode.

     Yoko punches him in the face. Osamu does that Ranma-hand thing.
"Okay, I've calmed down." Osamu says, and then wraps his arms around
her, putting his hands on her back, under her shirt, and boldly kisses

     `Ah, my goddess, I didn't think that he could kiss like THAT.',
Yoko thinks as she melts in his arms. "Osamu-kun, please... don't
stop.", Yoko pleads.

     Osamu laughs. "Is your grandmother going to be popping out at any
given interval?" They both laugh, and then they laugh nervously as they
look at one another. "Yoko, did you really mean what you said?"

     "Of course I did. I don't lie about things like that, Osamu-kun.",
Yoko blushes.

     Osamu takes hold of her, and kisses her, softly at first, with the
tenderness of a first love, then as other parts of his body take over
his thinking, he opens her mouth with his tongue, feeling the inside of
her mouth and her tongue dancing with his. "Ah, Yoko-chan. You don't
know what you do to me.", Osamu whispers.

     "But I think that I would like to find out.." Yoko smirks at him.
She unbuttons Osamu's shirt (yes, he is wearing a button-down shirt.
Things are convenient that way :p ), rubbing her hands against his
shoulders and pecs. "Osamu-kun.. you've been working out!", Yoko teases,
"How charming." `But how cut he is! You would almost think that he was
under training also!', Yoko thinks, and has to catch her giggle at the
thought of Osamu in her mamono hunter dress. She starts to kiss his
neck, listening to the tempo of his breathing grow faster and faster.
Yoko works her way down to his chest, teasing his nipples with her
tongue, and softly bites them. Osamu moans under Yoko, and begs her to
come up to him.

     "Yoko-chan, I'm going to be in charge of this. Is this alright with
you?" Osamu looks Yoko in the eyes as he asks this.

     "Yah! Yah! Yah!" Yoko gets hearts in her eyes, and Osamu has to
hold Yoko down to keep her from bouncing around his room. "I love men
who are aggressive!"

     "Good, Yoko-chan.. I'll give you a night that you won't forget."
Immediately after, Osamu, still holding her arms, pushes her down on his
bed, and kisses her deeply. He takes both of her wrists in one hand, and
holds her hands over her head. With the other hand, he rips off her
night shirt and gently caresses her left breast. Yoko moans, but Osamu's
mouth on hers prevents any sound from escaping. Osamu pinches her left
nipple, and not being able to take any more torture, releases his grip
on both Yoko's mouth and wrists, takes her right breast in his hand, and
her left nipple in his mouth.

     Every night since that night that he was possessed by the succubus,
Osamu has had dreams of when he almost took Yoko's virginity. Osamu
barely remembers the dreams, only bits and pieces, and he has spent the
last year in an absolute longing of Yoko, much like previous years. Only
now, since he has tasted of Yoko, it has only made the past year worse.

     "Ah, Osamu-kun!" Osamu is snapped back into reality.

     He starts on her right nipple, while rubbing her left breast. Osamu
stands up for a second, takes off his pants, and gazes at his long
awaited love. Yoko looks up at him with pleading eyes, she longs for his
touch, and for this time to be able to give in willingly. Osamu lays on
top of Yoko again and kisses her for a long time. Yoko runs her fingers
through his hair, playing with the top of his ear. He works his way down
her body with his lips, loving every little moan coming from Yoko. Osamu
pulls down Yoko's shorties, and finds a pair of lacy black bikini
panties. `She came here knowing what she was going to do.. demon.',
Osamu thinks this with a smirk, and then surprises Yoko by pulling the
panties off with his teeth. He kisses her legs from the knees up, and
then lingers around her inner thighs. Breathing slow and deliberately,
so that Yoko would feel his hot breath on her skin, he kisses her in the
spot between her inner thigh and her pussy lips. Yoko whimpers at this,
begging him either not to stop, or to go further. Osamu kisses her outer
lips, and then runs his tongue along them, feeling Yoko's hips rise
slightly, despite herself. He plunges his tongue between the lips,
tasting her womanly flavor.

     "Ah, please, don't stop.. please, Osamu-kun." Yoko pleads. Osamu
licks Yoko long and slowly, alternating with the short and fast
movements of the tongue that he's seen in many ecchi films. Not long
after, Yoko's entire body shakes with a powerful orgasm. After Yoko's
breathing becomes more stable, Osamu comes up and kisses Yoko gently on
the cheek.

     "Yoko-chan, did you like that?"

     Yoko laughs and says, "It wasn't obvious?" They both laugh softly
together. Then Yoko looks Osamu in the eyes and says, "Don't tell me
that you're going to stop, baka.."

     "Of course not, Yoko-chan, I'm just letting you catch your breath."
As he says this, he slides his very hard member into Yoko's incredibly
wet canal. "Ah!", they both say at the same time, and catching this, the
both giggle until Osamu pulls out and rams himself into her again. Osamu
takes hold of her back, and grasps her shoulders at the same time as she
does the same to him. They do this for at least a half an hour, every
second filled with pleasure before Yoko whispers in his ear, "I'm about
to come, I want you to come with me." She need not have asked, because
three seconds later, as she was digging her nails into his well-toned
back, he held her extremely tight, and let himself go. Feeling Osamu's
pleasure only heightened Yoko's own orgasm, and Yoko cried into Osamu's
ear, "Osamu-kun, I love you!" After they had both calmed down in each
other's arms, Yoko realized that she had to be back home. "Osamu-chan, I
have to be back home. I have training with Asuza on Sundays. Oh, and
Osamu-kun, I love you." Yoko smiled at him as she stood up and put on
her shorties. Yoko saw her ripped night shirt, and winked at Osamu as
she transformed into her battle dress. "I would borrow a shirt of yours,
but I wouldn't be able to explain it to obasama." Yoko kissed him on the
cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow night, Osamu-chan."

                            The End (for now)

     I wrote this because I was really pissed off that Osamu never got a
chance at Yoko, even though he really does seem love her.. I guess I'm
just doing a little bit of charity for a social unfortunate ^_^. That,
and a year after I wrote it, I still haven't seen another Yoko lemon.
Somebody out there, I know that you're reading this, and you really want
to write one! Don't deny it! It's your animal urges, let them out! Ahem.
Ignore me. I suppose that I'm officially a lemon pioneer, after writing
the first Evangelion lemon (something I'm proud of, dammit!) This is
dedicated to Grei, my hopelessly devoted boyfriend. Send me e-mail, with
questions, comments and things to throw.. and visit my website! Other
works of mine are on there, not to mention all of the other cool stuff
on it.

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