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Last Updated: 8/3/03


The Original Artist

    The creator of the series is Miyao Gaku. Although much of his designs are used in the actual anime series, here are some things that are changed:

    1) Mano Yohko:
      A) Her eye color is green. The anime series changes it to brown.
      B) Her Soulsword and Yoma ring are green. The anime series changes the Soulsword to a metal-grey color and the ring becomes gold.
      C) Her Shimi-Seki hair ornaments are blue, but in the anime series they are red.

    2) Kanzaki Azusa:
      A) Her eye color is light-brown. The series changes it to grey up to episode five. In episode six, the color changes once more to brown.
      B) Her 'rabbit ears' hair tie is green in color. It is yellow for the first five episodes, pink in the sixth episode.
      C) Her glove is green in color, but is changed to gold for the series.
      D) Azusa's hair color is a blue-green, but it is black for the first five episodes. It changes to brown in episode six.
      E) Her mamono hunter outfit changes from a red color to blue in the sixth episode. The symbol on her outfit also becomes inverted to match that of Ayako's.

    3) Young Mano Madoka:
      A) Her hair color is reddish. In the series, it is brown.
      B) Her mamono hunter outfit consists of a blue shirt, white pants, and blue shoes. Viewers of the series never get to see a young Madoka in a mamono hunter outfit.
      C) Her nunchaku weapon has handles, but in the anime there are no such handles.

    4) Mano Haruka:
      A) Haruka has purple hair color, but it is green in the anime.
      B) Her eye color is yellow-orange, but is green in the series.
      C) Her mamono hunter outfit consists of a white silk dress, blue hair bow and leggings, and white shoes. In the series, she gets a red silk dress, pink hair bow, yellow leggings, and red shoes.
      D) Her Yoma ring is green, but in the series it remains the consistant gold color.

    5) The sixth episode:
      With the previous five episodes, Miyao Gaku's art was used as box and insert art for the VHS, laserdisc, and compact disc releases. The sixth episode release does not feature any contributed merchandise artwork from the artist.


    At the beginning of the second episode, viewers get to take a look around Yohko's room. What does one get to see?

    1) Ten issues of a "Ranchi 1/3" manga.
    2) A Codzilla book.
    3) Two issues of a "Mamono Hunter Yohko" manga.
    4) An anime calendar hanging to the right of her closet.
    5) Home entertainment equipment which includes: a television set, bookshelf stereo system, Atari Lynx, Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo Super Famicom, NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM, Sega Game Gear, and a VCR.

    Can Yohko be considered an otaku, or does that particular scene just represent an aspect of modern Japanese youth? You decide.

    Yohko Questions/Answers

    Question 1: What was the password for Yohko's grandmother's computer in Episode 1?
    Answer: Goboh and Ninjin (burdock and carrot)

    Question 2: What Computer O/S and version was Yohko's grandmother using in Episode 1?
    Answer: Madoka system 1.34

    Question 3: What did Yohko's mother give Yohko before she went to school in Episode 1?
    Answer: A box of condoms.

    Question 4: What is the title of the series of books in the bookcase above Yohko's bed in Episode 2?
    Answer: The title reads Ranchi 1/3, a play on Ranma ; there is also a Codzilla book and of course, Mamono Hunter Yohko 1 & 2.

    Question 5: What is the name of the construction company in Episode 2?
    Answer: "Tomo AI Construction Company," most certainly a parody on Toho Co., which is one of the producers of the series.

    Question 6: What is the name of the magazine lying on the floor in Yohko's room (in Episode 2) and what is its significance?
    Answer: On-Non. There is a popular girls/womens magazine in Japan called Non-no.

    Thanks to NCS, Toho Company, LTD., and Mad House for releasing the series in Japan and to AD Vision for bringing the series to North America. Mamono Hunter Yohko is a copyright of NCS, Toho Company, LTD., & Mad House. Devil Hunter Yohko is a copyright of AD Vision. All Images Copyright NCS, Toho Company, LTD., Mad House, and AD Vision.

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