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Last Updated: 8/3/03


    Yohko Mano may seem like a typical high school girl. She is sixteen years old, athletic, pretty, and boy crazy. She lives in a nice house with her mom and her grandmother. But once you get past that, Yohko is hardly normal. Many of the female members of the Mano family have been mamono hunters, fighting evil spirits and demons throughout history. Over the years, they have been successful in preventing evil from taking over mankind. Yohko learns that she was able to escape the earlier attack because her powers have been manifesting as she grew up, and that now she is indeed the 108th generation mamono hunter.

    The series is a an action/comedy with a tiny flair for sexual situations, most notably in Volume 1, as we watch Yohko mercifulessly banish the earth of demons. Along the way Yohko almost loses her virginity, gains a sidekick named Azusa, frees a prince from emprisonment, and dies (but just a little).

    Yohko is a very old series and well worth anyone's time. Lots of people don't like this series because most people have started into anime with the evangelion and top new anime that have been made, these people need to remember that this is a very old series and is very fun to get into.

    Thanks to NCS, Toho Company, LTD., and Mad House for releasing the series in Japan and to AD Vision for bringing the series to North America. Mamono Hunter Yohko is a copyright of NCS, Toho Company, LTD., & Mad House. Devil Hunter Yohko is a copyright of AD Vision. All Images Copyright NCS, Toho Company, LTD., Mad House, and AD Vision.

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