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    The Mano family have been Devil Hunters for generations, it is their duty to keep the world free of demons. The Devil Hunter has special abilities. They have a great power against devils and are capable of seeing entrances to the underworld, making it easier for them to send demons back.

    Yohko special items:

    Soul Sword: Yohko typically transforms into her outfit first, and then calls upon the soul sword. As Modoka tells Yohko; "Call within all that is good within you, and you can summon the sword of your soul". When she wields the sword at an enemy it becomes very powerful, but if someone else tries to use it they will find that they do not have the power of the Devil Hunters to make it work. The sword also has the ability to disengage the hilt from the blade, after which the remainder can be used like a short ax. Devil Hunters also have the ability to recall the blade to their hand should they drop or become separated from the sword. It doesn't seem like the sword is a requirement for being a devil hunter, although each devil hunter in the Mano line seams to have one. It also seems very likely that there is some sort of connection between the Yoma Ring and the Soul Sword.

    Yoma Ring: The ring has been handed down through the Mano family generations. It is used when Yohko tranforms into a Devil Hunter. In the ring the power of previous Devil Hunters is stored. The soul of Haruka (1st generation Devil Hunter) was freed from the ring when Yohko was in trouble. The ring actually contains with in it some bindings of the demon Tokima's power. Tokima is the most powerful of demons, and has the power to manipulate time and space. The ring however has a small portion also, mainly being the power to manipulate time. The Yoma ring also seems sensitive to other super natural phenomena.

    Hair Ornaments: One thing that makes Yohko rather noticeable, is her unusual hair style. Although it doesn't seem special in any way, Yohko's hair ornaments actually do contribute to Yohko's power. The ornaments are made from stones known as "Shimi Seki". These stones have a natural attraction to each other, and often glow when near another stone of it's type. It is said that these stones are the symbol of eternal love. The stones also have the ability to focus and amplify the power of those who use them. It is said that devil hunters have used them for generations.

    Azusa's Items:

    Azusa's Bracelets: Azusa has a bracelet instead of a ring which differs from the yoma ring quite a bit. While it seems similar in much of the engravings, Azusa's bracelet nearly covers the entire backside of her hand.

    Spear of Fuma: In much the same way that Yohko can call the Soul Sword, Azusa can call the Spear of Fuma. The spear doesn't seem to really have any special attributes, but then again Azusa is rather inexperienced. Azusa can also retrieve the spear telekineticly (like Yohko can with her sword) if she becomes separated from it. It seems however, that she only had this ability when possessed by Tokima, and probably hasn't yet learned this ability on her own.

    Misc Items:

    The Whip
    Whip of Distraction: When Chiaki lost to Madoka in the fight to become the 107th devil hunter, she disappeared the next day, never to be seen again. She did however, take one thing: the Mano families' Whip of Distraction. The handle of the whip is much like that of the Soul Sword. And at the tip there is a ball with three claws attached. The exact power of this item is never really stated, but Ayako seems more than capable of doing a lot of damage with it.

    Okishi: While most of the Yohko series concentrates on Yohko fighting stuff with her Sword, her grandmother Madoka also seems to use special wards called okishi. In Yohko 1, Madoka uses them to cast spirits out of people possessed. In Yohko 5 they are placed as wards to protect against Tokima, so they can be used offensively or defensively. They are certainly formidable weapons in the hands of someone who knows how to use them.

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